Released May 3, 2011
Includes Secret Love Digital Single | 16 x 20 Album Cover Lithograph

UK Bonus Track Version Includes "My Heart"

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New Single “Secret Love” Currently on iTunes

For Immediate Release -  (Burbank, California) – February 10, 2011 - Rock ‘n Roll’s reigning queen Stevie Nicks will be releasing her highly anticipated new CD “In Your Dreams” on May 3rd, it was announced today by Reprise Records. This will be Nicks’ first CD of new material since the release of her Grammy nominated “Trouble in Shangri-La” ten years ago.  “In Your Dreams” was written and recorded at Nicks' Los Angeles home and is co-produced by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard.  Nicks and Stewart co-wrote seven of the album’s thirteen songs. 

“I had written a song in Brisbane, Australia when I was on tour with Fleetwood Mac in 2009 called “Moonlight - A Vampire’s Dream” which was inspired by the “New Moon” film.  When I finished writing that song, which came together really quickly, I knew the time was right to start recording.   We had a core group of five people who were at the heart of the creation of  “In Your Dreams."  Dave and myself, my longtime friend and musical director, Waddy Wachtel, and my girls, Sharon Celani and Lori Nicks.  It was a perfect blend,” commented Nicks.
“This was one of the most extraordinary experiences I've had making a record.  It is the first album that I have had this kind of collaboration since the making of Rumours.  Dave created a situation where I could be totally creative and focused on writing songs and making music.  I cannot remember ever having this much fun making a record.  Writing the songs and recording them in my home studio was the key element in how this music turned out.  It made the whole process seem very similar to how we used to work back in the day,” she concluded. 

The first single “Secret Love” written by Nicks is currently on iTunes.  “It was 1976 and Fleetwood Mac was opening for Peter Frampton at the time.  It was written about a forbidden relationship – not Peter and I,”  laughed Nicks.  "I always knew that one day I was going to record the song.”  

Nicks is currently gearing up to join forces with fellow rocker Rod Stewart for the 16 city Heart & Soul Tour, one of the most anticipated music events of the year…The first show is scheduled on March 20th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 

Stevie Nicks is a multi Grammy Award winner and Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame inductee.  Her extraordinary career as a solo artist, songwriter, live performer and member of Fleetwood Mac is legendary.  Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” was one of the biggest selling albums of all time.  She has penned such Mac classics as “Landslide,” “Dreams,” “Gold Dust Woman” and “Rhiannon.”  As a solo artist, beginning with the five time platinum debut “Bella Donna,” her solo hits include unforgettable singles such as “Edge of Seventeen,” “Leather and Lace” and “Stand Back.”

In My Dreams and In Your Dreams by Stevie Nicks

For me the circus came to town in 2010.  That’s the year I wrote and recorded “In Your Dreams,” my new CD.  It was the year Dave Stewart returned to my life.  He returned to my life after several years.  He actually arrived at my front door, walked into my living room and we started writing songs for my new album. 

It was glorious.  We were two people extremely committed to having fun along the way.  Every day was an adventure.  Every day was a gala.  The environment was magical.  I’ve never worked harder in my life but it never seemed like I was working.  It was a circus after all.  

I’ve always tried to have fun making records with Fleetwood Mac and with my solo ones.  I didn’t succeed very often though certainly the music did.  But this time, it was perfection.  It was everything I always wished making a record would be.  We laughed all the time.  We were little kids in a sandbox.  We were happy parents and the songs we created were our children.  We were a big happy family – me and Dave, the engineers, Waddy, the girls, Glenn Ballard, my assistant Karen and my friend Kellianne who prepared elaborate dinners every night where we talked about music, art, politics and “the songs.”  Dave would have a martini.  There was never a harsh word or raised voice.  It felt pretty much like I imagine a Paris salon of artists who adored each other might gather in the twenties.  If all that wasn’t enough, I had the ride of a lifetime creating an album of songs that I am so proud to share with you.  Did I mention that we dressed up in ridiculous outfits all the time?

Maybe it was destiny for Dave and I to come together and create “In Your Dreams.”  We’d met years ago – 1985 to be exact.  We were going to work on the song “Don’t Come Around Here No More” which he eventually completed with Tom Petty.  Phenomenal song by the way.  Wish I’d gotten to do it.  Our paths didn’t cross again until 2006 when Dave was working on a pilot for a TV show and I was a guest.  We talked for two hours about everything.  At the end, he suggested I play something at the piano…I did a 15 minute version of “Rhiannon.”  Dave joined in as if we’d been singing it together for years.  I realized then that if I were ever to make a solo album again (believe me I had my doubts) - but if the day came, I knew I wanted Dave on board.

So beginning February into March and then April, three days a week, Dave would arrive with Ned Douglas the engineer.  At the entrance to my house as soon as you walk in, you are greeted by two huge pianos, a black Bosendorfer and a white Steinway.  Other special touches were added as we went along – a pair of black antique dancing shoes, a perfume bottle and of course a chandelier.  Lots of atmosphere.  We would work on the songs day after day.  “Ned, how about some bass and add that drum part,” I would say and he knew exactly what was needed.  The living room of my home metamorphasized into our recording studio…We also set up a recording area in the curve of the big staircase where we did vocals and that’s how we made “In Your Dreams.”

On Tuesday and Thursday and weekends, I would work with the girls Lori Nicks and Sharon Celani, who are truly the backbone of the Stevie Nicks sound.  We love to sing together.  I have the utmost respect for their point of view on the music and they know when it sounds right.  My good friend and sidekick Waddy Wachtel would be there as well.  I’ve been with Lori, Sharon and Waddy since 1979.  With me, they are the Stevie Nicks band.  You can imagine the level of trust that we’ve developed after all this time.  

Then Glen Ballard arrived at my door one day a couple of months later (he’s Dave Stewart’s partner).  I call him “the beautiful quiet one.”  He is the voice of reason.  The rest of us were all circus people who were running amok.  Glen kept it all together.  He could simply stroll over and start playing something on one of those pianos or pick up his guitar to explain something.  He also arrived with Scott the engineer who took over from Ned.  Scott was another magician in our midst.  And now you have our merry cast of characters.

We all took time off in May when Dave went to London and I went to Hawaii where I wrote “For What It’s Worth.”  By June 1st we had 13 songs completed – I co-wrote seven with Dave and five by myself.   In the Fall, the circus moved to Village Recording for two weeks where we tracked and Mick Fleetwood and Steve Faroni came in to play.

I want “In Your Dreams” to have a big impact on people to give at least one moment of joy and hope to anyone listening.  Well, even more than a moment.  I wanted my music to make you feel like you wanted to dance around the house.  That’s what it does for me.  

Let the show begin:

SECRET LOVE - I love this song.  I still do not remember exactly who it is about…I wrote it a very long time ago.  Life was moving very fast in the late 70’s…Love was everywhere.  We were beautiful.  I saw everything through a sort of stained glass window of perfection.  It was a pretty spectacular time and I think the song represents many relationships, not only mine, but lots of people at that time.  I was living in a pink Spanish house which belonged to silent film stars.  I wrote a lot of songs there and this was one of them.  I didn’t completely remember the song and amazingly discovered an early version of it on YouTube.

FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH – Somewhere in the 90’s – in my post Klonopin era (a drug that almost destroyed me) – I’d just come out of 47 days in rehab.  I was trying to recover.  I was petrified of life with no tranquilizers.  I was afraid to come back into the real world.  Someone appeared out of nowhere.  An angel stepped in.  He arrived and walked me through and he saved my spiritual life.  I think it’s a reminder for everyone that sometimes when you are filled with fear or pain, someone arrives and takes you by the hand and helps you on your journey. 

IN YOUR DREAMS - This was another difficult time in my life and when I was on the road touring my sound engineer would hear me say, “I can’t do it…I can’t go up there.”  And he would say, “Stevie, I’m right at the other end of this cord.”  His words of assurance that I would sound good made me feel safe.

WILD SARGASSO SEA – This song is based on the book and movie of the same title.  It is the precursor to Jane Eyre.  It was about Mr. Rochester falling in love with Antoinette and how he felt the moment he met her on the island.  They both went mad but Antoinette Rochester never recovered and was locked up.  

NEW ORLEANS – I’ve always loved New Orleans.  In the peak of Fleetwood Mac’s success, we’d play New Orleans and we would ride around in a white carriage with white horses right down Bourbon Street.  We were all dressed up and drinking champagne.  My memories of that city were crushed watching the devastation of Katrina.  There was a little boy on TV you might remember who said, “Someone has to help us.”  They showed him over and over.  I was in tears after hearing him speak for all the people of New Orleans.  Right after that little boy spoke for his forgotten city, I wrote the poem which became the lyrics to this song.  This is for all the beautiful people of New Orleans. 

MOONLIGHT (A Vampire’s Dream) - It was 2009 and I was on tour in Melbourne, Australia.  I needed to stay awake to avoid jet lag.  I went to see the film “New Moon” and then we all sat around and watched the Michael Jackson movie…By then it was midnight and I knew I had to go back and see “New Moon” again.  Afterward I started an essay about all the “Edwards” in my life.  I thought about all the tales of abandonment and the beautiful love story of Bella and Edward.  He’s cursed to live life as a monster but Bella sees through.  Yet - he leaves her because he knows that is what he has to do.  She sits in her chair for months.  I so understood that feeling.  We went on to Brisbane and I kept thinking, “Why can’t they be together?”  And at that moment, I wrote the song.  And the very next moment I said to myself, “I’m ready to make a record now.”  Before that I wondered if I would ever make another record but I knew it was time.  This is one of my favorite songs on the record.  We kept a photo of Bella and Edward on the soundboard while we recorded.

ANNABEL LEE – When I was 17, it was a very good year.  I met Lindsey and I read some of the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe.  Annabel Lee was my favorite.  I picked up my guitar with the open book in front of me and 10 minutes later I went and played it for my mom.  It was never recorded.  It just lived in my heart until the mid nineties when I made a piano demo if it in Phoenix.  Finally she has come to life.

SOLDIER’S ANGEL – This is a love song too.  It’s my love song to all the men and women and their families that I’ve visited over the years at Walter Read Hospital in Washington DC and Bethesda Naval Hospital.  Each and every one of them touched me in profound ways.  Their bravery and courage is something that I will keep with me in my heart for as long as I live.  They brought more to me than I could ever have brought to them.  The song was so important that I asked Lindsay to come over and bring his musical magic to it and he did as he always does.

EVERYBODY LOVES YOU - This is about being part of a duo – a man and a woman in a musical group.  Two people who knew each other from very early on.  I met Lindsey in high school.  I walked right up to him and asked to sing “California Dreaming” with his band.  And so I did.  Then I didn’t see him for two years… Well you know the rest.  And Dave of course met Annie when they were both very young and unknown.  We both performed with our partners long after our romantic relationships ended.  Let’s say, we both understood what we’d been through.   

GHOSTS ARE GONE - This is about a relationship that became frozen in time and died.  Around that time, I was introduced to an artist who became a record company executive named Amanda Ghost.  I was fascinated with that name which inspired this song as well.  And I always have to have a few big rock songs on my albums.  This is one of them.

YOU MAY BE THE ONE - This started as a poem I wrote during the FM “Say You Will” Tour.  It’s about a relationship that could have worked but it missed by a mile…or missed by a second. 

ITALIAN SUMMER – This is a very special song, one of my most romantic.  Something extraordinary is going to happen with this song one day.  It’s a perfect example that you do not have to fall in love to write a love song.  I fell in love with Italy one summer.  When you listen to it, I think it sounds like you are on a magic carpet ride.  I was staying in Room 102 in a villa which became a hotel in Ravello.  I arrived there completely unplanned.  Beauty was everywhere.  One day I’ll return and sing “Italian Summer” there. 

CHEAPER THAN FREE – We have Reese Witherspoon to thank for this title.  She was visiting a recording session one day and Dave mentioned that he had to go to Nashville for some work…Reese volunteered to have him stay at her condo there.  I chimed in that it would save him a lot of money.  “What’s cheaper than free?” quipped Reese…Dave and I both looked at each other and knew we were going to write a song with that title which we did very quickly. 

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Stevie Nicks (Reprise)
The Daily Express Weekend
June 26, 2011

Still nursing a bruised heart, umpteen years after the marriage-go-round that was Fleetwood Mac, 63-year-old Stevie Nicks remains the perennial rock chick, working out her frustrations over a series of bombastic ballads and big rock set pieces. Her voice is mainly hard and aloof but she’s at her very best when she softens a bit, as on Everybody Loves You, a brilliant reflection on the hollowness of fame, or when the material hasthe width and harmony of her former band, as on Annabel Lee.

Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams
by Pip Ellwood
Entertainment Focus UK

Tracklisting: 1. Secret Love 2. For What It's Worth 3. In Your Dreams 4. Wide Sargasso Sea 5. New Orleans 6. Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream) 7. Annabel Lee 8. My Heart [UK Bonus Track] 9. Soldier's Angel 10. Everybody Loves You 11. Ghosts Are Gone 12. You May Be The One 13. Italian Summer 14. Cheaper Than Free

Stevie Nicks is one of the most iconic female musicians of all-time. Best-known as a member of the legendary Fleetwood Mac, Nicks has sold over 140 million albums worldwide also enjoying success as a solo artist. It’s been 10 years since Nicks released her last solo album, Trouble In Shangri-La, and now she’s ready to return to the spotlight with her seventh studio album In Your Dreams.

In the US In Your Dreams has already enjoyed success when it debut at number 6 on the Billboard 200. For the record Nicks has teamed up with Eurythmics member Dave Stewart and Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Glen Ballard (best-known for his work on Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill). In Your Dreams sees Nicks writing (or co-writing) every single track, with Dave Stewart contributing to 8 of the 14 tracks.

The album kicks off with its lead single Secret Love reintroducing you to Nicks’ distinctive and wonderful voice. Sticking close to the sound of her previous albums and the signature sound of Fleetwood Mac, Nicks sounds on remarkable form making it hard to believe that she is now in her sixities. She sounds as clear and fresh as she did when Fleetwood Mac were in their prime.

Across the record Nicks makes sure no two songs sound the same as she moves between folk, rock, pop and a touch of country. Dave Stewart appears on the album closer Cheaper Than Free whilst her Fleetwood Mac band-mate Lindsey Buckingham appears on the stripped-back Soldier’s Angel. Elsewhere on the record Nicks powers through with a bit of uptempo rock on the title track In Your Dreams, incorporates Edgar Allan Poe into Annabel Lee and showcases the strength of her remarkable voice on the bluesy You May Be The One.

Our favourite moment on the record comes on second single For What It’s Worth. With gorgeous acoustic riffs and Nicks’ raspy vocal the song sticks in your head for some time after it’s finished.

In Your Dreams is an accomplished and wonderful record. Stevie Nicks still has the magic she’s always had and sounds fantastic throughout the record. There are few songwriters in the same league as Stevie Nicks and it’s no wonder that she continues to be an inspiration for the younger generation of singer-songwriters currently rising to stardom. In Your Dreams is a gorgeous record and we can’t wait to catch Nicks when she tours.

Nicks, the eccentric Fleetwood Mac vocalist, is back with her first album in a decade to prove that her strange, iconic voice is everything it ever was, even at the age of 63.

