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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Lindsey Buckingham "Songs From The Small Machine"

By Graham Reid

Aside from Stevie Nicks whose fan base is loyal and huge (but whose last album In Your Dreams was patchy to the point of being often awful), few people these days would care much for what former members of Fleetwood Mac might be up to.

But with Lindsey Buckingham you would always make an exception and tune in.

He helmed some of Mac's most interesting material (notably pushing them from stasis and complacency for Tusk) and his solo career has always been interesting. His Gift of Screws album in 2008 found him in fine, dark form -- and the more recent Seeds We Sow forms the backbone to this two hour-plus live DVD filmed at the Saban Theatre in Beverley Hills early in 2011 which finds him opening solo on acoustic guitar then bringing on a small backing band.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review: Lindsey Buckingham "Songs From The Small Machine"

Published by @Nickslive for Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews: 
Eagle Rock Unleashes Classic Rock Concerts on Blu-ray
Fans of Fleetwood Mac undoubtedly know Lindsey Buckingham. He, with Stevie Nicks, joined the band in time for them to become monster hit makers in the 1970’s. He’s a heckuva guitarist in his own right and has a good singing voice, too.

I was never a Mac fan (heck, I’m writing this on a PC!) so wasn’t too interested in this disc, but I’m glad I watched it. Buckingham does songs from his Mac and non-Mac career, peppering the concert with anecdotes shared with the audience.  The show kicks off with some acoustic performances, and then his band joins him for most of the rest of the disc. Songs include “Shut us Down,” “Go Insane,” “Trouble,” “Never Going Back Again,” “Big Love,” “Tusk,” “Stars are Crazy,” “End of Time,” “That’s the Way Love Goes,” “Go Your Own Way,” and “Seeds We Sow.”

Alas, once again the video here isn’t as good as Eagle Rock’s best, with a lack of detail on longer shots (though close ups are good). And as usual, you get the three choices of audio tracks and, as usual, the DTS-HD is the best, offering a beautiful mix.  There’s no center channel on tap, though; this is a four channel presentation.

by: Jim Bray

Available at $15.49

Scheduled to be released on February 7th (for the first time on Blu-ray) Lindsey's 2005 Soundstage Performance titled "Lindsey Buckingham Live"  This show was recorded during a break on the Say You Will Tour in 2003 - and really is a must have... The sound on this is spectacular in this small setting.

Pre-orders available through Amazon with a nice price: $14.99

Song List: 
Someone's Gonna Change Your Mind
Big Love
Go Insane
Down on the Rodeo
Red Rover
Never Going Back Again
Say Goodbye
Murrow Turning Over In His Grave
Go Your Own Way

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lindsey Buckingham – Songs From The Small Machine "If you are a fan, this is literally made for you"

Songs From The Small Machine is not for the Fleetwood Mac fan.  This live document is for the diehards that Lindsey Buckingham has cultivated over the years, especially since he started releasing solo records and touring regularly about 5 years ago.

Having seen this tour when it passed through Atlanta, I can tell you that this is a perfect souvenir of the show. Buckingham has never been one much to change up his concerts and this DVD proves it. The set list has been consistently the same and even the dialog is virtually identical to every other night. The delicately worded explanations of his career and life path are tied directly into the songs chosen to be performed and shed light on his motivations, successes and failures.

Classic Fleetwood Mac cuts such as “Go Your Own Way”, “Tusk”, “Second Hand News” and “Im So Afraid” are given muscular, energetic treatments, but don’t feel as close to Buckingham’s heart as the truly emotional tunes that are included. This version of “All My Sorrows” (originally from 1992’s criminally underrated Out Of The Cradle) is absolutely one of the highlights of Buckingham’s entire career. “Turn It On”, also from Out Of The Cradle, is given a glorious run through as well.

Brand new tunes (there are no less than 6 from the 2011 album Seeds We Sow) stand up proudly next to the more familiar songs. “Illumination”, “The End Of Time”, “That’s The Way Love Goes” and “Stars Are Crazy” go a long way toward justifying Buckingham’s claim that his new album may be his best.

