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Friday, September 25, 2015


Don Henley released "Cass County" today (Sept 25th), his first solo album in 15 years. The album is available at all music retailers in various versions. For more details check out Don's website.  The one you may want to buy though, is the Target exclusive version as it includes 2 bonus tracks one of which features Stevie Nicks on “It Don’t Matter To The Sun”.

It's a beautiful song!

Target exclusive version track list below:

1. Bramble Rose (f/ Mick Jagger)
2. The Cost Of Living (f/ Merle Haggard)
3. No, Thank You
4. Waiting Tables
5. Take A Picture Of This
6. Too Far Gone
7. That Old Flame (f/ Martina McBride)
8. The Brand New Tennessee Waltz
9. Words Can Break Your Heart
10. When I Stop Dreaming (f/ Dolly Parton)
11. Praying For Rain
12. Too Much Pride
13. She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune
14. Train In The Distance
15. A Younger Man
16. Where I Am Now
17. It Doesn't Matter To The Sun
18. Here Comes Those Tears Again

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

STEVIE NICKS and DON HENLEY To Perform Together Sept 14th in Vancouver

The evening prior to the Voices In The Park public performance September 15th, there is going to be a ‘backyard gourmet’ private event catered by chef David Hawksworth with an acoustic show by Stevie Nicks and the Eagles’ Don Henley.”

Sarah McLachlan called in a favour with Henley as she has played fundraisers for his Walden Woods Project to prevent the area around Walden Pond from being developed. More artists and information on the Voices in the Park performance will be coming in the next weeks, she says.

Voices In The Park is a live musical event being staged in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC to raise money for Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

Tickets to the September 15th event available at Ticketmaster

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