Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stevie Nicks Website Make-over

Wow! Major overhaul!!... Stevie Nicks official website has now been fleshed out with a bunch of new additions including a News section, Discography, Forum, Media and Tour Dates section.  Looks beautiful... Check it out at Stevienicksofficial.com  The Nicksfix is still up and running as well.


John Seger said...

Er..I'm confused. Stevie has TWO official sites?? Cause The Nicksfix also says it's the official website..

Anonymous said...

How does a more corporate feel improve a website? RIP the Nicksfix. Posted on the Nicksfix We have been working closely with our friends at ground(ctrl), who also manage fleetwoodmac.com. Eventually the Nicks Fix will transition to this new site and it will become Stevie's official site.

Anonymous said...

Since this website (fleetwoodmacnews.com) came along the Nicksfix site has been pretty much useless.

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