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Review Fleetwood Mac Live in Dunedin, NZ November 18, 2015

Return of the 'Mac
by Philippa Ormrod

They may be old, but they sure don't act like it.

Fleetwood Mac are the ultimate performers, and last night's show at Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin was just what fans were after. After the first four songs - 'The Chain', 'You Make Loving Fun', 'Dreams', and 'Second Hand News' - my friend turned to me and exclaimed: "And there are still so many good songs to come!" That statement perfectly summed up how you felt the whole night as the band charged through hit after hit with a contagious energy.

Having Christine McVie back on board for this tour was acknowledged by Stevie Knicks early on as being a blessing and I definitely agree. When the band last toured here in 2009 they were powerful enough with the four of them, but adding her musical abilities and her amazing collection of songs into the mix gave this concert a whole extra layer. It was fantastic to hear 'Little Lies', 'Everywhere', and 'Say You Love Me' all sung by McVie whose voice is well intact.

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Fans live their dreams
By John Lewis

Total strangers acting like long-lost friends - that is the power of Fleetwood Mac.

While it was cold outside, warmth radiated within with plenty of hugging, back-slapping, laughing and loads of people yarning like they were neighbours, minus the back fence.

The 35,000 fans, mostly in the 50-plus bracket, grew up with the various hits from Fleetwood Mac albums, so they have a common bond.

That bond appears to have been handed down to younger generations of fans who were also at the concert.

Whether they were baby-boomers, Gen X or Gen Y, most knew the lyrics and they were on their feet belting them out with their musical heroes on stage.

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Fleetwood Mac in Dunedin: Still rocking after all these years

Should aging rockers retire? Grace Slick has today suggested that Fleetwood Mac should give it up.

But last night's concert in Dunedin showed that age is no barrier to filling a large stadium with a phenomenal performance of perfect pop.

The classic line-up of band members from the Rumours album era may have an average age getting close to 70, but they clearly know how to put on a show.

It was all their greatest hits, delivered with energy and grace. And it worked well in a stadium. The crowd sung along to favourites such as Don't Stop, Go Your Own Way, and Sara. It was a nostalgic stomp-along for the 35,000 packed into the covered venue.

Many had travelled from all around the South Island, creating traffic jams as far north as Timaru. The crowd was mostly towards the older age group of 50-plus, but there were plenty in their twenties dancing along, illustrating that Fleetwood Mac has a cross-generational appeal.

The band was obviously keen to make an emotional connection with the audience, with a lot of between-song speeches and homilies.

Nicks explained the background of songs and tried to inspire success in her fans; Lindsey Buckingham talked about the people behind the music and how their personal lives and relationships were embedded in the songs for all to see and scrutinise. But the most poignant moment was when Stevie Nicks sung her emotional Landslide song, which she dedicated to Jonah Lomu.

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Fleetwood Mac review: Multitudes held in harmonic thrall
By Shane Gilchrist

Relationship issues, personal turmoil . . . and that's just some of the audience.

No, but seriously.

Last night, at Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium, Fleetwood Mac added further resonance to songs that long ago escaped the confines of urban cool and found a home amid millions of suburban lounges.

Having honed the template for soft-rock singalongs and a radio-friendly slickness belying the hurt and heartbreak often integral to a tune's genesis, the group reminded all that the distance between stage and stadium seats is best spanned by a combination of honest communication and energy.

That was best personified by guitarist-singer Lindsey Buckingham, who led the band in many respects.

Certainly, he, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie, all responsible for groundbreaking 1977 album Rumours, lived up to the title of their tour, ''On With The Show'', performing for more than two and a-half hours.

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