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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nicks Pics... Dancing With The Stars

Well these are pretty awesome! [Stevie Pics I mean]

Looks like these were taken possibly during rehearals prior to Dancing With The Stars airing... Not sure.

Happy as a clam! Met my goddess! on Twitpic Finally met #StevieNicks - yay! on Twitpic

Photos by Kamela Brewer at @kamelabrewer on Twitter

PHOTOS | VIDEO: Stevie Nicks Dancing With The Stars

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, multi-Grammy award winner and living legend Stevie Nicks came to perform two songs. Loved how she got into the spirit of “DWTS” with her skirt of many fabrics and chain mail on her gloves, and that lasso move that she made at the end of her performance of her single “Secret Love,” which featured bare-chested Dmitry Chaplin making sweet ballroom love to Anna Trebunskaya on the judges table, as well as Peta Murgatroyd and bare-chested Damian Whitewood. Stevie followed that up with a rendition of the classic Fleetwood Mac hit “Landslide,” with Cheryl and Tony Dovolani in classic black and white doing a classic rumba on the dance floor. Did I mention how classic this was? Also instant classic: the fact that Stevie had chains on her microphone stand, which only solidified the “DWTS” rock star that she is.

Los Angeles Times | On The Red Carpet

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stevie Nicks on Dancing With The Stars

Well... She finally made her first prime time appearance promoting 'In Your Dreams'!... and the first prime time performance of 'Secret Love'. Stevie looked really great, wore the boots, was rocking the wavey hair she's been sporting lately and it looked like she was wearing a new skirt on the outfit... It was nice.  She sounds like she still has some residual of the flu and pneumonia that she caught on the day her new album was released (May 3rd). But I think she pulled it off! Plus given it was LIVE I'm sure she was a little nervous knowing the size of the Dancing With The Stars TV audience.  Vocally on 'Secret Love' you could hear a bit of a rasp in her voice and she may have been slightly out of tune in places... But like I said given that she's only just getting over the flu and pneumonia where she had to cancel shows and other appearances on the east coast - I think she did really well.

Landslide sounded much better vocally. The song was cut down for the show but still sounded like the great Landslide!

It seems it doesn't matter what TV show any of these live performers play on, it never really sounds right. Even on the award shows where there are a lot of live performances, you would think it would be perfect, but it isn't... there's just something missing... I'm sure it's the way it's mixed.

Monday, May 16, 2011


will perform two songs on Tuesday’s “Dancing With The Stars" results show the new single ”SECRET LOVE” & “LANDSLIDE”.

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