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Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks insists her chemistry with Lindsey Buckingham is real

Fleetwood Mac have real chemistry
November 2nd
By: Doug Fredricksen

Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks insists her chemistry with Lindsey Buckingham is real.

The 'Landslide' hitmaker admits the bond between the pair has been "fake" during performances on previous tours but they are now as close as they were when we first met.

Stevie, 65, told Mojo Magazine: "My cousin John has known Lindsey and I since 1968.

"He told me, "When I saw you and Lindsey play with Fleetwood Mac in 2009, there was nothing between you.

"It was as if you were thinking, 'What shall I get from room service? Grilled cheese? Tomato soup?'

"Hammy wasn't the word for Lindsey and I in 2009 - it was totally fake.

"But what you see on stage now is not fake. It is loving, and it is as close to those two people who met as teenagers as you could hope for."

Stevie was 16 when she was first introduced to Lindsey, then 17, at a party in San Francisco and started making music together two years later.

The pair posed naked on the cover of their Buckingham Nicks album, made before Fleetwood Mac was
formed, and Stevie was "terrified".

Stevie revealed: "I could not have been more terrified if you'd asked me to jump off a speeding train.

"Lindsey was like, 'Oh, come on - this is art. Don't be a child!' I thought, 'Who are you? Don't you know me?'."

She hid the picture from her parents and admits they were less than impressed when they saw it.

Stevie said: "When the record came out and I saw my father it was, 'Why didn't you just say no, Stevie?' I said, 'Daddy, I don't know. I didn't feel like I had a choice - I'm so sorry'. I learned a big lesson that day."

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Anonymous said...

I never thought the cover of "Buckingham Nicks" was as bad as Stevie makes it out to be. She isn't showing any nipple, so it's not all that revealing and she looks beautiful. And nowadays it's almost funny to even think she is showing too much.

MplsMike said...

They mixed around the ages for Stevie and Lindsey when they met. Stevie is a year older than Lindsey.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Lindsey gave her such a bad time that Stevie felt she couldn't say no. Shows that he was abusive even back then.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely at the original cover, while you may not see Nipple (color), but you can definitely
make out what is there. that is probably why the album did not sell well because the music was stellar. I'm sure it offended the record co. And as well as what they as a twosome were all about to the public. IMHO

Anonymous said...

Bet Lindsey got to keep his pants on. I don't see Lindsey's balls on the cover. Why not? I'm sure some girls would love to buy that. If he cared a hoot about Stevie he would have respected the music and what she was about more than what the record company wanted on the cover. PS When they play it's about the music. So what about the relationship. It would be nice if they had a good relationship. I'm just thankful they are professional enough to get out there and play the music even when times are bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey...who gives a crap about the album cover! This album is long over due to be re-released and remastered on CD format!!!
By the way as far as skin being shown... nipple or no nipple being seen, this photo of Stevie would be considered dare I say....classy! Take into consideration the so-called female rock stars we have today....the bumping & grinding...booty shaking,,,and let's not forget Miley's performance....such a tasteful performance....are you kidding ???

Anonymous said...

That is not true! It was primarily the photographer's idea & unfortunately was a popular thing in that era! That does not make Lindsey abusive; maybe a bit insensitive! Stop the drama & slander & trying to make things what they are not!

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