Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Warner Bros. To Release 3 Exclusive Color Vinyl Editions of Fleetwood Mac's 3 Legedary 70's Albums

Warner Brothers is releasing limited and exclusive vinyl editions of the three Fleetwood Mac albums in May, June and July. 

In case you didn't have enough versions or colored versions of these three legendary Fleetwood Mac's albums... This post is for you. 

Urban Outfitters in the US and Canada on May 24, 2024 will release color variations of three Fleetwood Mac albums.  Fleetwood Mac and Rumours are both priced at $29.98 with Tusk priced at $46.98. Pre-order at Urban Outfitters

Barnes and Noble in the US will be releasing this colored variation also on May 24th except Rumours, is showing a release date of  July 12th (that date could be a typo). 

Fleetwood Mac and Rumours are both priced at $26.99 and Tusk will be $41.99. Pre-order today.

HMV in the UK will release the same colour variation as Barnes & Noble in the US with a release date of June 15, 2024.  Fleetwood Mac and Rumours are both priced at £29.99, with Tusk priced at £64.99.  Pre-order at HMV

Amazon in the US and Canada will also have exclusives available in 3 different colors.  Fleetwood Mac and Rumours are priced at $24.99 while Tusk is priced at $39.98.

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