The first single from the album Secret Love was originally written in 1976 for Mac’s masterpiece Rumours.

Put together with new songs such as the one she was inspired to write when a group of British soldiers were killed in Iraq, it forms a real thing of beauty. Poetic, majestic, delicious.

By Simon Gage

EURYTHMICS co-founder Dave Stewart must be one of the hardest-working rockers in the business.

With half the new Stevie Nicks album bearing his name and a new Joss Stone offering coming later this month you cannot help but wonder how he found time to round up the talent and lay down the tracks for this new project.

Including songs he wrote with Bob Dylan and collaborations with Stone and Nicks and Martina McBride, it’s a high-quality, bluesy, American-flavoured affair with Dave himself sounding like the veteran music man he really is.

By Simon Gage

CD'S Of The Week 

STEVIE NICKS In Your Dreams (Reprise)
The pop world goes through its phases but it's good to find that Miss Nicks stays resolutely the same. In Your Dreams has on its cover a photograph of Stevie in flowing skirt leading a pure white horse through a forest, the sun flaring behind them. In Stevie's world, it's always Avalon or Camelot, fair maids and dashing knights. The soft rock is still in place, this time masterminded by our very own Dave Stewart. But what has always set Stevie apart continues to do so: that sexy, sassy voice is never drowned in a flood of cheap, hippy sentiment. Thus, songs such as Wide Sargasso Sea, Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream), Secret Love and the title track are borne along on undercurrents of sex and memories of wild times.

Album Review: Steve Nicks - In Your dreams ★★★ "Her voice remains a thing of beauty -- fragile and tough"

By John Meagher
Friday June 24 2011

Okay, it's not Rumours -- Fleetwood Mac's breakup masterpiece from 1977 -- but Stevie Nicks' seventh album, and first in a decade, suggests her mojo is still very much intact.

Her voice remains a thing of beauty -- fragile and tough, often in the course of the same song. And it's this quality that makes Secret Love shine. The lead single was reportedly demoed for the aforementioned Rumours, before being discarded.

Several of the songs have been co-written with Eurythmics' Dave Stewart and a handful are really quite something, including the rousing, emotive For What It's Worth.

Burn it: Secret Love; For What It's Worth

Available in Ireland Today!  itunes

Review: Steve Nicks: In Your Dreams ★★★/5 "Sounds exactly like the Nicks of myth: spooky, otherworldly, emotional and sassy...

With the title subtly doffing a cap to Fleetwood Mac's Dreams, Nicks's first solo studio album in a decade echoes the ethereal soft rock sound with which she helped redefine the band circa 1977's classic, Rumours. Producer Dave Stewart has helped create an album that sounds exactly like the Nicks of myth: spooky, otherworldly, emotional and sassy, yet stalked by some undefinable melancholy. Mac bandmates and old flames Mick Fleetwood and Lindsay Buckingham guest, and while the latter doesn't lift Soldiers Tale above Nicks-by-numbers, the frisson of the Mac's complex romantic entanglements stalks Secret Love, written during the Rumours era. The superb For What It's Worth similarly describes an affair where "only a few around us knew". While the 14 tunes don't all linger, her raspy-voiced spray of emotions is hard to shake off, not least on Everybody Loves You ("but you're so alone"), which combines trademark candour and a killer chorus.

by: Dave Simpson

In Your Dreams is in stores today in Ireland and in stores Monday June 27th in the UK...

Review: Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams "Nicks opens with "Secret Love", a sturdily pulsing piece blitzed by growling powerchords singing of "a timeless search for a love that might work"

Dame Stevie taps into the 'Sleepy Hollow' vibe on her first album of new songs in a decade 
Reviewed by: Adam Sweeting

In Your Dreams is also the "Disc of the Day" on the front page of the website 

It's been a decade since Stevie Nicks's last album of new songs, Trouble in Shangri-La, but In Your Dreams proves that there's creative life in the old girl yet. Fans of the wispy tunestrel will be pleased to hear that she hasn't strayed far from her familiar stomping grounds of melodious folk-rockism and tales of love and yearning, the focus (in fine Seventies style) fixing on the singer's emotional trials and torments. The voice that sang "Rhiannon" remains suitably ghostly, and even with an overlay of mild croakiness, it sounds pretty good for a 63-year-old.

The disc is crammed with a phone-book's worth of LA session veterans, from Steve Ferrone to Waddy Wachtel, and there are appearances by Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood. The Heartbreakers' Mike Campbell plays an assortment of instruments and co-wrote a couple of tracks, though not as many as Dave Stewart, who also co-produced the disc with Glenn Ballard.

The best songs work very well indeed. Nicks opens with "Secret Love", a sturdily pulsing piece blitzed by growling powerchords as she sings of "a timeless search for a love that might work". Vocal harmonies and acoustic guitars underpin the affecting "For What It's Worth" (no relation to the Stephen Stills one), while the pick of the bunch may be the title track, a scintillating blast of jangle-rock which harks back to the days when Nicks used to hang around with Tom Petty and his crew.

That's not all. Nicks, still festooned in hats, feathers and bodice-ripper gowns after all these years, channels Edgar Allan Poe in "Annabel Lee", runs with the Undead in "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)", and evokes vampire chronicler Anne Rice in "New Orleans".

Her only problem was knowing when to stop. In Your Dreams lasts half an hour longer than Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, and the longer it goes on, the more you want to start pelting it with rotten fruit. "Everybody Loves You" is drab electro-pop, "Italian Summer" is cloying schmaltz, and "Ghosts Are Gone" should have been called "The Day the Music Died". It'll all boil down into a nice playlist though.

In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks Album Review
Paul Pledger

Upon studying the sleeve to Stevie Nicks' first album in a decade, you're almost transformed back to a time when album-art was determined by mystical imagery of white horses, moonlight and lace-adorned top-hatted blonde-haired singers - and then you realise that you're not in the '70s, you're in the 21st-century eyeing up Nicks', hamming it up in an extravagant white dress on the inlay for "In Your Dreams". How time's don't change - she's still keeping it 'chiffon'.

Fleetwood Mac certainly don't look like reforming again anytime soon (the last group release was the acclaimed "Say You Will" in 2003), but "In Your Dreams" does at least herd three of the favoured line-up together again - Nicks (obviously), Buckingham and Fleetwood contribute at various points. Main right-hand man to Nicks, however, turns out to be Dave Stewart, a huge name in his own right, both as a producer to the stars and erstwhile founder member of Eurythmics. King session-musician, Waddy Wachtel, also makes a few appearances, as does Heartbreakers member, Mike Campbell.

As Stevie Nicks albums go, this rates as one of her best, mainly due to its consistent delivery of pin-sharp rock-songs and beguiling choruses. From early track "Secret Love" (rumoured to have been mooted for the self-titled Mac album of 1977), kicks things off in typical fashion and has already done a turn on American radio - it's true grown-ups' pop-rock, but that doesn't make a dull prospect by any means. The album continues favourably with "For What It's Worth" and the first Stewart/Nicks co-composition, "In Your Dreams", giving the impression that her upcoming exclusive UK appearance at Hard Rock Calling may prove to be a special treat after all.

In truth, there aren't that many poor moments amongst the 14 songs, although mawkishness does sneak into "Soldier's Angel" - yet she can ramp up some classic hooks, particularly on "Moonlight" and the Edgar Allan Poe-influenced, "Annabel Lee". I suppose my only criticism of "In Your Dreams" is its length - we live in an age of drawn-out albums and, at 69 minutes, yes you get value for money, but you also get a couple of songs too many, methinks. Otherwise, Stevie Nicks still knows how to paint a picture and sing a song.

There’s still only one Stevie Nicks – witchy, mystical and romantic.

by: Nick Levine 2011-06-17

If her first solo record in a decade proves anything, it's that there's still only one Stevie Nicks. A few tunes feature country-ish flourishes, and Italian Summer is an orchestral ballad that sways with the blowsy elegance of a half-soaked matriarch, but otherwise In Your Dreams sticks to the slick, melodic soft rock template set by Nicks on her first effort away from Fleetwood Mac, 1981's Bella Donna.

So while the production is as solid and glossy as a polished mahogany worktop – what else would you expect from Dave ‘Eurythmics’ Stewart and Glen ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Ballard? – the Nicks shtick, that familiar mix of the witchy, the mystical and the romantic, ensures that In Your Dreams only slips into vapidity on two or three occasions.

It's the romantic element of her well-honed persona that's the most prevalent across these 14 tracks. Written in the mid-70s, Secret Love is a paean to a clandestine liaison with a rock lothario whose identity, showbiz pro that she is, Nicks claims not to remember; Annabel Lee's lyrics are adapted from a poem by Edgar Allan Poe about love that lasts beyond the grave; and Cheaper Than Free features a cavalcade of couplets every bit as corny as the Green Giant's toothpick. An example: "What's deeper than a deep well? / The love into which I fell."

One song, the almost Evanescence-esque Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream), is even inspired by the Twilight series, a pop culture phenomenon that the uncharitable might note is targeted not at a 63-year-old (gold dust) woman of the world, but bewildered sexual innocents on the edge of 17.

But perhaps even more remarkably, 34 years on from Rumours, Nicks is still capable of extracting emotional heft from her relationship with Mac comrade and former flame Lindsey Buckingham. "We cause each other such pain everywhere we go now / At home or on the stage," she sings on Everybody Loves You, sounding more throatily goat-like than ever. Yes, if In Your Dreams proves anything...

(Review) Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams ★★★ Stars "The beguiling voice behind many of Fleetwood Mac’s best moments is back in the fray"


In Your Dreams Reprise ***

After more than a decade away, the beguiling voice behind many of Fleetwood Mac’s best moments is back in the fray with a high-grade album that signifies she is still a stunning vocal presence – even if she can get herself trapped in an AOR cul-de-sac at times. There’s plenty here that is crisp and evocative – Secret Love and For What it’s Worth (the latter being one of the best things she’s done for a while). But there’s also the odd track (such as Wide Sargasso Sea ) which suggests a lot but doesn’t really go anywhere. Elsewhere, she does dig deep to come up with some great moments – Cheaper Than Free – and there’s enough here to suggest that she’s up for it again and ready to climb new heights. It would be interesting to see her take a few more risks next time out – unclutter the arrangements and stretch her voice into new shapes.

Download tracks : Secret Love, For What It’s Worth, Cheaper Than Free

Reviewed: Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' Rating: 8/10 stars

By Liveguide Contributor - Trent Schupp

Thirty years after her first solo album Bella Donna, Stevie Nicks’ latest work In Your Dreams is an inspired collection of songs co-written and produced by the accomplished Dave Stewart – most noted for his work with the Eurythmics. While unlikely to reach the popularity of anything bearing the Fleetwood Mac brand, this album deserves to be rated as one of the finest pieces of work to come out so far this year.

Still largely known as “from Fleetwood Mac” – Nicks hasn’t been able to define herself as an artist whose solo success matches her past achievements. However, she definitely can do it on her own – Rolling Stone dubbed her “The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll” after her first solo album. With the mix of rock, Italian ballad and folk on In Your Dreams, perhaps that title should be extended.

'Secret Love', the album’s first track, is a solid start with an unmistakable Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac melody you know could easily be found on one of their albums – indeed it’s a relic of hers from the 70s. Although having to accommodate two other songwriters on a Fleetwood album was a severe constraint at the time, one of the advantages now is the quality of her held-onto 'leftovers'.

In Your Dreams with a few exceptions does without Mick Fleetwood’s booming drums or Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar inspiration. This is the product of Nicks having matured through the ups and downs of the Fleetwood Mac years and then her solo career – from the dizzying heights of Rumours, to the lows of her highly publicised cocaine addiction.

This album is refreshingly varied but the focus is on her vocals – and that’s no shame for Nicks' voice still sounds amazing – albeit with a stronger husk to it these days. 'For What It’s Worth' is a catchy folk track and 'Wide Sargasso Sea' offers a drum dominated beat that gently reminds of Mick Fleetwood. There is even a touching tribute to Edgar Allan Poe’s poem 'Annabel Lee' written in 1849.

This is one of those releases in which everyone will find a different favourite. However, for me, it’s 'Soldier’s Angel' and Lindsey Buckingham’s contribution to it. The modern day Fleetwood Mac formula is very evident in its similar structure to some of the Say You Will tracks (such as 'Illume' and 'Smile At You'). Although the Nicks / Buckingham relationship is clearly more strained now than it was in the beginning of the Fleetwood Mac era, when these two get together there is a lasting tenderness in what they do that makes their work very powerful.

Penultimate track, a powerful romantic ballad 'Italian Summer', left me amazed at the variety in the album and the versatility of Nicks who is indeed no doubt one of the finest ever musicians.

Rating: 8/10 stars

In Your Dreams is out now, for more information visit the official Stevie Nicks website here

(Reviews) Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' 'Soldier's Angel' is the most powerful musical tribute to servicemen to be recorded in years.

From the Sydney (Australia) Daily Telegraph 
"Best Weekend" Magazine
June 11, 2011

TRANSLATION: After ten years of absence, the legendary Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac fundamental part, author of radio gems like "Dreams," "Sara" or "Rihannon") returns to disc with In Your Dreams and a deluxe kit: the former Eurythmics Dave Stewart in the production, Waddy Wachtel and by Mike Campbell on guitars (X Pensive Winos and Heartbreakers, respectively) and his former teammates Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood, and others. And the result is as expected: soft rock ideal for touring the California coast from any beach on a sunny summer afternoon. "Secret Love" dating from 1976 (Rumours era) and it sounds so good and high fidelity as the plaque, the subject title of the album is one of those rocks up tempo that only the Knicks can sign, the ballad "New Orleans" honors Jazz City post-Katrina, "Moonlight" refers both to the Twilight saga as to overcome insomnia chemical singer for "Annabel Lee" puts music to the eponymous poem by Edgar Allan Poe, almost ghostly appearance of the voice of Buckingham in "Soldier's Angel" Arab air power an issue that could have made Tusk and the duet with Stewart in "Cheaper Than Free" is a great final flourish. Gypsy Queen of Rock is back in good shape, and both his fans and audiences anonymous (Courtney Love and Tom Petty) we compliments.

REVIEW: Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" co-produced by Dave Stewart boasts high-gloss gumption and poetic grit

The Straits Times

IN YOUR DREAMS: If change is the constancy in the career of 25 year-old Lady Gaga, then Emmylou Harris, 64, and Stevie Nicks, 63, are queens of timelessness who chart their own evolutionary paths.

Harris’ latest, Hard Bargains, is a retrospective baste in melancholy, but never once feels treacly. Her raspy, gossamer purr eulogises Canadian folk icon Kate McGarrigle who died last year of cancer (Darlin’ Kate); and her mentor Gram Parsons, who overdosed on morphine and alcohol back in 1973 (The Road).

She won’t wallow and shows she can still kick up a fuss when she wants to.

Her post-Katrina anthem, New Orleans, has fire, and Six White Cadillacs is a honky-tonk lovely that will keep your foot tapping.

Nicks, likewise, has the languid assuredness of someone who’s paid her dues. Her latest, In Your Dreams, her first in a decade, is her best in years.

The album, co-produced by Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, boasts high-gloss gumption and poetic grit.
Presiding over her gypsy kingdom, she fuses myth and reality. Whether waxing about a Secret Love or taking cues from the Twilight series in Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) or Edgar Allan Poe in Annabel Lee, she glows and glowers fabulously.

