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Saturday, August 16, 2014

REMINDER: 18 Hours of Fleetwood Mac... Thursday August 21st Summer Marathon Series w/ 88.3FM The Sting

After the on-air promise to bring back the mac in 2014…. if Christine McVie rejoined the band… they are keeping their word!

Once again WBWC 88.3FM The Sting will be hitting the airwaves with 18 hours of Fleetwood Mac including many hits, live recordings and deep dark cuts for the die-hard fans. They don't even have a Cleveland date on the tour, but they're still going on… 

2013's  FM Marathon was a huge success - Dave, Nikki and Todd had a blast featuring all the band's incredible music, (something from each of the 16 different line-ups!). All three will be back on the air in Cleveland for another round of great music.

Tune in Thursday August 21st, as part of the 2014 Summer Marathon Series on 88.3FM and from 7am to 1am EST (on air and live streaming).

Giveaways and on-air guests including a live chat with Richard Dashut. More info to come.

If you were around last year, 2013's marathon was a highly entertaining 18 hours of Fleetwood Mac music! Obscure live and studio tracks you love but never hear on the radio were featured. It was as if Fleetwood Mac had their own channel - nothing but non-stop Mac!  So save the date and check it out... I'll post another reminder closer to the date.