Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fleetwood Mac deliver an experience of a lifetime

Fleetwood Mac end their 2013 tour in a special and private 72 minute celebration in Las Vegas and deliver an experience of a lifetime.

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January 26 2014 – The sweet familiar opening drum beat of The Chain echoes in the conference room at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. Unlike every other night of this tour, the familiar screams from the 15,000 Mac faithful at the typical hockey or basketball stadium venues are absent. Instead a few hundred fans are up off their wedding style seats and applaud politely. The majority of the attendees are a different type of crowd – one that needs to be won over and be seduced by the sound of Fleetwood Mac.

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Anonymous said...

I have always loved Stevie. Don't think there is one of her songs sung i don't like. We are about the same age, and i tell you, she as sexy as ever. Love all your works. Never met, but seems like we know each other. THAT is a feat. Witch or not, i have, do, and always love you Stevie!!

Anonymous said...

Art is like a friend coming to visit. Not many appreciate mine, but lineage of graphic, sound, and tactile, gives me hope. Your music has always uplifted me. If i were ever,.. you

Anonymous said...

Knowing you, stevie, will never see this, its okay for me to say this.. call me sometime. As long as im alive, i have an ear. 4055436363

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