Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dave Stewart & Stevie Nicks - The Blackbird Diaries, Vol. 1 (Sizzle Reel)


The Blackbird Diaries is expected to be released late Spring or Summer... It features Dave and Stevie on their duet "Cheaper Than Free"

"Hopefully, you've already seen the preview (aka "sizzle reel") of Stevie Nicks' upcoming solo album "In Your Dreams" (May 3) which is actually footage from a companion documentary / long-form music video directed by the album's co-producer Dave Stewart. Everything about it is stunning. Stewart also has an album coming out this summer, as well as a companion film. So it makes sense that he gets his own sizzle reel, which features Stevie and Stewart singing / recording at her home, dancing in her living room, etc. The same team that cut this trailer also worked on Stevie's documentary as well as the music video for her first single "Secret Love." Stewart, who appears to be a little over-committed these days, has a problem with premature Tweet-a-lation, promising sexy things like a release date for the Secret Love video that came and went. A new tweet says something is coming April 12, and Stevie allows Oprah to be in her presence the next day, so consider this foreplay. This video features a radiant Stevie, still supernaturally gorgeous on the edge of 63."

I'm confused... Where did this come from!?


Anonymous said...

This is GoldDustOrphan from the Ledge boards, where I posted it yesterday. One of the editors working for Dave on the Secret Love video, the documentaries, etc. posted this on his public vimeo page two months ago and it has a direct download device for a 777 mb Quicktime file. He may have posted it without authorization, just like another crew member posted the call sheets for Stevie's dos that had Stevie's home address, everyone's cell number and details about every set-up, costume, etc. The guy who did the FX for the Secret Love video says its been done for a while.

Nickslive said...

Thank you GoldDustOrphan for the info :)

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