(Review) Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" ★★★★ Album Of The Week - New Zealand

I'm not sure what critics want from Stevie Nicks these days. Demned with faint praise with lines such as "archly conservative". "a pale Fleetwood Mac" and Tainted with the smear of lip-gloss California studio muses" are just some of the criticisms aimed at this disc. It's quite possible that these journalistic hacks forget the times that created the monster that became Fleetwood Mac, a group breaking apart from fragile on-road relationships, bitter artistic direction disputes and audience expectations. They also defined their - and the critics' - times and recorded Rumours, which is still on of the top 10 best selling albums of all time. Fleetwood Mac and Nicks are made from the same cloth and no amount of wishful thinking on behalf of the music made will change that, nor should it. Her solo career produced many great songs such as Stop Draggin My Heart Around, Stand Back and Nighbird, and because of that back catalogue I see this album slotting perfectly into her oeuvre.

As well as co-authoring nine of the tracks, the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart has produced this album and in doing so revealed a love of a time and sound now lost. OK, it harks back to the Byrds, Jackson Browne and The Eagles, but so what? Opening track Secret Love was actually written in 1976 about a former lover. Nicks has now conveniently forgotten his name and the theme is reflected in several other songs that dot the album: For What It's Worth, Wide Sargossa Sea, Everybody Loves You and You May Be The One all reflect fleeting romances that leave the listener with lessons learned from such a romance. One song New Orleans, shines through as a perfectly written ode to the Big Easy with a simple request that she wants to don beads, feathers and lace and sing again the French Quarter, a sentiment that reflects what America really wants from that city. Let's hear it for retro.

Colin Morris
The Dominion Post - New Zealand

DISC REVIEW: Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' "the disc has a handful of top-rank Nicks tracks, including the mourning observations on New Orleans"

Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams (Warner)
Now Magazine Toronto

Upon hearing that the great black magic enchantress Steve Nicks has written a song inspired by milquetoast teen vampire franchise Twilight, you had to figure her new disc, In Your Dreams, didn’t stand a chance. Why would an OG (original goth) like Nicks take her cues from something so toothless?

It turns out the track in question, Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream), plods along at times but isn’t nearly as offensive as it might have been. In fact, you could say the same about all of the surprising In Your Dreams, which, despite being overlong at an hour-plus, might be Nicks’s best record since The Wild Heart.

Co-written with long-time songwriting partner (and former Eurhythmics main main) David Stewart and co-produced by Glen Ballard (of Alanis fame), the disc has a handful of top-rank Nicks tracks, including the mourning observations on New Orleans, an intimate tune called For What It’s Worth and Secret Love, a propulsive track she penned during the Mac’s mid-70s heyday. Lindsey Buckingham appears on the quiet Soldier’s Angel, and he and Nicks interlock in a unique way that tells us these two, at least musically, are bound together for life.

Top track: Secret Love

(Review) Still magical: Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' Grade 'A'  (Ireland)

Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams 
(Reprise CD, 64:47).

I think a 10-year wait between albums is a bit long, especially when you have material as strong as Nicks presents here. In fact, the first single and opening track, “Secret Love,” was written in 1976, when Fleetwood Mac was opening for Peter Frampton at the time. It is about a forbidden relationship, but not one with Frampton, Nicks said.

Nicks’ last album of new material was the Grammy-nominated “Trouble in Shangi-La” 10 years ago. It was written and recorded at her Los Angeles home and is co-produced by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard, Nicks and Stewart (ex-Eurythmics with Annie Lennox) co-wrote seven of the 13 songs. Former bandmate Lindsey Buckingham sings and plays guitar on “Soldier’s Angel,” a highlight track that easily could have fit on Fleetwood Mac’s smash “Rumours” album. Mick Fleetwood himself contributes drums to the album. However, the core group that made the album was Nicks, Stewart, her longtime friend and musical director Waddy Wachtel and her girls, Sharon Celani and Lori Nicks.

Among the strong album’s many highlights are the travelogue “New Orleans”; “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream),” inspired by the “Twilight” series; the orchestrated seduction of “Italian Dreams”; the rocker “Ghosts Are Gone”; and “Annabel Lee,” a 6-plus-minute delight inspired by the 1849 Edgar Allan Poe piece and a meditation on love and death. In one song, she sings, “I’m just a dreamer; I’m just a storyteller,” while in another the 63-year-old singer (her birthday was Thursday) admits her desire to “wear feathers and lace.” Grade: A

Villagesoup - Ireland
By Tom Von Malder

(Review) Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams'

"Stevie Nicks brings her A game to In Your Dreams, her first studio album in ten years and one that, depending on your point of view, either establishes her as one of rock and roll's elder statespeople or cements the fact once and for all."

by - Eric Diesel

Awesome review! 

Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams'
Coolibri Magazine - Germany (June, 2011)
courtesy of: ethrillnet

The diva of rock is back: Supports of producer Dave Stewart and Fleetwood Mac-colleagues such as Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood, and the Tom Petty guitarist Mike Campbell and her Leibund gastric guitarist Waddy Wachtel (including Keith Richards, Jackson Browne) unfolds the woman from Phoenix, Arizona once again their whole Konner, talent and charisma of a vested, both in the solid, written with Mike Campbell rockers as well as in the midtempo numbers and ballads to the most expressed.

And we now get back wanting more nicks and Campbell: Just one of the five rock discs, which everyone should take it along on the island, when vinyl was re-published: Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, and at the same time the self-titled grand debut by Mike Campbell Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

And Nick's current producer Dave Stewart comes up with an excellent new album, the Tet-arrested fully in the tradition of Dylan, the Stones and Neil Young is, ie in the blues, rock'n'roll, country and folk American dani shear imprinting , the ex-Eurythmics musician here, including with guest Stevie Nicks-savored in full. (Warner; Surf-dog/Sony)


‘Dream’ comes true for Stevie Nicks
Worcester Telegram
by Craig S. Semon

“In Your Dreams” Stevie Nicks (Reprise)
For those of you who think it’s time for Stevie Nicks to stand back, stand, back from the studio, “In Your Dreams” shows the 62-year-old, rock ’n’ roll enchantress still has plenty of tricks up her leather-and-lace sleeves and the power to conjure up enchanting spells in her songs.

With her engaging rasp and gypsy-ccentric take on life, Nicks is still the encompassing free-spirit and engaging earth mother who’s one with the cosmos but is always at odds with affairs (and I mean affairs) of the heart.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer calls her latest opus her own little “Rumours.” Well, it isn’t quite that good, but “In Your Dreams” is easily her best disc since 1981’s “Bella Donna.”

Nicks asks the musical question “Must secret loves secretly die?” on the aptly titled leadoff track and first single, “Secret Love.” This Fleetwood Mac-like composition was written during the “Rumours” session and sounds like a lost B-side from a time when fleeting, forbidden relationships were all the rage (especially if you were in Fleetwood Mac). Nicks’ bewitching vocals hover above a bubbling caldron of jangly guitars and gurgling keyboards. Nicks belts, “I am not asking forever from you/I’m just asking to be held for awhile/In a timeless search/From a love that might work/We’re already payin’ the price.” Nicks might have to pay the price for her indiscretions but her fans are reaping the benefits.

Whether it’s instinctually and/or unconsciously, Nicks is a believer of forbidden, outrageous love affairs, as evidenced with “For What It’s Worth.” In the combination mantra/confession of guilt, Nicks declares, “I got to sing. I got to dance. I got to be a part of a great romance.” Nicks’ voice sounds lively and youthful and her teary-eyed ruminations sound vibrant and timeless. With some sparkling acoustic and lap steel guitar supplied by Tom Petty’s ax-grinding Heartbreaker Mike Campbell, Nicks’ world-weary wisdom of being trapped in a relationship that was doomed from the start is passionate, poignant and poetic.

Despite being old enough to retire, Nicks sounds like she’s on the edge of 17 on the title track, “In Your Dreams.” Accompanied by a lively, countrified-rock arrangement, Nicks sums up her private and professional persona in the simple lines, “I’m just a dreamer/A storyteller/It’s all about you.” And, whether it’s her faithful listener or lover at the moment she is singing to, Nicks proves she is eager to please.

When a fling takes a turn for the worse on “Wide Sargasso Sea,” Nicks does what any level-headed, jilted lover would do. Burn the house down to the ground with herself inside to give her ex something to remember her by. While the song is over the top, Nicks keeps the song grounded with her flowing, storytelling lyrics and her undying commitment to the material.

“New Orleans,” a tame (and often lame) travelogue set to music, often sounds like a combination of Nicks’ shopping and things-to-do lists. Nicks bemoans, “I wanna get back to New Orleans/I wanna sing out/In the streets of the French Quarter/I wanna dress up/I wanna wear beads/I wanna wear feathers and lace/I wanna brush by Anne Rice/Go down Bourbon Street.” I wanna. I wanna. I wanna. Even a “Girls Gone Wild” TV promo has more decorum and drama.

I don’t know what’s sadder, Nicks confessing that she’s a fan of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” film or the fact that she was inspired to write a song about it. On the bubblegum Goth ballad “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream),” Nicks sings about the love between a sullen, social outcast and her brooding, blood-sucking, pretty-boy boyfriend. Despite its schoolgirl banalities, Nicks sinks her teeth in the anemic goo with the fervor of a teen-wolf on a feeding frenzy. In the end, Team Edward will swoon in delight while anyone who is old enough to drink will want to drive a stake through their heart.

“Soldier’s Angel” is a rare feat. It’s a deeply moving and heartfelt tribute to our wounded and lost soldiers that never becomes preachy, schmaltzy or too sentimental. Seeing through the eyes of a soldier’s mother, widow, nurse and the soldier themselves, Nicks gives their hard-to-convey thoughts an urgency and an immediacy that is taut, emotional and gripping. In one of the song’s most heartfelt and poignant verses, Nicks muses, “I’m a soldier in their army/They are the soldiers of my heart/I try to make them smile again/though it tears me apart/Their bravery leaves me spellbound/I try to be a small part/Of bringing them back again/They are the soldiers of my heart.” Made up of goofy, lovey-dovey couplets the queasy duet, “Cheaper Than Free” has Nicks and the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart clumsily chime in unison, “What’s faster than a fast car/A beating heart/What’s deeper than a deep well/The love in which I fell/More important than freedom/Being needed/More exciting than high fashion/High passion.” I have one for you. What’s cheesier than a jar of Cheez Whiz? This song.

While “Cheaper Than Free” is a colossal clunker, it doesn’t take away from the fact that “In Your Dreams” is often a success.

Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams
by David Hiltbrand
The Philadelphia Inquierer South Jersey edition
May 29, 2011

After a decade away from the recording studio, onetime Fleetwood Mac nightingale Stevie Nicks returns, untouched by time. At 62, her distinctive adenoidal voice is still oddly bewitching. It papers over some of the CD’s more wifty tracks, as does the crisp production of Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard. (Waddy Wachtel and Mike Campbell made significant contributions to the music.) Nicks takes songwriting inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe (“Annabel Lee”) to Stephenie Meyer (“Moonlight: A Vampire's Dream”). Perhaps tellingly, the track with the most pop appeal, “Secret Love,” was written by Nicks in 1976. If nothing else, In Your Dreams proves that there’s life in the old girl yet.

Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams
Written in Music
by Robert Schuster on May 22, 2011
★★★ 1/2 Stars (out of 5)

Translated from Dutch

Ten years after her last solo album Trouble In Shangri-La is back with Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams . The album was produced by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) and Glen Ballard (Alanis Morissette, among others, Michael Jackson and Annie Lennox), and proves that the nearly 63-year-old frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac is still plenty of notes on her singing to be able to convince.

In Your Dreams kicks off with the new single Secret Love , a new adaptation of a demo / outtake they already recorded in 1976. It's a nice opener that immediately shows us that her unique voice none of their power and finesse has lost and the ravages of time gloriously has endured. For What It ' s Worth has a simple, catchy melody and gives its beauty after a few spins price. The first three seconds of the title song In Your Dreams you think the intro of the hit TV series Friends to recognize but soon turns into a solid uptempo track that reminds of the latest albums by Fleetwood Mac.

The following five tracks is the musical heart of the album and know the level of the album to a higher level. Starting with the dark and menacing sounding Wide Sargasso Sea , by its tension remains intriguing. New Orleans is a beautiful tribute and back support to this by a natural disaster stricken city and its inhabitants and Moonlight (A Vampire ' s Dream) is a fine, well-constructed song with great eloquence. Annabel Lee , inspired by the same name and last poem by American author Edgar Allen Poe, even among the best songs from the solo repertoire of Stevie Nicks, it's perfectly together and convincing from the first second to the powerful final chord. Soldier ' s Angel finally did not initially rafts in the recordings with Dave Stewart. Because Stevie still love this song on the album, she wanted the assistance of none other than Lindsey Buckingham, who built it quite a minimalist number clearly a further move in the right direction gives.

After this beautiful song drops the plate unfortunately do something. Everybody Loves You and You May Be The One of a significantly lower level, Italian Summer gets from the beautiful string arrangement and the summer sensation that evokes the benefit of the doubt and the final track Cheaper Than Free , a duet with producer Dave Stewart (the number will also be on his new solo album, The Blackbird Diaries come to it), sounds even totally unnecessary. With lyrics like "What's Faster Than a fast car, a beating heart" and "what's cheaper Than free, you and me, I'm sure that Stevie and Dave together on creative and supportive level that have, unfortunately, this provides a completely stress-free number on. The solid rocker Ghosts Are Gone , with powerful guitar work and an early end, however, is again excellent.

In summary, In Your Dreams a fairly successful new album by Stevie Nicks, which is eagerly looking forward to a new Fleetwood Mac album, reportedly in 2012. First comes in September, the new solo album from Lindsey Buckingham. We wait with baited breath!


Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams
Le Journal De Montreal

C’est non sans réticence qu’on tourne son attention vers ce nouveau CD de Stevie Nicks. Mais dès la deuxième chanson, les craintes s’estompent. Le timbre si atypique, nasillard, mais lancinant, capable de pousser une chanson ( In Your Dreams), dans le plus pur style de country-rock du début des années 70, sans égal et imité depuis par des légions de chanteuses country, est omniprésent. Dave Stewart, des Eurythmics, signe une réalisation impeccable, cohérente du début à la fin, ce qui n’est pas un mince défi. Le tout va du rock aux ballades, du new age au folk, enveloppé de textures empruntées à l’avant-garde du rock progressif des années 80. Le plus surprenant, après plusieurs écoutes successives, est qu’on a finalement entre les mains l’album de Fleetwood Mac que l’on n’espérait plus (New Orleans, Moonlight, Soldier’s Angel).

English Translation:

It is not without reluctance that turns its attention to this new CD by Stevie Nicks. But by the second song, fears fade. The stamp if atypical nasal, but nagging, able to push a song (In Your Dreams), in the purest style of country-rock of the early 70s, and none since imitated by legions of country music singers, is ubiquitous . Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, signs an impeccable production, consistent from beginning to end, which is no small challenge. Everything will rock ballads, new age, folk, wrapped textures borrowed from the vanguard of progressive rock of the 80s. The most surprising, after several successive plays, is that finally in the hands of Fleetwood Mac album that is no longer expected

Stevie Nicks's New CD, Her First in 10 Years, Shows Nicks in Fine Voice and Storytelling Form.

