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FULL VIDEO: The Elusive "Sisters of the Moon" + More Photos - Fleetwood Mac Live in Philadelphia 4/6/2013

Fleetwood Mac Live in Philadelphia April 6, 2013
"Sister of The Moon"
Wells Fargo Center

Finally a full complete version!

This completely rocks!!... and Stevie's added the 'be my' a little more in front of the 'sistas' part, so the song is still evolving a little bit... She's into it!  Lindsey should be jumping in on the song with his "Some call her Sister of the Moon, some say illusions where her game, they like to wrap her in velvet, does anyone know her name" just like the Mirage video from 1982... and look at her while he's singing it - because the song IS about her... It would rock!  Other than that, Stevie sounds amazing on this... very dark, intense and even though you can't really hear the girls howling in the background, what you can hear sounds really cool. I think this sounds amazing! So happy it's back after 30 years!  
Check out these Youtube channels for some amazing video captures of the band in Philly

Above 2 photos courtesy of Jill Shaw-Kuhn (Great shots Jill) 

Above 11 photos by: Ouzounova


Anonymous said...

In my own opinion, Sister of The Moon, falls very short. I know every fan has been rabid for his classic Mac song and has it has the constant topic at Q & A's, forums, tweets, etc. But now that the Mac has given way to the pressure to add this relic, it doesn't translate well in this form.
Stevie seems to be going through the motions and its as if the entire band is chunking away at it like its a throw away soon. There is no real passion in this performance and it shows.
Sorry again, My two cents. I am sure many will disagree simply because this is the Sacred Sister Of The Moon.

Anonymous said...

fleetwood mac are better than ever, what a fantastic band they still are!!!!!!!! stevie looks better than ever and the new material is great!!!! THE MAC IS BACK YEAH!!

Anonymous said...

The problem with this is NOT Stevie!! "THEY" are playing it wayyy too fast. This is NOT a pop song, it never was intended or done that way. It needs to start slow and build the natural intensity that is SOTM. You can tell LB is not into it, you always can... and it is almost like he is treating it as a throw-away... It also is placed wrong. It needs to be lower in the set list.. I hope they keep it in and allow for it to grow!!
2 question.. No shades? and No Carlos to back Stevie??

PhilAndTheMrs said...

Oh dear, it's just not working. Don't like the way she's singing it, and I don't like the way they're playing it. Feels rushed and hollow.

It's always hard to be sure what something sounds like with these recorded in my handbag quality videos, but I didn't really enjoy Stevie's voice at all. And bla bla bla I don't expect everything to sound like the record and I should probably just leave for not being a sunbeam of happiness about it, but it really fell short of what I hoped it might be.

I hate when the suddenly drop songs from the set, but I don't think this one is working. Probably should let it go.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Put the claws away, the song is evolving. The 2nd night SOTM is much better, than opening night. She added be my which makes a big difference. It will really start rockin' in 2 more shows or so. I hope it lasts that long. Lets remember these videos are from cell phones and mini cameras, the audio is open to the building and 16,000 peeps. I saw Stevie twice on her IYD Tour outside. She sounded excellent. Stevie's vocal limitations are what they are, but she still hits her notes on key. Have a lil' faith. Mick seemed pretty dang supportive and happy as if to say "that's what I talking about", when he jumped up and clapped when the song was over.

MplsMike said...

The song hasn't been performed live since the Mirage Tour, which was 1982. Cut them some slack people! Yes the first two performances fell short. Yes the band is playing the song too fast, and yes Stevie's vocal is not quite right yet. "Sisters of the Moon" will improve with each performance. The last commenter was right. I also saw Stevie twice on IYD and she sounded amazing, and I don't care how great the cameras/cell phone cameras people are sneaking into these shows are, they will never catch the audio the way the live audience is hearing it.

Anonymous said...

"Cut them some slack"? Really? Havent they been in the rehearsal studios for months? This is a multi million dollar tour with sky high ticket prices!
This song should have been READY TO GO when it hit the stage the first night! How about the people who paid dearly to hear this song, and it is still "a work in progress".
I love FM, but come on, they should have had this wired, not simply getting it 'better' every night!

Anonymous said...

Man oh man......what happened? Where's my Mac? I've been following this group for years! There's no fire! No "eye of the tiger!" Where's the passion and sweat! Where was LB's SOTM piercing guitar solo like in the VHS tape during the TUSK tour! I guess it's true; you can never go home.

Unknown said...

Well said. I almost died with joy at the prospect of seeing Sisters done live....but this is wrong. So unlike the Mac. They need to step up.

Unknown said...

Exactly right!!

Anonymous said...

by the time they played this in 2014 (LA Forum) it was the best song of the show, perfect timing....even a little speaking in tongues session, like in the Mirage live version....amazing work from an incredible band...

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