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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chart Update: Fleetwood Mac | Stevie Nicks + Some GREAT Amazon Deals!

Published by @Nickslive for Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews

Australian Charts - December 26, 2011
(Previous week in parenthesis)

Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks continue to sell well into Christmas in Australia. One title drops off the catalogue chart this week Fleetwood Mac's "Greatest Hits" which re-entered last week at #49.  All others pretty much hold their ground from the week prior.

Top 100 Albums Chart
# 37 (38) Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of"
# 82 (74) Stevie Nicks "Crystal Visions... The Very Best Of"

Top 50 Catalogue Chart
#  3 ( 5) Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of"
# 11 ( 8) Stevie Nicks "Crystal Visions... The Very Best Of"
# 47 (50) Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"

 Australia Top 40 DVD Chart
# 32 (34) Fleetwood Mac "The Dance"

UK Charts - December 17, 2011

UK Top 40 Catalogue Chart
# 31 (26) Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"

Also... Check out these great after Christmas Deals at Amazon!
Full albums available for $5.99 or less! 

MP3 Downloads
Lindsey Buckingham "Seeds We Sow" (includes 2 bonus tracks not found anywhere else) $4.99
Lindsey Buckingham steller 1992 album "Out of the Cradle"  $5.00
Dave Stewart "The Blackbird Diaries" (Stevie appears on "Cheaper Than Free") $5.00
Buddy Holly "Listen To Me: Buddy Holly" (Stevie appears on "Not Fade Away") $4.99
Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" $5.99


Friday, June 24, 2011

REVIEW - STEVIE NICKS: IN YOUR DREAMS (REPRISE) "Poetic, majestic, delicious" ★★★★/5

Nicks, the eccentric Fleetwood Mac vocalist, is back with her first album in a decade to prove that her strange, iconic voice is everything it ever was, even at the age of 63.

The first single from the album Secret Love was originally written in 1976 for Mac’s masterpiece Rumours.

Put together with new songs such as the one she was inspired to write when a group of British soldiers were killed in Iraq, it forms a real thing of beauty. Poetic, majestic, delicious.

By Simon Gage

EURYTHMICS co-founder Dave Stewart must be one of the hardest-working rockers in the business.

With half the new Stevie Nicks album bearing his name and a new Joss Stone offering coming later this month you cannot help but wonder how he found time to round up the talent and lay down the tracks for this new project.

Including songs he wrote with Bob Dylan and collaborations with Stone and Nicks and Martina McBride, it’s a high-quality, bluesy, American-flavoured affair with Dave himself sounding like the veteran music man he really is.

By Simon Gage

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dave Stewart & Stevie Nicks - The Blackbird Diaries, Vol. 1 (Sizzle Reel)


The Blackbird Diaries is expected to be released late Spring or Summer... It features Dave and Stevie on their duet "Cheaper Than Free"

"Hopefully, you've already seen the preview (aka "sizzle reel") of Stevie Nicks' upcoming solo album "In Your Dreams" (May 3) which is actually footage from a companion documentary / long-form music video directed by the album's co-producer Dave Stewart. Everything about it is stunning. Stewart also has an album coming out this summer, as well as a companion film. So it makes sense that he gets his own sizzle reel, which features Stevie and Stewart singing / recording at her home, dancing in her living room, etc. The same team that cut this trailer also worked on Stevie's documentary as well as the music video for her first single "Secret Love." Stewart, who appears to be a little over-committed these days, has a problem with premature Tweet-a-lation, promising sexy things like a release date for the Secret Love video that came and went. A new tweet says something is coming April 12, and Stevie allows Oprah to be in her presence the next day, so consider this foreplay. This video features a radiant Stevie, still supernaturally gorgeous on the edge of 63."

I'm confused... Where did this come from!?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Click to enlarge
High Resolution artwork for "The Blackbird Diaries" has been released and includes spectacular photo of Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks in the studio... You may recall this photo was used in the David Wild piece that appeared in Rollingstone Magazine a couple of months ago reporting on the recording of Stevie's new album that Dave is producing [here].  Great shot, nice to see that it made the inside of the album cover.

The artwork for Dave's Double Gatefold Double Vinyl Album of "The Blackbird Diaries" can be downloaded at Dave Stewarts Martini Moment website.   To check out the album sampler go here. And when you're done with that... check out the video for Dave and Colbie Caillat's "Bullet Proof Vest".  The track appears on the album... They sound great together.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Dave Stewart "The Blackbird Diaries" Early Album Artwork

Dave Stewart posted the early artwork for his upcoming release titled "The Blackbird Diaries". Stevie Nicks, Colby Caillat & Martina McBride all make appearances on the album along with Tom Petty guitarist Mike Campbell. No official release date has been announced, but from what Dave has said so far he's planning for it to be a multi format release including CD, Double Gatefold Vinyl, 7" Vinyl Singles and A DVD Documentary (which I'm positive Stevie would be on if he recorded the album making process).

Dave is scheduled to play the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, December 9, 2010.

Follow Dave Stewart on Twitter HERE and use #theblackbirddiaries tag in your tweets to be entered to win a nokia phone with the album fully loaded to it + Dave will fly the winner to his December Nashville show.

Dave and Stevie are back in the studio later this week to continue the work on Stevie's next solo album.  Keep up to date through the Dave and Stevie timeline HERE