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Stevie Nicks to Katy Perry "Remember sweetheart, you have no rivals"

Stevie Nicks’ Advice to Katy Perry Revealed
By now the world knows about the blossoming friendship between Katy Perry and Stevie Nicks.

Photo by Adam Jacobs
Last week, during a Fleetwood Mac concert, the lead singer dedicated the band’s classic song “Landslide” to Perry and her boyfriend John Mayer, who were in the audience.

Recently Nicks opened up to ABC News Radio about first meeting the younger singer and the advice she gave her about navigating pop stardom in this day and age.

The connection between Nicks and Perry goes back to 2011, when the rock legend provided the narration for Perry’s video “The One that Got Away.” But the two only actually met for the first time this past fall, when they were both in London for performances.

“I met her after her rehearsal at 11:30 [at the hotel],” Nicks told ABC News Radio. “I thought it was going to be a 20 minute, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ thing — and we sat for three hours until, like, three in the morning. And we pretty much talked about everything.”

What Nicks found most interesting, though, was when Perry asked her about her solo career, which started in 1981 with the release of the album Bella Donna.

“She said to me, ‘So when you did Bella Dona who were your rivals?’” Nicks told ABC News Radio. “And I was, like, speechless. I was, like, ‘I didn’t have any rivals.’ And she said, ‘Really? None?’ I said, ‘No…the girls in Heart [were] friends. Pat Benatar [was a] friend.”

When Nicks asked Perry if she had rivals, the pop star replied, “Well, it’s not us. It’s the Internet.”

She then told Nicks about the way that fans of various female pop stars will sometimes pit one against the other in ways the singers themselves don’t condone.

“I said to her, ‘Katy, let me tell you something. You don’t have any rivals. So forget that. Never say that word again,’” Nicks told ABC News Radio. “‘You don’t have rivals. All of those girls? Friends. You’ll probably work with all of them at some point. Friends.’”

ABC News

So that's what Stevie meant in her dedication to Katy in Las Vegas on December 30th. I was confused by that at first.  This explains it. 
"And remember sweet heart, you have no rivals".


Anonymous said...

why do people just talk over a performance like this......?????????

alekx said...

What a wonderful, graceful person...

Anonymous said...

Katy Perry's attitude says it all.

Anonymous said...

It is Vegas; maybe too much booze - who knows? RUDE.

Anonymous said...

Why must Stevie be so transparent? She has dedicated ' Landslide' to so many individuals in the past
and it is usually whoever the current new best freiend is.... Landslide should be renamed
' landslide The dedication Song ' If Lily Rabe is ever at one of Stevie's concerts, which I'm sure she will be in some not to distant future, and Stevie will know this ahead of time you can be sure the next dedication will go to Ms. Rabe.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who Stevie dedicates Landslide to. It's HER song and it's special to her so she shares it with people who are special in her life

MplsMike said...

I appreciate Stevie's advice to Katy, and it rings true in today's pop music culture. These "rivalries" are perpetrated by obsessive fans, the media, and the music industry itself when they think it will sell music. A recent example is the Katy Perry/Lady Gaga drama. The industry knows it will create fan drama by releasing each artist's lead singles on the same day and new albums within a week of one another. Why would anyone who has actually listened to the bulk of Perry's back catalog or Gaga's back catalog compare the two? The only thing their music actually has in common is that both artists are called "pop stars." The music is inherently different. Look at Britney Spears or Rhianna or Ke$ha or p!nk ... I would bet money none of these women go around obsessing over these made-up rivalries.

Stevie's advice to Katy was perfect.

As for the comment about Stevie always dedicating "Landslide..." It's her song, she can dedicate it to whomever she wishes, whenever she wishes.

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