Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Take it easy, Mr. Frey - as you fly - take it easy" - Stevie Nicks

Glenn Frey's passing on Monday, January 18th was a complete shock! I still find it hard to believe. At 67 he had so much life left to live. It's a tremendous loss to his family, friends and the millions of Eagles fans around the world.

Stevie posted on her website yesterday a short note. She's clearly devastated by the news.

Stevie Nicks Official



Anonymous said...

This was very big, thoughtful, and gracious of Stevie Nicks, given the way he felt about her in "those days," as I have read. She seemed to say he didn't care much for her. RIP, Glenn. I'll miss the Eagles too.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Our Beach house in Australia is right on the corner of Eagle Rock Parade, we have seen the Eagles all over the world and we are very very upset.But would be happy to Lease out Mick Fleetwoods house as we are visiting there this year. Life is very cruel sometimes.
Will get on to find where to book the Villa.

Anonymous said...

Really, Lyn Jensen? One of the standard bearers of rock n roll has just died, and all you can do is go on about your beach house and the money you will spend renting a beach house in Maui? Classy, real classy...

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