Sunday, April 21, 2013

REVIEW + 39 PHOTOS: Fleetwood Mac Live At Mohegan Sun

The legendary band Fleetwood Mac performed at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday April 20th and The Hour's John Nash was there to capture these images from the show.  Click through here.... 39 Photos in the gallery.

CONCERT REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac at Mohegan Sun
By Donnie Moorhouse, The Republican

UNCASVILLE: Fleetwood Mac performed a sold out show at Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday night, offering up over two hours of music culled from a historic, Hall of Fame career. Now a quartet due to the departure of Christie McVie who has spurned the touring life, the group of Stevie Nicks, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Mick Fleetwood delivered 22 songs over the course of their set.

It was essentially a “greatest hits” styled performance, although the band did drum up a new song that Buckingham revealed would be part of an EP release due out in the week ahead. The song, “Sad Angel,” fit in well when bookended by the mid 70s hits “Rhiannon,” and “Dreams.”

Other than that foray into new material and a way-back peek at the Buckingham-Nicks song “Without You,” there were few surprises on the evening, unless of course you were expecting anything less than a raucous and inspired performance from a group that is in its fifth decade of touring.

As was the case with recent classic rock concerts from Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac has staked their claim on the arena concert circuit and aren’t likely to relinquish it until something better (or even as good) arrives to fill the void.

They opened with “Second Hand News,” and followed it with “The Chain.” After “Dreams” and “Rhiannon,” they were able to scrape the rust off of “Tusk,” pulling out the title track and the hit “Sara” before Buckingham’s solo acoustic version of “Looking Out for Love.” Nicks joined him on stage and the two offered a duet on “Landslide.”

Hit after hit after hit…

“We have come to take you away from your everyday problems,” said Nicks at the start of the show. “The journey starts now.”

The journey included Buckingham and Nicks sharing an acoustic “Never Going Back Again,” a full band “Gypsy,” and “Gold Dust Woman,” and a Buckingham guitar solo that brought the crowd to its feet. The band closed out the set with “Stand Back,” and “Go Your Own Way.”

The encore began with “World Turning,” and a tolerable Fleetwood drum solo before the sing-along “Don’t Stop.” The band was called back for another turn and opened the second encore with “Silver Spring.” 



Anonymous said...

Who assisted him (Lindsey) with the sudden upgrade of class in clothing? (and the guitar strap?? Looks good but looks less like himself.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey looks great in the suit jacket. I think he's a bit old for the leather one anyway. This looks so much classier.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure (unfortunately!) that the clothing upgrade is a one-off. he does that couple of times per tour... maybe when his leather jacket is not dry-cleaned in time for the show.

Anonymous said...

oh so it isn't that his closet only contains a few ditto same black shirts, jeans and jackets but that it contains just one of each? haha, not surprised! (joking)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of Stevie

Anonymous said...

I love how the negative comments about the tour have been shut up by each performance. Every single show, since Louisville, has proved the negative comments to be garbage. Stevie sounds great, Lindsey is playing and looks great. Mick and John have been stomping it. Memo to THE MAC: keep on rocking!

Anonymous said...

last poster: Hear Hear!

Anonymous said...

The title of the song the reviewer mentioned as "Looking Out for Love" is actually titled "Big Love."

And... Lindsey was in incredible form. It still blows me away how he can create such rich choruses of guitar music coming out of his solitary guitar. And Mick Fleetwood drums as if he was 25 years old.

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