Stevie Nicks is back
by: Mike Sarzo

Anyone who has followed her ever since her commercially successful 2001 album Trouble in Shangri-la knows that Nicks has seldom been far from the road. After spending the bulk of 2002 in the studio with Fleetwood Mac to record their last CD Say You Will, she and the Mac toured in 2003 and 2004 to support that album. One year later, she and Don Henley toured, then she continued the tour on her own. She toured solo again in 2007 and 2008, then toured with Fleetwood Mac in 2009. She even threw in a few shows in an August respite from recording.

Now, Nicks is back with In Your Dreams, her first studio album since Trouble in Shangri-la. That previous record saw Nicks debut at No. 5, which was the highest chart position for a Stevie Nicks solo disc since 1983's The Wild Heart, which featured one of her best-known songs, "Stand Back."

The new CD features Nicks's voice in top shape. She uses that instrument to great effect with some of the most passionate singing she's had in a very long time. She sings "Secret Love", the first single, and a song that just missed the cut on Rumour in a comfortable alto that keeps Nicks from scraping into male range.

The title track features inspired vocals and lyrics, including the confidently sung chorus: "I'm just at the other end of your night/I'm always in and out of your life/Right down the middle of all your dreams/In your dreams" brings back to mind of of Nicks's best lyrics. The bridge features some of her most optimistic lyrics in years: "Are all those tears necessary/For all that pain that you carry/You just send those tears away/Come in out of the darkness/It's a beautiful day." Instead of having the subject of the vocal advice simply dry or wipe the tears away, figuratively treating the symptoms of a malady, she's telling him or her to banish the pain at its source.

She collaborated with Dave Stewart, who was best known as the other half of The Eurythmics. He co-produced the CD with veteran producer Glen Ballard. Nicks described the year she and Stewart worked together, co-writing and having Stewart take several poems and turn them into songs, as the best year of her life, and it shows in the new material.

A previous description of In Your Dreams, even without hearing a majority of the songs was that disc may be "[Trouble in Shangri-la on steroids]." Like Trouble in Shangri-la, the CD sees Lindsey Buckingham make an appearance. Instead of adding additional guitar the way he did on the song "I Miss You", Buckingham plays guitar and sings harmonies with Nicks on "Soldier's Angel", which was inspired by her trips to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to visit wounded American soldiers from the U.S. wars in the Middle East. The song even features Nicks taking a stab at political commentary, describing the divide between left and right as "a war of words between worlds ... about what is wrong, 'bout what is righteous."

She also writes a hopeful tribute to New Orleans during which she describes Hurricane Katrina as "a perfect storm" in "The City of Dreams."

One thing Nicks is well known among her fans for is self referential lyrics, tying in lyrics from earlier songs to her newest songs. "Come in out of the the darkness" from "In Your Dreams" recalls the first title track she wrote, "Bella Donna." She also refers to the more obscure "Battle Of The Dragon" in "Soldier's Angel" by repeating the line "no one walks away from this battle." In the second hard rocker on the CD, "Ghosts Are Gone", Nicks refers to "a ghost through a fog", which appears in "Angel" off Fleetwood Mac's 1979 double album Tusk and in "Sweet Girl" off their 1997 comeback CD The Dance. It's a device that can be tiresome in some of her weaker material, but in her strongest songs, it ties themes together nicely.

Even if the CD doesn't bring Nicks back to the top of the charts or any Grammy nominations, the CD is already a success in one regard: It is a strong collection of songs that showcase Nicks at her best, and it shows that even though she's on the edge of 63, she still has the qualities that shot her to superstardom in the 1970s.

Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams
by Gary McGinley
NoRipcord Magazine

In the many years which have passed since Stevie Nicks left Fleetwood Mac, she has failed to match the commercial success or ubiquity of her former band’s music. Maybe it’s wise, then, that her first studio album in over a decade, In Your Dreams, doesn’t veer too far from the trademark FM radio rock which made Fleetwood Mac a household name and opens with a Rumours out-take, Secret Love, which has been dusted off and pulled into the 21stcentury.

In Your Dreams is helmed by production stalwarts Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics) and Glen Ballard who is probably best known for his work on Alanis Morisette’s world-slaying Jagged Little Pill. None of the material here is as angsty as Alanis or as ear catching as the Eurythmics, but that’s not to say that it’s all bad.

New Orleans is a touching ode to the birthplace of jazz which shows that her bohemian lyrics are still as affecting as ever, and she channels the current vampire craze adequately on the predictably titled MoonLight (A Vampire’s Dream). One of the more robust tracks, Annabel Lee, is based on a 19thcentury poem by Edgar Allan Poe; the storytelling lyrics about a love that lasts beyond the grave and an arrangement which slips into classical mode during the middle of the song are a perfect match for her gypsy chanteuse image. While In Your Dreams has some highs there are also several undoubted lows which include the rollicking country rock of the title track - more dated than it is catchy - and Wide Sargosso Sea which meanders in search of a direction - a fate which befalls many of these songs.

The rustic beauty and sweeping string arrangement of Italian Summer gives the album its strongest track. It’s a shame that it appears 12 songs into the track listing, by which time many listeners may have already lost interest. Over the course of this slightly bloated track listing there is too much focus on the soft rock element of her sound and this which works to the detriment of her fascinating lyrics and bewitching theatrics. This album may have been more engaging if she had pushed beyond the limits imposed by her brand to explore new territory instead trying to faithfully retread past glories. Fleetwood Mac plan to reform in 2012 and, judging by many of these tracks, that’s probably for the best. Stevie Nicks is yet to deliver a solo album to match her legendary status.


Still the gays’ favorite Goth queen, Stevie makes 
‘Dreams’ come true
Nicks in time
Dallas Voice
By: RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer

BACK IN BLACK | Nicks’ first studio CD of new songs in a decade was worth the wait.

We haven’t heard from Stevie Nicks for too long. Excepting her Crystal Visions “best of” album in 2007 and a couple of live-performance releases, she hasn’t dropped a full-length solo disc since 2001’s Trouble in Shangri-La. Then again, what does she have left to prove?

But on In Your Dreams, her seventh release, she proves one thing: That she can still impress us. (Having Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart on her side doesn’t hurt none.)

The first single, the opening track “Secret Love,” sets the pace nicely. Without feeling the need to burst out of the gate, Nicks is patient with “Love,” demonstrating she hasn’t wavered in her songwriting skills. While we may not hear her on Top 40 radio anymore, “Secret” has a strong contemporary feel that’s easy to listen to without compromising Nicks’ style.

Stewart and co-producer Glen Ballard (No Doubt, Michael Jackson) have painted over Dreams with a glossy sheen that enhances Nicks’ move into today’s market rather than take away from her familiar, gritty personality. The slickest of tracks is probably “For What it’s Worth.” As the guitar plays, the strings are a little too crisp, but the construct is beautifully executed and Nicks gets into that low register that’s hard not to love.

What’s not gone is her Victorian Goth ethos. All through the album, we see her in various dramatic outfits and hats; at times, a horse or an owl accompany her. So when she sings “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream), it’s never as weird as maybe it should be. The piano builds into a power ballad as she sings about the doomed connection between a female vampire and a man: If he leaves her / he’ll be losing the chance / to stay alive. The same quality comes through on her reworking of Poe’s poem, “Annabel Lee.” What could have easily been goofy tracks are fascinating narratives. Nicks isn’t just a songwriter, she’s a storyteller — a skill forcefully on display here.

Interestingly enough, where Nicks and Stewart collaborate on songwriting is where more of her rocker chick comes out, though matured. The title track and the subsequent “Wide Sargasso Sea” have a stronger pulse, mixed well but letting her jam out just a hair.

They co-wrote the final chapter of the album with a trio of songs. “You May Be the One” goes for a bluesy flair without pretension. Nicks never sounds like she’s trying here, and Stewart plays the guitar with enough restraint to not be Eric Clapton (although nowadays he could pass for his twin). “Italian Summer” is a heavy-handed bump in the collection.

They rebound superbly on the closer, a duet (Stewart sings!). “Cheaper than Free” is without doubt the CD’s sweetest song, one that everyone should give to their significant other. Everyone. You’ll get major points. A bit dreamy, but still with a rock undertone, the song is never in the same league as Nicks’ previous blockbuster duets (“Leather and Lace” and “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” with Don Henley and Tom Petty respectively), but the good thing is, Nicks doesn’t have to compete with herself.

What Nicks does here with In Your Dreams isn’t any type of comeback or “don’t forget me” album. Instead, she lets us know that she still has songs inside of her waiting to get out. And they’re some damn fine ones.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 13, 2011.


Stevie Nicks Returns ‘In Your Dreams’

"With an industry of manufactured “singers,” it’s a rarity to encounter a viable artist who has survived decades as a performer, much less releasing their finest work seven albums and 30 years into a solo career"

Among the whirlwind of lyrical perfection found in Stevie Nicks’ new record is the blissfully-nostalgic track “For What It’s Worth,” where she coos of a rock star life only an icon like Nicks could have lived: “I got to sing, I got to dance, I got to be a part of the great romance…” The stories of her loves and tumultuous relationships are legendary, and resulted in some of music’s most memorable and well-known songs.

In Your Dreams – Nicks’ first studio album in a decade – is a classic addition to this magical catalog, and may be her finest solo effort to date.

Produced almost entirely by the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, Nicks’ seventh studio album is a return to a musical consistency not heard from since the Jimmy Iovine-produced Bella Donna, released nearly 30 years ago. Vocally she soars, with her voice having adopting a rich huskiness that growls and croons throughout the record. The new register has benefited Nicks, most notably on the love ballad “Italian Summer,” which features some of the finest vocals of her career.

The album’s lead single, “Secret Love,” is a re-recording of a 1976 demo, well-known amongst hardcore Nicks fans. Originally intended for 1977’s classic Fleetwood Mac album Rumours, Stewart’s production is a faith adaptation of the demo, but updates the instrumentation with brilliant and acrobatic guitar work. Even the accompanying video screams classic Stevie Nicks, with the singer dressed in Victorian garb, top hat and platforms, leading a white horse through a forest (C’mon, it can’t get anymore Stevie than that).

Equally as affecting is the stand out track “New Orleans.” Nicks writes in the album liner notes of inspiration from the words of a young boy, who cried to news cameras following the city’s devastation from Hurricane Katrina. “In the midst of the sea of dreams lies a perfect storm,” she sings. “In the sea of tears lies a city ghost, in the spirit of the morning glow, the people hope that their lives will get better.” Written only days after Katrina hit the city, the performance is as sorrowful as it is magical, immortalized in Nicks’ classic style.

The albums also includes some help from Stevie’s superstar band mates, with Mick Fleetwood playing drums on “Secret Love,” and Lindsey Buckingham providing vocals and guitar-work on “Soldier’s Angel.” The most notable vocal collaboration is the romantic ballad “Cheaper Than Free,” which features producer Stewart and is reminiscent of her duet with Don Henley, “Leather and Lace.” Another track featuring vocals from Stewart is “Everybody Loves You,” co-written by the two about their professional (and one-time romantic) partners, Buckingham and Annie Lennox. “No one really knows you…I’m the only one.”

In a move that only Nicks could pull off, the album also includes a tribute to the Edgar Allen Poe poem, “Annabel Lee.” While mostly written by Poe, it easily reads like a song specifically penned for her, as mystical as her enduring performances of “Gypsy” and “Dreams.” Nicks takes the poem and molds it into an epic love song, no minding that the most of the words were written more than 160 years ago. It’ll be interesting to hear how the song reads on stage, since one of Nicks’ previous epics, 1975’s “Rhiannon,” was also lower-key in the studio but exploded on stage.

With an industry of manufactured “singers,” it’s a rarity to encounter a viable artist who has survived decades as a performer, much less releasing their finest work seven albums and 30 years into a solo career. Nicks has always claimed that the devastating drug addiction that almost cost her of her life also robbed her of years of creativity, most notably evident in the lackluster Street Angel, from 1994. But with the release of In Your Dreams, Nicks can rest assured that the masterpiece she feared she lost many years ago, has indeed come to fruition.


Rock On, Ancient Queen - Stevie Nicks is back
by Sasha Frere-Jones

"Nicks’s mode of songwriting is as concrete as her outfits are diaphanous. Her lyrics are plainspoken, generally narrative, and lower on symbology than her fans seem to think. Even though “Moonlight,” the first track on the new album, was inspired by the “Twilight” series of books and movies, vampirism isn’t the pull—it’s just the usual story of a coupling that is too logistically complicated to pull off."

Check out the full article and review at


In Your Dreams Review
Sound: 7
Lyrics: 8
Impression: 7
Overall rating: 7.3

Sound: "In Your Dreams" seems to really represent several genres – from classic rock ballads, to acoustic folk, to country – but every song is unmistakably Stevie Nicks. At times I really feel like the music is more of an ambient background for Stevie's voice than being an actual equal part of the end product, though it is exceptionally well done if this is the purpose. Don't get me wrong – in a few places this album really shines musically.

"In Your Dreams" was mostly co-written between Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart (of the Eurythmics). The song "Annabel Lee" is Stevie singing the poem by Edgar Allen Poe. The song "Soldier's Angel" guest stars Lindsey Buckingham as a vocal duet, though this was written exclusively by Stevie Nicks. The songs that stand out to me on this album are "Soldier's Angel" and "Ghosts Are Gone". And okay, I like "Annabel Lee" even though it is just a Poe poem sang to music. // 7

Lyrics and Singing: Immediately, the lyrics strike me as narrative and every song tells a story. All of the lyrics seem to have a lot of real emotion behind them, and they have an honesty that a lot of lyrics in modern music do not have anymore. Stevie Nicks' strength is her exceptional songwriting, and this album is no exception. The lyrics seem to run the gambit as far as their motivation – hope, mourning, longing, joy and sadness.

I had read an interview with Stevie where when she has worked with other songwriters in the past it is almost confrontational and working with Dave Stewart was different for her because it was more collaborative. What I see in the end result is the songs came across more like Stevie's past solo efforts than anything from a writing team. I think some songwriters need confrontation as part of their process to make something truly great. While the songs on "In Your Dreams" are solid, I keep finding myself wondering what they could have been with a little more confrontation in their development. // 8

Impression: This is Stevie Nicks' seventh studio album released under her name. "In Your Dreams" really seems to create a certain mood or theme of vague mysticism or maybe more of a Victorian gothic type of theme for a large portion of the album. This is the stereotypical impression a lot of people have of Stevie Nicks with rumors of being Wiccan, dressing primarily in black, choosing frilly black lace and diaphanous flowing gowns for live performances, etc. – but this album still seems to stress the stereotype.

"In Your Dreams" clocks in at just over an hour, which is impressive as I always feel like albums coming out are much too short. While this is not an album I will listen to every day, it is a matter of my taste and mood as I normally listen to electric blues, thrash metal, etc. This is a strong album, and I believe it will stand the test of time and prove itself to be one of Stevie Nicks' greatest musical releases.

