Friday, September 19, 2014

New Danny Clinch Coffee Table Book Includes Stevie Nicks

Danny Clinch to release a new coffee table book titled "Danny Clinch: Still Moving.  The book
features the artists he's photographed and the stories behind them:

Stevie Nicks:
"Well, look, everybody loves Stevie Nicks [laughs]. It would be hard to find somebody who doesn’t. The way I had the opportunity to photograph her was pretty amazing. I work with the Foo Fighters a lot and Dave Grohl had done that Sound City documentary [with her], and they were doing some press for that. I got the opportunity to photograph the two of them. And so while we were there I asked if I could do some individual portraits of her as well. We were just trying to keep it really simple. I was shooting for a cover of a magazine so I wanted to make it really about her. And I’ve seen a lot of photographs of her where she’s very theatrical, which is fun: It’s fun to be theatrical and it’s fun to photograph someone who presents themselves that way. This was just an opportunity to be looking more inward instead of being theatrical. There’s something more sort of inward and soft [about the picture]. She’s still just really beautiful and has a great sense of style. What I do recall about that is how thrilled she was when she saw the photographs, as I was shooting the Polaroids as well as shooting digitally. It made me feel good that she was really digging them. And that actually turned into me getting to photograph all of Fleetwood Mac. A couple months later I got a call saying, 'Hey, you want to shoot Fleetwood Mac? Christine McVie is coming back in the band and I have the whole original band.'"

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Anonymous said...

When I first saw this photo, it took my breath away. Always wondered what it was she was thinking about. There is more to Stevie than her stage presence and publicity shots. So glad Danny Clinch was able to photograph Stevie and share with the fans this beautiful shot and the others from that day. Wishing him the best with his new book. To the Queen of Rock, you are the most beautiful woman in the world!!!

John Seger said...

I REALLY love this shot! Cool to know who shot it, and the story behind it.

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