Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Mick Fleetwood just filed for legal separation from his third wife.

Mick Fleetwood -- the founder and drummer of Fleetwood Mac -- just filed for legal separation from his third wife.

Mick -- whose sexual escapades with Stevie Nicks are legendary -- married Lynn Susan Frankel Fleetwood in 1995.  They have twin daughters, who are now 11.

Mick cites irreconcilable differences and wants joint legal custody of the kids but wants Lynn to have primary physical custody.

And get this ... the guy who presumably is richer than you could ever dream of ... wants spousal support!

Now here's a big deal ... Mick claims all of his premarital musical royalties and memorabilia are his property -- which makes sense.

He has NOT filed for divorce -- at least not yet, but it looks like he's never going back again.

Not really breaking news... His separation from his wife Lynn has been simmering for awhile.  We caught wind of Micks marital problems in March, 2012 in his Playboy interview.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the dissolution of anyone's marriage tugs at my heart. Mick is seemingly a great guy. Why is it so hard for him to find that, "'til death" connection? It just goes to show you, no one has the perfect life. When I see him on Thursday, I'm going to give him a pep talk. The third time is not always the charm. Chin up, Mick.

Anonymous said...

Last night at the Washington DC show Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to Mick's twin daughters Ruby and Tessa who were at the show. Funny that it would happen on the very day Mick announces his seperation from his wife.

sarabloggwood said...

Good luck with that Kenneth! Give it a good old college try!!!
Sara Fleetwood

Anonymous said...

I didn't say a word about it. There was never a moment where it felt appropriate. Divorce never seems easy. I wish it on no one. I know, if I were allowed to marry, I would try so hard to make it work. Seeing all my friends get married and building lives is tough for me. I just have this ellevated opinion of marriage, I guess. You think he will ever try again?

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