Listening to "In Your Dreams" makes me miss Fleetwood Mac and though I think this is a good album, I feel like I would much rather listen to a new Fleetwood Mac album. // 7

- Brandon East

Dreamy tunes from chanteuse Nicks
Sarah Rodman

When Stevie Nicks toured with Rod Stewart recently, she favored her biggest solo and Fleetwood Mac hits, playing only one tune from this, her first new album in a decade. She could easily have played a couple more, as “In Your Dreams’’ is a solid effort, chock-full of the things that Nicks’s fans have come to enjoy about their twirling, dusky-voiced, mystically inclined chanteuse.

With help from producers Dave Stewart of Eurythmics — who co-wrote seven songs as well — and Glen Ballard, Nicks sings of big loves and losses and sprinkles them with her enchanted glitter of optimism, melancholy, ecstasy, and regret.

“Wide Sargasso Sea’’ is as expansive as the novel from which it takes its inspiration, as Nicks mixes up warm acoustic strumming, twinkling keys, and a great shock of electric guitar rock riffery from longtime musical companion Waddy Wachtel.

Old flame and Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham drops by to add harmonies and guitar to the emotional ballad “Soldier’s Angel.’’ She longs for Bourbon Street on “New Orleans,’’ a haunted track that is simultaneously solemn and celebratory. And she remembers with a palpable bittersweetness a love that wasn’t meant to be on the tender “For What It’s Worth.’’

As usual, she also rocks a little, picking up the pace and intensity on the title track and the spectral musings of “Ghosts Are Gone.’’

If she occasionally veers into territory too gauzy or fantastical for some — as on the “New Moon’’-inspired “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)’’ or the long-ago-far-away fairy tale of the maiden “Annabel Lee’’ — her inimitable, throaty purr keeps things grounded.

ESSENTIAL “For What It’s Worth’’



Stevie Nicks - IN YOUR DREAMS
CRITIC'S CHOICE ★★★ 1/2 Stars (out of 4)
People Magazine - May 16th (Collectors Issue)

Pop-Rock: Ten years after her last solo studio album, Stevie Nicks is ever the enchantress, bewitching with songs that travel across time ("Secret Love," written in '76 about a clandestine affair she had) and place ("New Orleans," inspired by Katrina). She also transports between fantasy - see the New Moon influenced "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)" - and harsh reality (the war-themed "Soldier's Angel"). The latter enlists Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, but it's Eurythmic Dave Stewart who, cowriting and coproducing, really makes a dream team with Nicks.

Herald Sun - Australia
Cameron Adams

IT'S been a decade since Stevie Nicks released a solo album. The cover of drought breaker In Your Dreams sees Stevie in a forest, in a flowing dress, with a horse. Naturally.

It's business as usual on the musical front as well. Musical cohort Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) guides her through country lite (In Your Dreams) to mystical English-lit gypsy rock (Wide Sargasso Sea) - she even shares a writing credit with Edgar Allen Poe on the soft rocking, poetry-quoting Annabel Lee, which harks back to Nicks in Fleetwood Mac's '70s glory days. See also For What It's Worth.

Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream) is classic Nicks - you can almost hear the scarves swishing on the mic stand - while to add to the familiarity Lindsay Buckingham guests on the surprisingly gritty Soldier's Angel.

Sounds like: surrogate Fleetwood Mac album.
In a word: Californian

In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks 
The Sudbury Star 

Joke about the title all you want -- Nicks will have the last laugh. Fleetwood Mac's gold dust woman has hit the motherlode on her first studio disc in a decade. While Dave Stewart weaves lush California-rock tapestries and old bandmates/lovers pop in, Stevie works her smoky bray on crystal visions of angels, ghosts, vampires and hitting New Orleans in feathers and lace. Bewitching.

Download: In Your Dreams


In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks
By Brad Wheeler
Globe and Mail - Canada

Has Stevie Nicks any dreams she’d like to sell? It would appear so. With her first album of new material in a decade, the lacewearing lady of Fleetwood Mac fame retraces steps, mostly with a ghostly grace and with a sinusled voice still instantly recognizable but softened. Six of the Dave Stewart-produced 13 songs contain “ dream” in their words or titles; past lives and lovers are the crystal visions. While the refrain to Everybody Loves You could have been sung by Lindsey Buckingham, the finger-picked For What It’s Worth gently remembers another seventies romance. The winning Secret Love is current though, finding Nicks on a “ timeless search for a love that might work.” What doesn’t work are Ghosts are Gone – half-hearted Eagles rock; is it about Don Henley?! – and the melodramatic ballad Italian Summer.


In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks (Warner Music)
By Bernard Perusse
The Vancouver Sun
★★★1/2(out of five)

Fleetwood Mac's beloved diva has always relied on a great producer to make her often pedestrian songs spring to life. Dave Stewart, who produced her first disc in 10 years with Glen Ballard, and wrote the music to some of its strongest tracks, might be no Lindsey Buckingham, but he's been the midwife for what might, shockingly and unexpectedly, be Nicks's best album. The Cheerfully rocking title song, the soulful You May Be the One and Everybody Loves You, with its orchestral I Am the Walrus segment, are among several numbers that defy low expectations based On the rest of Nicks's solo career. And while some songs are expendable and most are simply too long, this is more consistently fun than we had any reason to expect.


STEVIE NICKS, In Your Dreams (Warner/Reprise)
Winnipeg Free Press
Jeff Monk
★★★1/2(out of five)

IT'S been 10 years since Fleetwood Mac chanteuse Stevie Nicks released a solo album, and for Anyone wondering if this wispy Californian still has anything going on musically, In Your Dreams
is solid proof to the affirmative.

Produced and mostly co-written with former Eurythmics dude Dave Stewart, the album delivers what Nicks fans have come to expect with a distinct old-school rock album feel and Nicks on top of her estimable vocal chops. Tracks like Ghosts Are Gone and the Tom Petty-esque title track are as good as anything she's ever done.

Soldier's Angel works because the lyrics are neither jingoistic nor unctuous. Moonlight (A Vampires Dream) will work for the 20-somethings investigating Nicks for the first time. You May Be the One is the diva in slow blues mode and it works splendidly. Guests include Heartbreaker Mike Campbell, Waddy Wachtel, Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham.


The Boston Herald
Jed Gottlieb

Dig out those silky, diaphanous-sleeved dresses and Victorian lace-up boots. Nicks’ first album in a decade delivers the best mom music (and that’s no pejorative) since Fleetwood Mac. It’s missing a Tom Petty or Don Henley duet, but the classic Stevie vibe survives with help from Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Eurythmic David A. Stewart and a gaggle of Heartbreakers.

Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" /5
by Markus Larsson

When reading Rolling Stone magazine, you get the impression Stevie Nicks first album in ten years is as good as Bella Donna (1981). Or at least as good as Tango in the night with Fleetwood Mac.

It is however many years since the reporters at Rolling Stone was something else than just ads for the multi record labels.

However, parts of Nicks new album is worthy. The (partly) 80s sound suites Nicks voice perfect, "Secret Love" shines and "Annabel Lee" is strongest track.

Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' /5
by Per Hägred

When Fleetwood Mac is so put on hold that even the bands home page is down, singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks takes the moment to release some really good music.

This makes me think of Emmylou Harris, Marianne Faithful, and even Edith Piaf.

Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' /6
by Morten Ståle Nielsen
Verdens gang

Tracking down the magic from the past.

In a try to follow up on the debut Bella Donna, Stevie Nicks finest work so far: An endless cred list, guests from The Heartbreakers and Fleetwood Mac, chiffon and tulle, and a classic Nicks album cover. And producer Dave Stewart...

Unfortunately Stewart co-writes some of the songs on the album, which is stupid, his songs isn't even half as distinctive as Nicks' (like 35 year old "Secret love").

Despite Stewart, when this album is good, it's really good, "Soldiers Angel" should fit in just fine on "Tusk"

Best track: Soldiers Angel.

These reviews were translated... So they may sound a little disjointed.  And thank you to Anna for sending them in :)


Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams  ½
Slant Magazine

A new solo album from rock legend and beloved quasi-mystical figure Stevie Nicks should be cause for celebration. From a year's worth of tweets by producer Dave Stewart to a predictably fawning Rolling Stone profile, the lead-up to Nicks's In Your Dreams has certainly built a fever-pitched level of anticipation among the singer's die-hard fans. But In Your Dreams indulges in some of Nicks's worst tendencies as a songwriter and is slathered in chintzy, dated production values.

Lead single "Secret Love" opens the album with what turns out to be its best-written song. That Nicks originally wrote the tune during the recording of Fleetwood Mac's landmark Rumours is telling: It's a fine enough song, but it wasn't quite good enough to make the cut for that classic album. That Stewart misses an opportunity to give the song some of the grit of vintage Fleetwood Mac and instead douses it in a banal, easy-listening wash does Nicks no favors. Even the album's harder, uptempo blues cuts are spit-polished to a suffocating, antiseptic degree.

Unfortunately, the poor quality of the songwriting falls primarily on Nicks's shoulders. "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)" was inspired by her viewing of The Twilight Saga: New Moon while on tour, and it boasts exactly the same degree of depth as Stephenie Meyer's vapid, wooden prose. Even worse is "New Orleans," with a howlingly bad chorus that finds Nicks singing, "I want to dress up/I want to wear beads/I want to wear feathers and lace/I want to brush by Anne Rice," with an inexplicable reverence. That the melody lifts at the end of each line overemphasizes the final word of those lines, giving the song an obnoxious, stilted cadence. It's perhaps the worst song in Nicks's entire catalogue, reducing the culture of New Orleans to Bourbon Street and vampire lore.

"Italian Summer" misses its mark almost as badly, with hollow exclamations about how the hard rain in Italy is "so romantic" and, oddly, "soulful." And "Cheaper Than Free," a duet with Stewart, is structured like a nursery rhyme, with the two singers posing questions that they immediately answer with pat rhymes. Nicks is simply too good to be singing lines like "What's faster than a speeding car? A beating heart" or "What's more exciting than high fashion? High passion."

Stewart's production choices are just as tin-eared. Dating back to his tenure with the Eurhythmics, Stewart has proven himself to be one of pop music's most progressive, fearless producers, which would make him a perfect choice to work with an icon like Nicks on her first solo album in 10 years. But he's rarely sounded so conservative at the mixing board as he does on In Your Dreams. The reserved acoustic strumming that drives "For What It's Worth" only exacerbates the song's monotonous melody, highlighting how much range and power Nicks's voice has lost in the decade since the underappreciated Trouble in Shangri-La.

There's simply nothing about In Your Dreams that works. Nicks and Stewart have both claimed that the recording of the album was one of the most enjoyable experiences in their respective careers, and certainly stars of their stature and undeniable talent deserve to take pleasure in their work. But the end product is anything but a pleasure to listen to. Nicks's devoted followers and Team Edward might go for In Your Dreams out of loyalty, but the album is a rare misfire from Nicks.



US Magazine May, 2011
“In Your Dreams” Stevie Nicks (Warner)  ½
While we all wait (okay, maybe just some of us) for anything new from Fleetwood Mac, Stevie’s first album of solo material in ten years, co-produced by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard, is going to fill the gap very nicely.

Full Review at

Stevie Nicks CD review /5
The album sounds like a pleasant mixture of old and new, and most pleasantly it works. The songs have a kind of mysticism to them, Stevie singing about ghosts and vampires. The stories are beautifully told by Stevie's voice that shines especially on slower New Orleans, which is the absolute highlight of the album.

Full Review at Vinyl Player


(Fan Reviews) Stevie Nicks "In Your Deams" "Ms. Stevie Nicks is back in peak form"

My Review:
by: John Seger

With "In your dreams," Ms. Stevie Nicks is back in peak form. Her voice sounds refreshingly vital and urgent. Every single song is amazing, and the theme of love is intertwined magically throughout. The new top 20 adult contemporary single, "Secret Love" opens the set with a very sweet and radio friendly hook. Then "For what it's worth" launches into a folk guitar driven ditty that is so Stevie. "Moonlight" reworks her demo, "Lady from the mountain," a fan fave, with a new chorus that sounds like two songs in one, yet it fits so snugly and perfectly. Dave Stewart is the perfect choice to produce this artfully stunning music. Dave "gets" Stevie, and he presents this music with just enough modern production to keep it sounding current, while never tampering with Stevie's classic rock sound. It's perfectly progressive without sounding trendy. And with each listen, this collection just becomes more and more addictive. "Wide Sargasso Sea, " based upon the classic novel by Jean Rhys begins softly and slowly, building into a smashing rocking and rolling frenzy complete with Nicks' trademark urgent wailing by the end of the song. Annabel Lee is epic, giving props to Edgar Allan Poe. "Soldiers Angel" is her love song to our wounded soldiers in the military. "New Orleans" dedicates healing, strength and love to that city that is still rebuilding from the hurricane disaster. "Ghosts are gone" is a flat out rocker that recalls classic Nicks. "Italian summer" is gorgeous, with it's violins, romantic vibes, and Stevie's seductive voice ending the song by holding a long final note that sounds simply gorgeous. This album is amazingly artistic, with Stevie Nicks in peak form. While the reviews say this is Stevie Nicks' best album since "Bella Donna," let me say "Trouble in Shangri la" was also revered as such. So, in closing, I will say this is Stevie Nicks at her best, ranking amongst her best material. Although 10 years was a very long time for fans to get a new solo set from Nicks, it was well worth waiting for. Let us hope we won't have to wait 10 more years for the next album. This proves Stevie Nicks is in no way done. She is back, in peak form, and has much more music to share with the world. Rock on Ancient Queen.

Thanks for sending this in John!

(Review) Stevie Nicks gives an earthy kick with “In Your Dreams”
by thewildheart1983

Magical. Mystical. Beautiful. Legendary. Mysterious. All of these words describe rock legend Stevie Nicks. One thing that Nicks seems to be immune to is age. She seems to live by the notion that “age isn’t anything but a number” because after all, she is in her 60′s and still looks great and sounds great for any woman in rock & roll – a rarity.

Nicks’ albums are sheer experiences - like dreams. This album is no exception. She starts out the album with the dreamlike-trance Secret Love....

Read the full review at THE WILDHEART


(MUSIC REVIEW) Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" "Grade A" Entertainment Weekly

Reviewed by Mikael Wood
Entertainment Weekly

We'll never complain about hearing Stevie warble the word dreams; indeed, several times here she comes remarkably close to Fleetwood Mac's platinum-plated best. But In Your Dreams, Nicks' first studio album since 2001, is also streaked with the witchy-woman weirdness only she can bring: On ''New Orleans,'' she recalls her eternal desire to ''wear feathers and lace,'' while ''Soldier's Angel'' finds her intoning ominously about war. Crystal visions? Still intact. A

Recommended downloads:
Plaintive ballad For What It's Worth
Strings-enriched Italian Summer

(Review) Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams"

★1/2 Stars

Stevie Nicks built her legend on the California-Babylon chronicles she perfected in the Seventies with Fleetwood Mac, and in the Eighties on underrated solo gems like The Other Side of the Mirror. But she still has that eternal edge-of-17 tremor in her voice. The gypsy queen is in royal form on In Your Dreams — it's not just her first album in 10 years, it's her finest collection of songs since the Eighties.

