Monday, April 01, 2013

LOS ANGELES PREMIERE: Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" Photos | Video

The Landmark Los Angeles
"In Your Dreams" Premiere
Q&A Moderator: Jim Ladd

Above 5 photos by Mindy Harris | Pastel Photography | Facebook
(Thank you for sharing Mindy!)

"I am the Easter Bunny" - Stevie Nicks

Above photos by Maria (left) and Louise Palanker (right)
Below two photos by Jason Sywak

The Next 7 Days:
Big week ahead... Stevie's documentary opens wide beginning Tuesday across the U.S.  Try and see it in a theatre if you can... It's an event, an experience that likely won't happen again.  Check the cities down the right side of this page or visit to see if it's playing in your area. Some theaters are showing it numerous nights, like iPic, so if Tuesday isn't a good day for you, there might be others to choose from.  If none of these cities and dates suit you, you'll have to hang tough like the majority until the VOD and Digital release which is reported to be in late Spring... Hopefully a DVD release will follow that.

The World Tour begins this Thursday in Columbus, OH... and the waiting is killing me... I'm so excited to know what the set-list will be.  From what I've heard, the fans will be very pleased with what the band had put together for this tour.  Let's hope so!

4/2  - Tuesday:  Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" opens wide in Theatres across the U.S.
4/4  - Thursday: Fleetwood Mac World Tour begins in Columbus, OH
4/6  - Saturday: Fleetwood Mac play Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia


Anonymous said...

Such a great film, thank you for sharing with us Stevie! You look so great! Had a magical time tonight in LA at the Landmark.

Anonymous said...

I am lucky to live in Columbus Ohio so it going to be a MACtastic week for us fans here. We are all joking that Stevie could sneak out of rehearsals during Lindsays guitar solo and drop into the documentary screening! Fingers Crossed! Enjou the tour and documentary everyone! How lucky we are to have so MaC and Stevie to enjoy after so many years.

Anonymous said...

So loved the and entertaining. I live in New Orleans and after the footage and story of that song, the whole theater clapped and cheered! All she needed to do was end it with a photo of Drew Brees' smiling face :)))) Love you, Stevie, and please release on dvd SOON!!!!!

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