The only complaints that I have are minor. Many of the songs are performed in a lower pitch than the recorded versions and while I understand that it helps prevent vocal fatigue (as he has to sing all night every night during the solo tours), some songs are definitely affected. For example, the otherwise amazing, blistering acoustic take of Fleetwood Mac’s “Big Love” doesn’t feel quite as dazzling as the version from 1997’s live album The Dance and the only difference seems to be the pitch.

I also wish there were more songs from the previous album Gift Of Screws which contains quite a few of his best solo songs. Only “Treason” appears here and it’s almost a throwaway in this show.

Songs From The Small Machine is a simple continuation of Lindsey Buckingham’s art. It’s occasionally frustrating, but mostly brilliant. If you are a fan, this is literally made for you.

By Chris McKay
Music News Nashville

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lindsey Buckingham just may be one of the very few Americans who most changed the face of British Rock

Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Famer Lindsey Buckingham just may be one of the very few Americans who most changed the face of British Rock. As the male lead singer for Fleetwood Mac, this singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer took an underground blues band and helped make it into one of the most respected and best-selling bands in the universe. His voice … his intricate guitar playing … his compositional prowess, they’re all instantly recognizable. And he’s still going strong.

On November 1, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a DVD of Lindsey Buckingham’s Songs From The Small Machine: Live In L.A., which was filmed in high-definition with DTS Surround-Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1, and Dolby Digital Stereo at The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, California in April 2011.

The two-hour 19-song show will be released on 
DVD, Blu-ray, and as a DVD/CD set. 
MSRP $14.98 for DVD, MSRP $19.98 for Blu-ray, $19.98 for DVD/CD set]. Filled with his most beloved songs, including such Fleetwood Mac classics as “Go Your Own Way,” “Second Hand News,” “Big Love,” “Tusk,” “I’m So Afraid” and “Never Going Back Again,” blended with material from his new album Seeds We Sow (“In Our Own Time,” “Illumination,” “Stars Are Crazy,” “That’s The Way Love Goes”) the DVD and Blu-Ray also feature a Buckingham interview.

Songs From The Small Machine: Live In LA opens with a solo acoustic set that accentuate Buckingham’s nimble fretwork and multidimensional voice. The band join him for the remainder of the concert leaving the audience on their feet, shouting for more. The show closes with an acoustic encore of the title song from Seeds We Sow– a final reminder that this is one artist who refuses to rest on past laurels but, instead, prefers to look towards the future.

Lindsey Buckingham is out on the road in America touring with his band in support of Seeds We Sow.

In Stores Now in Germany - AMAZON
In Stores Oct 31st in the UK - AMAZON
In Stores North America Nov 1st:
  DVD+CD Pack | DVD | Blu-ray

DVD / Blu-ray Tracklisting:
1) Shut Us Down
2) Go Insane   
3) Trouble
4) Never Going Back Again
5) Big Love
6) Under The Skin   
7) All My Sorrows
8) In Our Own Time (NEW SONG)
9) Illumination (NEW SONG)
10) Second Hand News   
11) Tusk
12) Stars Are Crazy (NEW SONG)
13) End Of Time (NEW SONG)
14) That’s The Way Love Goes (NEW SONG)
15) I’m So Afraid  
16) Go Your Own Way
17) Turn It On   
18) Treason   
19) Seeds We Sow (NEW SONG)

CD Tracklisting: 
1) Shut Us Down
2) Trouble
3) Never Going Back Again
4) Big Love
5) Under The Skin
6) All My Sorrows
7) In Our Own Time (NEW SONG)
8) Illumination (NEW SONG)
9) Second Hand News
10) Tusk
11) Stars Are Crazy (NEW SONG)
12) End Of Time (NEW SONG)
13) That’s The Way Love Goes (NEW SONG)
14) I’m So Afraid
15) Go Your Own Way
16) Seeds We Sow (NEW SONG)