In Your Dreams has the high-gloss L.A. production of her collaborators, Glen Ballard and Eurythmics' Dave Stewart. But the material is Nicks in platform-soled hyper-romantic mode, with her voice in surprisingly supple shape. "Secret Love" is an oldie she wrote in 1976 — who knew she was still keeping secrets from her Rumours days? It seems to be about one of her rock-star beaus, although she coyly maintains she can't remember which one. Yet it isn't even one of the better tracks on In Your Dreams. The over-the-top seduction ballad "Italian Summer" could be her answer to the Stones' "Wild Horses." It climaxes in a very Stevie credo: "Love was everywhere/You just had to fall."

Nicks finds storytelling inspiration everywhere, from the Twilight series ("Moonlight [A Vampire's Dream]") to Jean Rhys ("Wide Sargasso Sea"). But the real showstopper here is the Edgar Allan Poe tribute "Annabel Lee," a fan fave that's been kicking around on bootlegs since the Nineties. It's a six-minute meditation on love and death with echoes of the Fleetwood Mac classic "Dreams." Poe's key line — "The moon never beams without bringing me dreams" — might have been written in 1849, but it was clearly meant for Stevie Nicks to sing.

(Review) Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" "finest solo album of her four-decade career"
US Magazine
Us Rating: 

The gold dust woman hasn't faded one bit! At 62, iconic Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks has turned out the finest solo album of her four-decade career. It's powered by her unmistakable, ageless vocals and intricate storytelling, from the enchanting first single "Secret Love" to the understated serenade "For What It’s Worth" (which mirrors her 1975 Mac classic "Landslide"). (Reprise)


(Review) Classic Nicks, no dream.... Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" Album Review

Sunday Herald Sun [Australia]

SOME things need to stay the same to work best, especially when it comes to veteran rockers such as Stevie Nicks. Old fans don’t really want her to reinvent herself; they want the witchy look (check the album cover), the familiar folk-rock musical style that suits her distinctive nasally but charming vocals and, of course, the storyteller dishing up her tales of loss and loneliness, love and hope.

The album is classic Stevie Nicks, so that’s good news for patient fans who have waited for a decade. For someone who can lay claim to being involved in more than 140 million album sales and more than 40 Top-50 hits since she arrived on the scene in the 1970s with Fleetwood Mac, she deserves respect and age certainly isn’t affecting her musically. To top things off, In Your Dreams was handed to two wise heads in Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard for production duties, while Heartbreakers axeman Mike Campbell chipped in with some polish to co-write two tracks.

It’s the mid-tempo cruisy pop that instantly grabs you in album opener Secret Love and the racier title track, before Nicks reaches out tenderly in New Orleans, a song offering hope to the recovering folk from the Big Easy.

The Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks chemistry resparks a familiar sound and magic at the back end of the album in Soldier’s Angel, a moody reunion in which Nicks sings over the top of Buckingham’s deft touch on guitar as the pair hit some sweet trademark Fleetwood harmonies.

In Your Dreams sees Nicks on top of her game, producing music that takes you back to a bygone era. And while it won’t pull in many new fans, it will certainly give the older ones something to hold close to their chest.

File between: Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan.
Download: "For What It's Worth".

(From the beginning)

This section is a timeline of twitter postings beginning in February, 2010 between Dave Stewart, various Stevie Nicks fans, notable industry insiders and mentions thrown in as news began to leak out that Stevie Nicks was beginning work with Dave Stewart on her next solo studio album, her first in a decade.  Album title and release date were announced on January 11, 2011 "In Your Dreams" would be released on May 3, 2011. 

Appreciate Dave for all the info he put out into the universe during this period... It was fun following along and watching it unfold.

I think I've managed to collect almost all the postings regarding them working together.  Feel free to correct or add to this in the comments section and I'll add it to the timeline.

Keep up with Dave Stewart... Follow him on Twitter

"wrote a great song with Stevie Nicks on Monday called "Everybody Loves You"
when asked if this means Stevie's making a new album?.... He responded with:
"she's on top form and I see that possibility"

MARCH 3, 2010
"back to Stevie Nick's house more songs on the go :)"

MARCH 4, 2010
With references to Fleetwood Mac meets the Beatles meets Tom Petty meets the Eurythmics...
"Now driving over to Stevie Nick's place to make more majik"

"working on 4 songs with Stevie now very fast capturing the essence of the music and poetry keeping it spontaneous ,sounds amazing"

"yep it is awesome stuff , Stevie's Voice is soaring !!!"

MARCH 5, 2010
March 5th - 11am Dave Stewart provides a 38 second snippet of a duet he and Stevie were working on called "Everybody Loves You" DOWNLAD

Q "Demo is amazing! Is this for a new Stevie Solo project? We miss her!"
A "yeah we are making "album" in a very new way"

Q "hi Dave, any news on what Stevie's doing? When will your album be out? Did she record the New Orleans song yet?"
"album could be out this year for sure"

MARCH 11, 2010
Dave Stewart in Canada appeared on "The Hour" and spoke briefly about writing with Stevie Nicks.

MARCH 16, 2010
"recorded all day yesterday with Stevie Nicks and never once took off my favorite Alexander McQueen Hat! "

MARCH 19, 2010
Kristin Burns: "took some snaps of Stevie Nicks in the studio today! she is amazing. nobody has a voice like hers!"

" - In Factory downstairs w/ Kalle Engstrom + @cindy__gomez . Now upstairs w/ @davestewart ,Glen Ballard, + Stevie Nicks"

"showing off my @RollingStone spread to @DaveStewart ,Glen Ballard, + Stevie Nicks"

showing off my @RollingStone spread to @DaveStewart ,Glen Bal... on Twitpic

Matthew Mercurio: "@DaveStewart "PLEASE say you'll record something with her! Been waiting since T. Petty took "Don't Come Around Here No More""
Dave Stewart: @mercuriom "we have recorded 4 new songs already , sounding stellar"

Stevienicksnews: "@DaveStewart "Besides Stevie's voice, what are you most pleased with about the 4 new songs you've recorded with her?"
Dave Stewart: "@stevienicksnews "sounds classic yet a departure"

MARCH 31, 2010
"Just finished playing guitar with Mike Campbell (tom Petty) in studio and Stevie Nicks singing".

APRIL 17, 2010
Q "Is it true that Stevie's gonna be coming out w/ a CD in June?!"
"not June but maybe this year"

APRIL 25, 2010
Q "How are things going with Stevie Nicks?
A "starting again on Tuesday"

MAY 4, 2010
Q "Hey Dave! Doing any more work with Stevie Nicks?"
A "yes whole album with Stevie Nicks"

MAY 4, 2010
Dave Stewart in the UK was interviewed on BBC Radio 2 - Dave says he's working with Stevie Nicks, will become an album recording it in June this Summer.

MAY 6, 2010
PerezHilton broadcasts on his blog that "New Stevie Nicks Album In The Works!"

JUNE 1, 2010
Q "is there any news about Stevie's new album?"
A "still working on it"

Q "its about that time to tell us about stevie nicks' new album? :P"
A "it's amazing"

JUNE 4, 2010
Q "Have you and Stevie hit the studio yet this month?"
A "yep Stevie and I are about to lay down the album in two weeks time (special people playing on it too)"

JUNE 6, 2010
Response from Dave Stewart on the above....
@Nickslive good work spot on , you won't be disappointed :)

Dave Stewart Stands Up To Cancer, Talks New Solo Album
June 4, 2010 - Billboard Biz Article:
Aside from his charitable work, Stewart says he's been writing songs with Stevie Nicks for her forthcoming solo album. "We're going to start recording the album ... in three weeks time," he says. And in mid-July, he'll travel to Blackbird Studio in Nashville to record a new album of his own.

JUNE 24, 2010
A "amazing"

JUNE 30, 2010
"Dave Stewart told today that he is not only working in the studio together with Mike Campbell (Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers) on the next Stevie Nicks album, but also with the help of Mick Fleetwood!"

JULY 1, 2010
Dave Stewart: "still in LA working on Stevie , Nashville next week on my own album"
Dave Stewart:  "back in the studio today 7 songs done and sounding EPIC !!!"

JULY 3, 2010
Dave Stewart: "@firewomanreneeb Hi yeah in the middle of mayhem as usual , how are you Stevie's album sounding amazing"

JULY 3, 2010
Jessie Malakouti "Recording at village today- dope ass studio, never worked here before... Stevie Nicks is in next room.... crazy cool."

"Sitting in the studio next to Stevie Nicks! Listening to playback of her new song "Italian Summer" oh and ps. Dave Stewart is producing!!

"and I just witnessed some REAL music history! Jam sesh with Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart! Jealous much? LOL ;)"

JULY 5, 2010
Dave Stewart: "in studio right now with Stevie Nicks, Waddy Wachtel, Mike Rowe, Mike Bradford Steve Ferrone creating MAJIK !!!! last day in this studio"

JULY 5, 2010
Dave Stewart: "Stevie Nicks playing tambourine on her new album session"

JULY 5, 2010
Dave Stewart: "Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart in studio , we had a magic lucky photo on the mixing desk Stevie put there for the whole sessions , tonight was the last night and it was amazing !!!" (Dave is off to Nashville to begin work on his own album).

JULY 5, 2010
David Wild (Rolling Stone Magazine Contributing Editor) - Follow on TWITTER
"Okay going into the studio to see Stevie Nicks today. I'll ask her the best question you send me . . . now."

David Wild: "Just back from a wild night in the studio with the great Stevie Nicks & @DaveStewart. First reaction to this work in progress: WOW."

David Wild: "I will elaborate and share details soon. But for tonight, I'll stand by that WOW. And a good wow too."

David Wild: "Okay since my tennis game was rained out: there are lots of ghosts, vampires on Stevie Nicks' upcoming album, but mostly stunning songs."

David Wild: "Stevie collaborates with some old friends in new ways. The result so far is powerful & deeply personal. There's blood on these tracks."

David Wild: "Between @DaveStewart and Waddy Wachtel on guitars, the new Stevie Nicks material rocks, on a number of levels."

David Wild: "Last Stevie Nicks update d'jour: The album's still being made. It'll come out exactly . . . when it comes out. And it will be GREAT."

David Wild: "WILD SONG OF THE DAY: "First Flash Of The Freedom" by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Great to see Steve Ferrone working with S.N. last night"

JULY 7, 2010
Dave Stewart: "After a hard day's night in the studio , Stevie Nick's still focused and listening intently to the rough mixes to take home , music all finished next step harmonies and some killer lead vocals"

Dave Stewart: "I'm directing a movie of my whole Stevie Nicks collaboration experience a real insight into how and why she is a true legend a unique talent"

nickslive: "@DaveStewart NO WAY! A Movie? Or like a documentary?... Either way, THAT would be so cool!!"
Dave Stewart @Nickslive "an epic movie like documentary with some dreamscapes"
nickslive @DaveStewart "Yeah... Go for it!"

senatorsteved: "@DaveStewart awsome pic. How many songs did you collaborate on?"
Dave Stewart @senatorsteved "I 'm producing the album with my partner Glen Ballard , I also co-wrote 6 songs with Stevie on the album a very creative time"

JULY 8, 2010
Dave Stewart: "Hi , yes Stevie knows and approves the tweets and pics I send out we also read her some replies"

JULY 16, 2010
Adam Bradnick: "@DaveStewart will you carry on working with Stevie now or has glen taken over? Can't wait to hear both your albums!"
Dave Stewart: "@adambradnick I start again with Stevie on Monday :)"

APerfectLie226: "@DaveStewart Now that you've recorded your solo album, what is next on your to do list?"
Dave Stewart: "@APerfectLie226 launching my book july 22nd in USA and carry on making Stevie documentary"

JULY 18, 2010
Dave Stewart: "@SillyDreamer Stevie and I have a crazy week ahead of filming and vocals"

StevieNicksNews: "@DaveStewart How receptive was Stevie to the documentary concept? Hard sell or passionate about the idea?"
Dave Stewart: "@stevienicksnews she is very into it"


JULY 19, 2010
Dave Stewart: "just woke up first to my ideas factory VIDEO then to Stevie's"

TWITTER FIASCO OVER:  Stevie Posts a letter on her website NICKSFIX regarding TWITTER.

JULY 24, 2010
David Wild: "I may be speaking to Stevie Nicks again early next week about her cool new album. I will ask her the best fan question that I get here."

[insert a ton of questions sent in]

JULY 27, 2010
Dave Stewart posts two new photos of recording in Stevie's house and foyer.

1. At Stevie Nicks place playing amazing guitar Mike Campbell from "The Heartbreakers" gave me as a gift.
2. Where Stevie sings her vocals.

JULY 28, 2010
Twitter was active today with the following from David Wild @Wildaboutmusic (Rolling Stone Magazine Contributing Editor).

David Wild: "Today I am supposed to talk to Stevie Nicks, then introduce Brian Wilson tonight. For a kid from New Jersey, a very California Dream."

David Wild: WILD SONG OF THE DAY: "Italian Summer" by Stevie Nicks. Just one stunning song from her upcoming album."

[insert a plethora of Tweets directed at Mr. Wild regarding the above statement]

David Wild:"To all of Stevie's loving fans, I"m sorry you'll have to wait. And yes, it will be worth the wait."

@teribury "David can you ask Stevie if she will be performing any of her new songs next week on her mini tour? Thanks."

David Wild: "Yes, I will try and ask Stevie if she's performing any new material on her upcoming mini-tour."

David Wild"Just spoke to the lovely Stevie, and she'd love to try a new song or two on her mini-tour for her fans, but doesn't want them on YouTube."

David Wild: "Look for more details in an In The Studio piece I will write soon for Rolling Stone. I'll keep you posted here when to expect that."

AUGUST 1, 2010
Dave Stewart: "Watching s nicks rehearsal with waddy and full band , sounds great her voice is so powerful they are messing around with TP song now"

AUGUST 8, 2010
Nickslive: @DaveStewart "was just thinking, with both yourself & Stevie readying releases what are the chances both bands could tour together next year?"
Dave Stewart: @Nickslive very likely

Dave Stewart"leaving to Nashville to mix my album it includes a song about Guess Who ? the first correct tweet get's amazing small pic. of me and her:)"

Dave Stewart: "Jeremy wins he was first yep it's Stevie" @JeremyBlass
Jeremy Blass: "A bit of Stevie in the photo I received :)"

AUGUST 13, 2010
paulsnyder90: @DaveStewart when are we getting new Stevie music!?!
DaveStewart: @paulsnyder90 not till spring

David Wild: "UPDATE FOR @DaveStewart and All Friends of Stevie Nicks: my little album preview will be in Rolling Stone issue #1112."

Davide Wild: @DaveStewart "Yes, Dave -- that's an upcoming print edition of Rolling Stone, rocking it Old School. Out in the next week or two."

Dave Stewart at work in Nashville working on a track titled "Stevie Baby" to be included on his own album.  Track inspired by Stevie Nicks.
Dave Stewart: "one more tweak on the last mix going down song is called "Stevie Baby" say no more :)"

AUGUST 14, 2010
Mickynix: "Hi @DaveStewart so you wrote a Stevie love song. That sounds awesum, is it a duet?"
Dave Stewart: "@mickynix it's not a duet , but she loves it ;) we recorded a different song as a duet for my album called "cheaper than free"

AUGUST 15, 2010
Dave Stewart: "Stevie and Dave in BLACK AND WHITE Stevie playing melancholy spooky song on piano I'm listening and thinking "tha"

David Wild: "Saturday Night Special Treat For Stevie Fans: "Italian Summer" is one of her top 3 songs ever. And maybe the single most romantic."

