Released in the UK June 21, 2004 
Released in North America July 24, 2004 

Return Of The Songbird

Press Release:
Christine McVie is back! The first lady of Fleetwood Mac and key song writing force behind some of the band’s biggest hits including ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘You Make Loving Fun’, ‘Everywhere’ and ‘Little Lies’ returns with a brand new solo album, ‘In The Meantime’, out on June 21st on Sanctuary/Adventure Records.

‘In The Meantime’ is the perfect showcase for Christine’s instantly recognisable voice and eloquent, intimate song writing.

The album is produced by Christine, her nephew Dan Perfect and Ken Caillat. Christine takes full song writing credit for the second track ‘You Are’ and co-writes ten of the album’s 12 songs. Highlights include the infectious ‘Friend’, the beautiful ‘You Are’ and the haunting ‘Calumny’.

Christine last performed with Fleetwood Mac at the Brit Awards in 1998, where the band picked up a Life Time Achievement Award for their outstanding contribution to music. She last collaborated with the band on 1995’s ‘Time’ studio album. A vital lynchpin of Fleetwood Mac, Christine wrote a string of hits for the band including the hit tracks, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Over My Head’ and ‘You Make Loving Fun’ and ‘Songbird’. Christine was a member of the group for nearly thirty years and as she observes: “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Fleetwood Mac”.

Since leaving the band, Christine returned to her roots living a quiet life in the country. However writing has always been Christine’s first love and the time away from touring and music has allowed her to return to recording with a new outlook and a new found sense of freedom.

The album developed organically, growing over a period of time after Christine asked Dan to collaborate with her on an early album track. The partnership flourished and the project blossomed into the new album. For Dan, “Christine sounds as young as she does on ‘Rumours’”, for Christine the essence of the album was fun. The result is a mesmerising and expressive album from one of music’s most compelling and distinctive talents.McVie Returns With “Meantime” Former Fleetwood Mac keyboardist to release third album.

Source: Fleetwood Mac UK

"Friend" and "You Are"


1. "Friend"
George Hawkins, Christine McVie, Robbie Patton, Dan Perfect   
2. "You Are" Christine McVie 3:35
3. "Northern Star" Dan Perfect 5:22
4. "Bad Journey" Christine McVie, Dan Perfect 4:29
5. "Anything Is Possible"   George Hawkins, Christine McVie, Dan Perfect 3:14
6. "Calumny" Dan Perfect 4:54
7. "So Sincere" Christine McVie, Dan Perfect 3:39
8. "Easy Come, Easy Go" Christine McVie, Eddy Quintela 4:32
9. "Liar" George Hawkins, Christine McVie, Dan Perfect 3:53
10. "Sweet Revenge" Christine McVie, Dan Perfect 3:50
11. "Forgiveness" Christine McVie, Dan Perfect 3:44
12. "Givin' It Back" Billy Burnette, George Hawkins, Christine McVie 4:42

McVie Returns With “Meantime”
by Andrew Dansby

Christine McVie will release In the Meantime, her first set of new songs since departing Fleetwood Mac, on July 27th. Meantime is only the singer/keyboardist’s third solo release in her almost four-decade career, and it’s the follow-up to a self-titled album issued two decades ago.

McVie’s return contradicts comments from her former Mac mates who said that she had left the music business altogether and retreated to her home in the U.K. Because Fleetwood Mac’s 2003 release Say You Will included some material from the mid- and late-Nineties, McVie’s keyboards were heard on a couple of the songs, but according to drummer Mick Fleetwood, McVie “retired” because “she doesn’t want to be in this business anymore. Her heart was in the music always, but she didn’t have her heart in what comes with it.” The group released the album as a four-piece and toured without McVie.

McVie’s departure followed a tenure of more than three decades with Fleetwood Mac, to which she contributed several of its Top Forty hits including “You Make Loving Fun” and “Say You Love Me.” Christine McVie spawned a pair of hits itself, with “Got a Hold on Me” breaking the Top Ten and “Love Will Show Us How” going Top Forty in 1984.

Christine McVie – In The Meantime
Sounding happier at 60 than many male rockers, she delivers third solo album

Christine McVie is not in the business of pushing envelopes. And if the songs here sound like anagrams of others her pure, woody tones have crooned down the years, then that’s to be expected. On the other hand, just because she was one of the architects of a particularly popular strain of pop doesn’t mean she’s duty bound to pursue it forever. Maybe she’ll get around to other styles eventually. In the meantime, as one song has it: “Easy come, easy go, that’s just the way it is.” She’s in fine voice, sounds like she’s having a good time, and if her contributions to Fleetwood Mac are your favourites, you should investigate.

Christine McVie, In The Meantime, (Sanctuary/Adventure) ****
York Press
After 20 years of solo silence... viva McVie, Christine is back in the charts.

The woman who gave Fleetwood Mac, and the world, hits such as Don't Stop, You Make Loving Fun, Everywhere and Little Lies, Christine chimes in with this 'sing-and tell' album.

Reading the playlist, listening to songs and reading between the lines it is obvious she still loves her ex-husband, Fleetwood Mac's bassist John McVie, despite being divorced for nearly 30 years. The 12-track album sounds like a retrospective of their turbulent nine-year union (with my interpretation in brackets). 1. Friend (We like each other); 2. You Are (I love you); 3. Northern Star (Even more deeply); 4. Bad Journey (Things are going wrong); 5. Anything Is Possible (We can work it out); 6. Calumny (You liar); 7. So Sincere (I was...); 8. Easy Come, Easy Go (Oh, well...); 9. Liar (I still hurt); 10. Sweet Revenge (I still love/hate you) and 11. Forgiveness (We must show some...); 12. Giving It Back (Time to move on, no hard feelings). All good stuff, sung with emotion and great style.

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