Friday, August 09, 2013

Sound Opinions Interview with Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham... Listen Now!

Fleetwood Mac’s pop songsmith and guitar hero Lindsey Buckingham is live in the Sound Opinions studio.

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Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham sits down with Greg Kot to share his memories of the band and his candid thoughts on their dramatic backstory, filled with romances, break-ups and drug abuse. He also talks about his guitar influences and the future of the band.

12 minutes into the interview check out 50 seconds of a "Rhiannon" demo with Stevie solo at the piano... It's gorgeous!

Download the interview here or below via Sound Cloud
Sound Opinions

Song snippets you'll hear:
Don’t Worry About the Government - Talking Heads 1977. 01:10
Without You                                     - Fleetwood Mac Extended Play. LMJS Productions 2013 01:13
Without a Leg to Stand On               - Buckingham Nicks Buckingham Nicks. Polydor 1973 00:28
Frozen Love                                     - Buckingham Nicks Buckingham Nicks. Polydor 1973 00:24
Oh Well                                           - Fleetwood Mac Oh Well (Single). Reprise 1969 00:12
The Chain                                        - Fleetwood Mac Rumours. Warner Bros. 1977 00:52
Rhiannon                                          - Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac . Reprise 1976 00:50
Cannonball Rag                                - Merle Travis        In Boston 1959. Rounder 2003 00:15
Country Gentleman                           - Chet Atkins Vintage Country No. 8 – EP: Country Gentleman. 00:21
Bleed to Love Her                            - Fleetwood Mac The Dance . Reprise 1997 01:34
To Try for the Sun                            - Lindsey Buckingham Under the Skin. Reprise 2006 00:32
Go Your Own Way                         - Fleetwood Mac Rumours. Warner Bros. 1977 00:49
Silver Springs                                  - Fleetwood Mac Silver Springs (Single) .Warner Bros.1976 00:28
Tusk                                               - Fleetwood Mac Tusk . Warner Bros. 1979 00:31
Gypsy                                            - Fleetwood Mac Mirage. Warner Bros. 1981 00:39
Big Love (Live)                              - Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night . Warner Bros. 1987 00:15
Say Goodbye (Live in Phoenix, 2013) - Fleetwood Mac         Say You Will. Reprise 2003 00:20
Sad Angel                                      - Fleetwood Mac Extended Play. LMJS Productions 2013 01:55
Garbage                                        - The Deviants         Ptooff! . Impressario/Decca/Psycho 1967 03:23


Anonymous said...

anyone else having problems playing this?

Unknown said...

It played fine for me. Great interview!!!

Anonymous said...

Great interview.
Nice to hear LIndsey get off the usual "talking points" a little from the rest of the tour press we've heard this year.
Greg Kot is a great interviewer and writer. If you haven't read his book on Wilco, "Learning How to Die", you should check it out.

Anonymous said...

I had a very difficult time even listening to the interview. Musically he will always be my favorite male artist, but he makes things sound as though HE was solely responsible for the band's success. He was just lucky to fall into the clutches of Mick Fleetwood, John & Christine Mcvie. And he knows it.....
Everything he says is as if it's rehearsed....

Unknown said...

^ I agree. He always answers every question with a very polished/rehearsed answer.

Anonymous said...

He sounded very humble and contemplative. He is a musical genius and this interview provided wonderful insights into artists that influenced his music style. The undertone is his love for Stevie- he handled this with dignity and very respectfully towards Stevie. Love how he said Stevie was called away by the wider world and (ultimately from him) as her persona was latched onto by the public. I thought he was not too rehearsed at all in fact there was a sad tone to the interview I guess for what might have been.

Anonymous said...

Very much agree with the positive comments above. I really enjoyed listening to Lindsey, and I thought the interviewer was great. Lindsey came across as humble and genuine. I'm not sure how the person above interpreted the interview in such a negative way.

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