AUGUST 17, 2010
David Wild: Wildaboutmusic "STEVIE NICKS FANS -- my Rolling Stone story had to be moved back one issue at the last moment. Now should hit stands September 2nd."

AUGUST 30, 2010
Dave Stewart: "Playing Live here in Brazil was great fun , now I'm addicted and can't wait for the tour with Stevie I'll be a killer support act :):)"

Playing Live here in Brazil was great fun , now I'm addi... on Twitpic

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010
Dave Stewart: "sitting here with Stevie Nicks great to be back recording again"

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010
Dave Stewart: "still from the new Stevie Nick's Documentary , Stevie Nicks, Reese Witherspoon and Dave Stewart listening back to "Everybody Loves You" at Village Recorder Studio"

SEPTEMBER 19, 2010
CRUSHfakeStevie: "@DaveStewart The Bomb? Are you and Stevie gonna put your RECORDS out next week...It was worth a try Right?,.Hurry up spring..How are things?"
Dave Stewart: "@CRUSHfakeStevie things are great we are back in studio tuesday"

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010
Dave Stewart: "@g_fox in studio with Stevie Nicks on wed"

SEPTEMBER 22, 2010
AngelaVicari: "In the studio with @davestewart doing some amazing guitar overdubs on the new Stevie Nicks album. Sounds amazing!"

SEPTEMBER 27, 2010
Mickynix: "Hey @davestewart how about an update on Stevie Nicks' new album. How is it going?!?"
DaveStewart: "Stevie's album is going great having two weeks off before final touches @mickynix"

OCTOBER 2, 2010
Jeremy Blass: @DaveStewart can us stevie fans have a tweet about her, please? we're all #steviedeprived lol :)
Dave Stewart: Stevie Fans , back with Stevie late next week , I'm sure she enjoyed Petty gig last night ;) @JeremyBlass

OCTOBER 3, 2010

Dave Stewart posted the early artwork for his upcoming release titled "The Blackbird Diaries". Stevie Nicks, Colby Caillat & Martina McBride all make appearances on the album along with Tom Petty guitarist Mike Campbell. No official release date has been announced, but from what Dave has said so far he's planning for it to be a multi format release including CD, Double Gatefold Vinyl, 7" Vinyl Singles and A DVD Documentary (which I'm positive Stevie would be on if he recorded the album making process).

Dave is scheduled to play the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, December 9, 2010.

Follow Dave Stewart on Twitter HERE and use #theblackbirddiaries tag in your tweets to be entered to win a nokia phone with the album fully loaded to it + Dave will fly the winner to his December Nashville show.

Dave and Stevie are back in the studio later this week to continue the work on Stevie's next solo album.  

OCTOBER 8, 2010
The Black Bird Diaries Tracklist Revealed...
Samples of each track from Dave Stewarts upcoming new album can be heard on The Blackbird Diaries website. "Cheaper Than Free" features Stevie Nicks + "Stevie Baby" a song inspired by Stevie. Both sound fantastic... Can't wait to hear the full versions!  To hear the samples log in with your twitter account at The Blackbird Diaries website. If you don't have a twitter account... get one, it's easy.  The music sounds great!  Still not sure when the release date is.

01. Beast Called Fame
02. All Messed Up ft Martina McBride
03. So Long Ago
04. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
05. Gypsy Girl and Me
06. Alibi
07. One Way Ticket To The Moon ft Secret Sisters
08. Magic In The Blues
09. Bullet Proof Vest ft Colbie Caillait
10. Worth The Waiting For (co-write with Bob Dylan)
11. Country Wine ft Secret Sisters
12. Stevie Baby
13. Cheaper Than Free ft Stevie Nicks
14. The Well

OCTOBER 10, 2010
Joint Tour with Stevie Nicks a Possiblity
Response to the youtube video posted by Dave Stewart on his official Youtube page promoting his upcoming album The Blackbird Diaries + his Nashville show December 9th:
oryangold: "cant wait to get it! will you be playing other live dates? please!"
DaveStewartOfficial: "@oryangold yeah probably touring with my band and Stevie Nicks"

OCTOBER 12, 2010
QMagazine: "@DaveStewart Is there a release date set for your new album Dave?"
DaveStewart: "@QMagazine Hi, It will be in March to co-incide with Stevie Nicks album I'm working on as we will play shows together"

rubbrsole65: "@DaveStewart Any of the ladies (Stevie, Martina & Colbie) going to take the stage with you during your show Dec 9th in Nashvillefor a duet?"
DaveStewart: "@rubbrsole65 that would be telling , let's say strong possibility"

75shovel: "@DaveStewart Dude ur awesome in the promotion of ur new album. God I pray you teach Stevie something! Girl don't like the internet! LOL!"
DaveStewart: "@75shovel wait till you see what's coming ;)"

Nickslive: "@DaveStewart: Are ALL your duet partners showing up? :)RT @DaveStewart: Nashville December the 9th show will be a bit like this :)"
DaveStewart: "@Nickslive LET'S SAY IT WILL BE A "HAPPENING" ;)"
Nickslive: "I mean if you are filming she has to appear! RT @DaveStewart: @Nickslive LET'S SAY IT WILL BE A "HAPPENING" ;)"

OCTOBER 20, 2010
DaveStewart: "Looking forward to tomorrow with Mike Campbell and Stevie Nicks ;)"

OCTOBER 21, 2010
DaveStewart: "Sitting with Mike Campbell and Stevie Nicks while Mike plays his new Rickenbacker 12 string jangle heaven"

DaveStewart: "Now Mike is playing old hofner bass like the mcCartney one sounds killer , mixing sessions coming up Nov. ;)"

OCTOBER 22, 2010
DaveStewart: "Filming at Stevie Nicks' house today , lot's of documentary footage already now some performance ;)"

OCTOBER 23, 2010
DarkDouglasDean: "@DaveStewart, throw us a Stevie Nicks Documentary bone, it's been awhile and March is FAR FAR away"
DaveStewart: "@DarkDouglasDean hang on ;)"
DaveStewart: "Ok so up till 3 a.m. filming with Stevie Nicks captured amazing stuff for the documentary"

OCTOBER 24, 2010

"Screen my short Documentary before Stevie's documentary in local Art's Cinemas or theatre's 1 week before cities we will play in. Good idea?"

"DaveStewart: "See it on big screen together with other fans the making of the album 1 week before you see the show in you local art cinema's good idea?"

Join the discussion... Follow Dave Stewart on Twitter

OCTOBER 27, 2010
DaveStewart: "meeting about Michael Jackson today followed by studio with Stevie Nicks we are in final days of recording"

OCTOBER 28, 2010
DaveStewart: "Sitting here waiting for mega cappuccino in order to cope with a crazy day Bravo TV followed by Nike meeting followed by Studio with Stevie"

Kristin Burns: "In the studio w @davestewart and @realstevienicks Stevie Nicks having a martini moment!!"

Kristin Burns: " @davestewart dirty martini drinking....shooting in the studio w/ Stevie Nicks!!!!!"

OCTOBER 29, 2010
DaveStewart: "Stdio today at noon preparing Stevie Mixes , sounds magical also just saw rough edit of "cheaper than free" video from the documentary :)"

WelshWitchMusic: "@DaveStewart Do you have any screen shots of the video you can share yet?
DaveStewart: "@WelshWitchMusic maybe next week after it's done and Stevie approves"

NOVEMBER 1, 2010
DaveStewart: "Lunch with Ringo , then 1st day of Mixing on Stevie Nicks Record with Chris Lord Alge Yay !"

NOVEMBER 5, 2010
DaveStewart: "In the Studio last day recording with Stevie Nicks , Ann Marie Calhoun  played incredible strings last nite !"


DaveStewart: "to all Stevie Nicks fans #ShoutOut (Audible)"

Click on the Image to be taken to the site with the audio

NOVEMBER 10, 2010
DaveStewart: "The Blackbird Diaries" Double Gatefold Double Vinyl Album High Resolution Artwork"

Click to enlarge

NOVEMBER 20, 2010
DaveStewart: "I'm in UK leaving for Los Angeles back to work with Stevie and Lindsay on Monday ;)"

[Lindsay or Lindsey - Does Dave mean Lindsey Buckingham or someone else?  Is Lindsey taking part in Stevie's new album?  A Buckingham Nicks reunion of sorts?  It's not clear.

NOVEMBER 22, 2010
6pm Pacific Time:
DaveStewart: "On way to meet up with Stevie and Lindsay Buckingham stay posted"
7pm Pacific Time:
DaveStewart: "recording Lindsey and Stevie right now sounds great still like a young fresh Buckingham Nicks"

DaveStewart: "Just finished , Lindsey played great guitar and sang really cool harmonies on a very special song :)"

Tonyjquin: "great afternoon listening to Lindsey and Stevie work on a special song for her new album - and a big THANK YOU fo the wonderful dinner!"

NOVEMBER 30, 2010 posted the scans of M Music and Musicians magazine - an article on Dave Stewart where he speaks about his production of music, his favorite studios, who he's worked with, and currently working with + talks about meeting Stevie Nicks and how it came to be that he's producing her new album.  Article contains a new photo of Dave and Stevie in July, 2010 in the studio.  Full scans can also be viewed at

DECEMBER 10, 2010
DaveStewart: "Stevie album now finished recording and has been mixed brilliantly by Chris Lord Alge and sounds Amazing !!!"

DECEMBER 16 & 17, 2010
@jblogg Jeremy Welt SVP of New Media at Warner Bros Records had the opportunity to hear a playback yesterday of new music from Stevie Nicks... Was it the whole album?  I wonder what his thoughts are on what he heard?

Jeremy's response to my post abut his thoughts 
Things are moving forward!

DECEMBER 21, 2010
Wildaboutmusic: "Note to @DaveStewart, I'm holding a nice spot for that new Stevie Nicks album on my 2011 list, so let's get it out soon, sir!"

Dave Stewart: "@Wildaboutmusic late March , Early April is my bet"

Could this be a sign there will be a delay?  
Dave Stewart: "busy editing Stevie documentary on with Shane and Paul on a rainy Tuesday on Hollywood Blvd."

equeen1022: "@DaveStewart Are you still thinking about trying to release it in each city correlating with the tour? I really liked that idea."

Dave Stewart: "@equeen1022 I would like to , race against time"

equeen1022: "@DaveStewart: "Another thought- Did you want the doc to be strictly about the making of the album, and not the whole project (cd+tour)?"

Dave Stewart: "@equeen1022 WAIT AND SEE IT'S SPECIAL ;)"

Westwind111: "@DaveStewart Tell me more about Stevie Documentary :)"

Dave Stewart: "@Westwind111 an insight into the mind of an artist and how she works"

Westwind111: "@DaveStewart Can't wait to see it thank you"

nicky715: "@DaveStewart How much longer before they announce a release date?"

Dave Stewart: "@nicky715 will be mid to late Spring"

nicky715: "@DaveStewart Thanks Dave! You rock!"

That means we are talking (if we take the words "mid", "late" and "spring" literally) sometime after March 21st and just prior to June 21st ?  or in other words... MAY!

DECEMBER 22, 2010
Danny Zelisko, Chairman of Live Nation Southwest is in Phoenix with Stevie Nicks and her Brother Chris - and hears the album. He posts on his Facebook page that it's "easily her best".

DECEMBER 27, 2010
In Conversation with George Stroumboulopoulos
It's safe to say there will be a forthcoming video of Dave Stewarts duet with Stevie Nicks

DECEMBER 31, 2010
DaveStewart: "some more editing today on Stevie's Documentary and Mine , well they kind of overlap sometimes :) Ha!"

JANUARY 3, 2011
Dave Stewart: "I photographing Stevie for her Album cover today and the next 4 days filming and photographing very special stuff for the album and movie"

Dave Stewart: "Yeah shooting Stevie Nicks Cover Today see my other work here and click on thumbnails to see more :)"

JANUARY 4, 2011

Hairstylist Robert Ramos on day of photography with Stevie and Dave

RobertRamosProd: "Working with Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart. Amazing"
WelshWitchMuse: "Oooh, can you give us any bits of gossip from the Stevie Nicks shoot?! Was her hair fabulous? :) @RobertRamosProd:
RobertRamosProd: "@WelshWitchMuse amazingly enchanting"

Dave Stewart: "Yesterday went really well got some amazing shots and footage today we go to wonderland :)"
golddustwoman: "@DaveStewart are we gonna be seeing any sneak peeks? (:"
Dave Stewart: "@goldddustwoman probably a trailer"

JANUARY 7, 2011

DaveStewart: "Hi I've been absent 4 days of Stevie Filming er shall I say strange stuff !!!"

MichelleBranch: "Not to brag but I heard the new Stevie Nicks record and it's absolutely fantastic! Well done @davestewart ! When can I get my paws on it?"

DaveStewart: "@michellebranch ah yeah are you in LA ? Just shot some crazy stuff !"

David Wild (wildaboutmusic): "@DaveStewart @michellebranch Can't wait to hear which songs made the Stevie Nicks album. That's a non-subtle hint."

JANUARY 8, 2011
DaveStewart: "@Wildaboutmusic @michellebranch Ha yeah well we can't seem to decide as we love them all so they will all come out in one way or another ;)"

SOME OF THE CONVERSATIONS ON TWITTER TONIGHT WERE VERY CONFUSING YET SOMEWHAT INFORMATIVE... What we know for sure is that Stevie will be on Ellen January 13th and that Dave Stewart will not be on the show... Initially we thought the Ellen show mixed up the names and it should have read Dave Stewart and not Rod Stewart... Not the case, Dave confirmed he is not on (see below).  Confirmation tonight also from Dave on his own album release... Dave changed the date from an early Spring release to a late Spring release, throwing out May as the month.  With Stevie's album also coming out now in late Spring, he's obviously lining up with hers...Makes sense to me!

ROD STEWART... It was posted on The Ledge by a Stevie Nicks fan that someone they know told them that Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks would be touring together... With Rod and Stevie both being on Ellen the same day, both being performers and the fact that you rarely see two musical performers on the same show - it was derived from that that Rod and Stevie must be singing together. And this would likely be the place for them to announce a joint tour.  A joint tour if it goes, would have to be brief as Rod has European dates booked beginning early June.

Without official confirmation... Nothing is for sure and everything regarding this is pure speculation.

The Twitter conversations between Dave Stewart and others tonight I've been able to piece together are below:
Very cryptic and you almost have to read between the lines on some of what Dave has said...
marycigarettes: "@DaveStewart i'm looking forward to hearing the record you've done with stevie nicks..that's gotta be one groovy partnership."

DaveStewart: "@marycigarettes Yeah it's been a trip !"

BlueDenimLamp: "@Davestewart Sorry to hear you won't be tourin' with Stevie,would have been interesting...maybe next year..."

DaveStewart: "@BlueDenimLamp who said I wasn't ?"

BlueDenimLamp: "@DaveStewart The "rumour's" are that Stevie's touring with Rod Stewart...And they are both appearing on the Ellen show 1/13/ it true?"

adambradnick @DaveStewart @BlueDenimLamp "Rumours are that Rod Stewart will be touring with Stevie this year, some have presumed this rules you out?"

WelshWitchMuse @DaveStewart "Oh no. You are the Stewart touring with Stevie though, right?!?"

DaveStewart: "@WelshWitchMuse nope not me , makes no sense to me either !"

adambradnick: "@DaveStewart This sucks ass!! You should be on this tour Dave!"

WelshWitchMuse @DaveStewart "This seriously stinks - sorry for u. I cant believe it - so Rod Stewart is touring with Stevie? Whose flash of genius was that?"

WelschWitchMuse: "@DaveStewart I just lost some of the excitement that carried me into 2011. :("

DaveStewart: "@WelshWitchMuse don't worry I'll fix it ;)"

StandbackLiza: "@DaveStewart will you be on Ellen show with Stevie next week?"

DaveStewart: "nope not me"

brillantcolors: "@DaveStewart UGH! This seriously blows. Love Stevie to pieces BUT Rod& Stevie s/n be on the same stage. Doesn't he do standards these days?"

DaveStewart: "@brillantcolors what can I say , not my choice !"

rycrockett: "@DaveStewart So upset rumor has it Rod and Stevie touring not you?"

DaveStewart: "@rycrockett yeah they jumbled up the stewart's :)"

WelshWitchMuse: "@DaveStewart @rycrockett So glad to hear it! Some of the excitement butterflies stopped flapping in my belly when I heard it was Rod not u."

WelshWitchMuse: "Confusion cleared up! Thank goodness for that! RT @DaveStewart @rycrockett yeah they jumbled up the stewart's :)"

DaveStewart: "@WelshWitchMuse @rycrockett no I don't mean the TV jumbled it up I mean whoever decided did , I'm not going on Ellen"

rycrockett: "@DaveStewart Oh my dreams are crushed now :( Wish they hadn't made such a cataclysmic mistake. Such is life i suppose."

DaveyPants999 @DaveStewart "Sorry all us Stevie fans are bombarding you! We're just excited about the collaboration & sad you two aren't touring together!"

equeen1022: "If I understand the bits and pieces of tweets I'm reading, @DaveStewart is not touring with Stevie but Rod Stewart is? What. The. Fuck."

DaveStewart: "@equeen1022 don't worry that is not her new album promo tour ;)"

RobtightswaggA: "@DaveStewart when is the new stevie album comming out?"

DaveStewart: "@RobtightswaggA late spring"

OblaLovesAdam: "@DaveStewart you. Roger and Petty..Travelling Wilbury's part 2?"

DaveStewart: "@OblaLovesAdam something is brewing but not that combo"

OblaLovesAdam: "@DaveStewart my imagination is running wild. When will the brew be ready for tasting?"

DaveStewart: "@OblaLovesAdam summer"

JANUARY 10, 2011
David Wild: (wildaboutmusic): Rollingstone Magazine editor "I should be hearing the new Stevie Nicks album before I go to bed 2night. Based on my studio visit, I can't wait. Or is that "I Can't Wait"?"

JANUARY 11, 2010
David Wild: "Listening to Stevie's new album right now. Congrats to her and @DaveStewart. "For What It's Worth" I think it's her best solo album ever."

David Wild: "@khowz2018 Don't mean to frustrate any Stevie fans. I'd describe the album as deeply romantic, cinematic, personal, poetic and dreamy."

David Wild: "WILD SONG OF THE NIGHT: "In Your Dreams" by Stevie Nicks. Reminds me of her pal Tom Petty -- think "Full Moon Stevie."

JANUARY 13, 2011
Wildaboutmusic: "@DaveStewart Congrats to you & Stevie. I wept this morning to tracks #2, 7, 9 & 13, and only partially because I'm emotionally unstable."

Wildaboutmusic: "I'm going to speak with @DaveStewart & Stevie Nicks this afternoon. I will send your regards."

DaveStewart: "Glad all you Stevie Fans love "Secret Love" I just finished a 3 hour interview with her and @Wildaboutmusic"

JANUARY 29, 2011
Dave Stewart: "just woke in Sunny California getting ready to Direct Stevie Nicks Video for Secret Love , shooting tomorrow :)"

_SoSueMe_: "@DaveStewart EEEEEEEP! Can't wait to see this video. Are you going to give us a little hint on what the concept is? Please? ;-)"

Dave Stewart: "@_SoSueMe_ It will be a glimpse into her mind/imagination and the world she lives in mixed with performance, the whole film is like this"

lesleyabravanel: "@DaveStewart will you leak some footage to the aurally & visually deprived here on Twitter?"

Dave Stewart: "@lesleyabravanel shot a lot of it already I've been making a feature movie length piece will be able to see it in Indie Cinemas"

PiperMusic: "@DaveStewart how many videos r u doin with her?"

Dave Stewart: "@PiperMusic a whole movie with various videos within it , thanks for the other day"

JANUARY 30, 2011


Hat look familiar?
Dave Stewart: "Directing Stevie Nicks Video and Dressed appropriately ;)"

Dave Stewart: "Ha Mick Fleetwood is gonna look Stellar :) A Real Gentleman (which he is )"

Dave Stewart: "this video and other Stevie videos are all part of a 90 minute film I'm directing been filming on and off for a year Stevie fans will :):)"

daniellaaarisen: "@DaveStewart I'm visiting LA this weekend and would LOVE to see the vid shooting if in public! Hint?"

Dave Stewart: "@daniellaaarisen not public I'm afraid we built a strange world inside"

ChrisJamesChamp: "Hanging out with Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood today...what a great way to spend a sunday afternoon"

Kristin Burns: "snapping away on the magic set @davestewart + team created for "Secret Love" w/ Stevie + Mick Fleetwood is here too. it's a dream!"

The Video should be ready in about 3 weeks according to Dave Stewart.... So look for it around the week of February 22nd or so.

JANUARY 31, 2011
Ian_UsMusic: "And guess who has new Stevie Nicks advance music pumping in his office right now? Yep, me!"

Ian_UsMusic: And btw, this Stevie Nicks album? Probably the best of her career. Yeah. Out May 3. Get ready.

DaveStewart: "Stevie fans go here Youtube: now this could be fun before Stevie Comes on Stage ;) Rock and Fucking Roll !"

FEBRUARY 2, 2011
Davestewart: "Great @briantortoro just fnished an edit of "Stevie Baby" I perfomred live in Nashville :)"

FEBRUARY 3, 2011
Wildaboutmusic: "Annabel Lee" on Stevie Nicks' upcoming CD is one of the best things she's ever done. After Rod, she should tour with Edgar Allan Poe."

FEBRUARY 9, 2011
A.J.Carnaggio: "@DaveStewart Dave... any word on the TRACKLIST for Stevie's new album :) just curious which songs she's pulling from her vault of demos"

Dave Stewart: "@AJCarnaggio I wrote 7 of them with her not a lot of old demos just scret love really"

FEBRUARY 10, 2011
Mick Fleetwood Will Make Appearance in "Stevie Baby" Video... I didn't know that!  Thought he was only in "Secret Love"
Dave Stewart: "just finishing the video for "Stevie Baby" now soooooo trippy Shane editing crazy good stuff ;)"
Stevienicksnews: "So looking forward to see what you've cooked up for the 'Stevie Baby' video. Any nostalgia mixed in the trippy? *twirls*"

Dave Stewart: "@stevienicksnews many twirls"

Dave Stewart: "@stevienicksnews only in the fact Mick Fleetwood is so cool in it"

equeen1022: "@DaveStewart Are you including any footage of Stevie in it?"

Dave Stewart: "@equeen1022 of course it's her a thousand times"

FEBRUARY 12, 2011
Jeredfaw: "@Wildaboutmusic will Stevie nicks be nominated next year for "In Your Dreams?""

David Wild: "@jaredfaw I predict she will -- because I've heard Stevie's album and it is magnificent. But you may hear a song co-written by @DaveStewart."

Jeredfaw: "@Wildaboutmusic We pretty much already know 95% of the tracklisting...what is ur FAVORITE track and why?? BEGGING for a response!!"

David Wild: "@jaredfaw Today, my faves on Stevie's album are "Italian Summer," "For What It's Worth," "In Your Dreams" & "Annabel Lee." Because they are."

Davide Wild: "WILD SONG OF THE DAY: "In Your Dreams" by Stevie Nicks. Almost forgot to do one."

The Trailer for the movie Dave Stewarts been putting together on Stevie Nicks will be released in 7 Days
February 20th

Follow Dave Stewart on Twitter [HERE] There will be a full count down to release day
FEBRUARY 15, 2011

WARNER DELAYS Dave Stewarts Movie Trailer 
on Stevie Nicks Movie

Dave Stewart: "Stevie Fans just heard Warners want to delay the Trailer so we are editing Secret Love Single Video now"

equeen1022: "@DaveStewart Ugh of course that would happen :( So we're getting Secret Love video Sat instead?"

Dave Stewart: "@equeen1022 working on that now , I would have preferred the trailer but anyway you will get both in due course"

_SoSueMe_: "@DaveStewart I'll take what I can get. Thanks for the update. :D"

Dave Stewart: "@_SoSueMe_ gotta keep you Stevie fans up to speed :)"

DaveyPants999: "@DaveStewart So if we're not going to see the trailer this weekend, will we see the "Secret Love" video this weekend?"

Dave Stewart: "@DaveyPants999 try our best"

FEBRUARY 22, 2011
Dave Stewart: "Back to LA filming a small insert piece with Stevie Nicks on Friday"

Wildaboutmusic: "Writing something now for Stevie Nicks. Having trouble keeping my inner 12-year-old desperately in love with her between the lines."

FEBRUARY 25, 2011
jkmaletic: "@DaveStewart PLEASE tell Stevie today that I saw the sizzle reel with her last sat and it got me SUPER excited and I cant wait 2 c it again!"

Dave Stewart: "@jkmaletic will do filming more today"

Dave Stewart: "Just on my way to Stevie's in LA traffic !"

FEBRUARY 26, 2011
Kristinburns: "One of my favorite shots from yesterday's shoot with Stevie is of @davestewart jumping through the window. He brings the fun + the martini's"

FEBRUARY 27, 2011
DaveStewart: "Hey Stevie Nicks Fans , here a few screen grabs from the video we are editing for "Secret Love" from the movie"

GlenParrish: "Check out my Daughter in the new Stevie Nicks video playing a young Stevie.."

rubbrsole65: "It will be a big release month in May 2011 with Stevie Nicks new album "In Your Dreams" & @DaveStewart 's !"

DaveStewart: "@rubbrsole65 May ,June ,July you will not believe what's coming !"

MARCH 5, 2011
Wildaboutmusic: "WILD SONG OF THE AFTERNOON: "Italian Summer" by Stevie Nicks. Majestic. Romantic. Epic. A big & beautiful song in every way."

MARCH 7, 2011
Photographer Kristin Burns who took the cover shot of Stevie's new album - on the day the cover was released said... 

Kristinburns: "photographing Stevie Nicks this year w/ @davestewart has been a dream come true. I'm pinching myself b/c it might all be a dream in a dream"

I think that last bit of the sentence quite possibly could be a hint as to the concept of the movie/album/photos of a younger Stevie etc.  We'll see...


Visit the inyourdreamsmovie website

This section pre-dates the release of the album tracks.  
Information Compiled Leading up to The Release of

Here's what we know...
Pulled from various sources including interviews with Stevie and Twitter posts by Dave Stewart and David Wild:

  • Everybody Loves You
  • Italian Summer (Written in '09 vacationing in Italy)
  • The Soldier’s Angel
  • Annabel Lee (Written when Stevie was 17)
  • The Ghosts Are Gone 
  • Wide Sargasso Sea (Written about the novel and movie)
  • For What It's Worth (One of the Mike Campbell Tracks)
  • In Your Dreams (supercatchy, uptempo cut)
  • Secret Love (First single release)
  • Moonlight... A Vampires Dream
  • Cheaper Than Free
  • You May Be The One

  • Stevie gave Dave Stewart a book of poetry that had been pulled out of the last seven to eight years of journals, it contained approx. 50 poems.
  • Stevie worked on 9 Songs with Dave Stewart, and 5 Songs she worked on alone.
  • Stevie wrote a song about the “Twilight” movies. "Moonlight... A Vampires Dream".
  • Stevie wrote a song about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.
  • Stevie wrote a rock 'n' blues song that kind of sounds like Canned Heat.
  • There are two tracks that Michael Campbell (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) wrote that Stevie wrote songs on top of.
  • A song written in 1976, maybe even ’75 was pulled from the song vault (Glen Ballard remarks “So where has this little gem been hiding?” "Secret Love" ?
  • Album was recorded throughout June, 2010, rough mixes. Stevie is quoted as saying it will be a Spring release, possibly March, 2011. [later confirmed to be released on May 3, 2011]
  • The whole writing recording process was filmed and two photographers captured the whole thing - with the plan to release some sort of documentary - Reese Witherspoon is photographed visiting the Village Recorder Studio and has heard early mixes.
  • Mick Fleetwood, Mike Campbell, Waddy Wachtel, Mike Rowe, Mike Bradford, Steve Ferrone & Ricky Peterson are some of the names that have been reported to have worked on the album - along with Glen Ballard.  Mick Fleetwood later in an interview said he played on over half the album.
  • Recording continued during month of September - the 21st and 22nd to be exact, with Dave and Stevie in studio.  Recording continued into October with additional documentary footage shot.  Rough footage seen on Oct 29th of "Cheaper Than Free" video.  Final mixes being prepared on the music..
  • Long time Stevie associate Chris Lorde Alge will be mixing the album.
  • Dave Stewart recorded Lindsey Buckingham November 22nd for the CD.  He sang and played guitar on a "special" song to be included.
  • Video to be produced or edited together for "Cheaper Than Free" from footage shot of the recording of the song by Dave Stewart.
  • Photos for the CD artwork are being taken by Dave Stewart.
  • David Wild of Rollingstone described the album after hearing the final product as "deeply romantic, dinematic, personal, poetic and dreamy".
  • The CD Title and release date was announced on January 11, 2011 by a listing on Amazon "In Your Dreams"  is the title (to cover art yet)... May 3, 2011 is the release date.  Title later confirmed by a press announcement in Billboard Biz announcing the Heart & Soul tour with Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart.
  • Pre-sale available through Warner Bros. will get you a free download of "Secret Love" the first single from the album.  Check it out here... It's really quite good!
  • January 29, 2011 Amazon lists first single "Secret Love" as an MP3 download with a release date of February 8, 2011 - itunes will likely follow.
  • Dave Stewart to direct first video of single "Secret Love with Stevie Nicks beginning January 30, 2011.
  • January 30, 2011 - Video shoot commences at an indoor facility... Mick Fleetwood will appear in the video for "Secret Love".
  • "Secret Love" video will be ready in about 3 weeks according to Dave Stewart on January 31st.  That puts a debut roughly around the week of February 21st.
  • Move trailer to debut February 20th... according to Dave Stewart on Twitter... Feb 19th or 20th, depending on your location...
  • The Movie Trailer Dave Stewart was editing and readying for release at some point next week has been delayed by Stevie's record company.  Dave posted on Feb 15th he'll continue on editing the "Secret Love" video.
  • Stevie reveals in an interview on KBCO radio March 7, 2011 the title of another song "You May Be The One".

March 7, 2011 via In Your Dreams album cover revealed... Results? Stunning!

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