Thursday, February 19, 2009


New York City's legendary STEVIE NICKS homage, returns for its nineteenth annual edition on May 1 at THE HIGHLINE BALLROOM. 

NOTS 19: SONGS OF RHIANNON will be a May Day marathon of twirling and enchantment, produced by the JACKIE FACTORY NYC. 

This year's theme - and the centerpiece of the show - are the ten "SONGS OF RHIANNON" penned by STEVIE NICKS in her BUCKINGHAM NICKS days.

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Random Mention

Stevie Nicks' upcoming record, The Soundstage Sessions, features a cover of Dave Matthews Band's "Crash Into Me." DMB just tapped The Hold Steady as an opening act for its upcoming tour (although not for the John Paul Jones Arena gigs). The Hold Steady has a song called "Stevie Nix." Where the hell is Kevin Bacon?

Rumours CD/DVD Special Fan Version?

A somewhat cryptic message appeared on the nicksfix over night regarding the release of the Rumours CD/DVD package.  

Check back for news on the release of the new Fleetwood Mac CD/DVD. 
Look for a special version to be made available to the fans.

Obviously based on this, there are now going to be multiple versions of this release.  I keep hanging on the fact that over at it states that the package will be released SIMULTANEOUSLY with the beginning of the tour. The tour starts in 10 days... and basically we don't know to much about this release other then it being a CD/DVD package put together by Warner Bros. the record company - and that the band basically didn't have any input on the project other then to sign off on it's contents... We need more info!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lindsey on the Mark and Brian morning show (2/17)

Lindsey Buckingham called in to the Mark and Brian morning show on KLOS in Los Angeles today (2/17).   He spoke about the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour, his solo career that he wants to continue, and the Rumours Boxset that's coming out.

Stevie Nicks Live in Chicago DVD

Stevie Nicks Live in Chicago DVD now has a trailer up for Stevie's Soundstage DVD and CD Release on March 31st. 

Check it out... It's actually pretty awesome!!

Watch SN Promo  |  View More Free Videos Online at

WDIV TV in Detroit - Win 4 Fleetwood Mac Tickets

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Fleetwood Mac loads up hits for new tour

Fleetwood Mac loads up hits for new tour

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski
LiveDaily Contributor
February 17, 2009

Being in Fleetwood Mac [ tickets ] is a blessing for singer Stevie Nicks. It enables her to bounce back and forth seamlessly between her solo and collaborative careers.

"It's like people that have relationships all over the world," Nicks said during a recent teleconference with her Fleetwood Mac bandmates: drummer Mick Fleetwood, bassist John McVie and guitarist/singer Lindsey Buckingham. "You never get bored. And so you can do your thing until you start to get bored and then you can go to the other thing. And then you can do that until you start to get bored and then you can go back to the other thing.

"And it really makes for staying much more excited and uplifted [in] everything that you do when you’re not just doing one thing year after year after year after year after year. So, for us right now, we’ve been apart for four years, now we’re back together and we’re having a blast."

Fleetwood Mac is reuniting for the Greatest Hits Unleashed North American tour, which begins Sunday, March 1, in Pittsburgh. In conjunction with the tour, the band is releasing a greatest-hits package, "Unleashed," and re-releasing, as a special CD/DVD box set, its diamond-certified CD "Rumours." This is the first time the group is touring without support of a new album.

"So we are truly paying some attention to the fact, of course, that Christine and her songs are surviving very well in the set that we’re doing," Fleetwood said of former member Christine McVie. "And the band--and certainly with more focus for obvious reasons, Stevie and Lindsey--are finding a fresh way in certain instances to present those songs. And we think we’ve got a really good balance where we can have fun doing that whole part of it."

He said he feels confident that Fleetwood Mac is going to surprise the audience in some ways.

"I think we’re going to make the audience identify with songs for sure that they know," Fleetwood added. "And the energy of the band is all focused on that because we don’t have five or six songs off the new album that we always, you know, naturally, would love to be playing when you’ve made an album."

So, he said, he thinks people are going to have "a hell of a lot of fun" because the band members' collective energy has gone into choosing the "lovely songs."

"And we’ve had fun really resculpting certain segments of the show, which will remain secret until you see us," Fleetwood explained.

Fleetwood said his band is certainly addressing the concept of writing new material.
"There have been discussions for sure that we would love to make some more music," Fleetwood said. "And I think it’s really down to the whole sort of bio-rhythms of how everyone is feeling and what’s appropriate. We have careers and families and whole different sort of perspectives from what it would have been, you know, 20, 30 years ago, and going onward from there."

Fleetwood said the consensus is the band would enjoy the idea of being challenged with new material "in a couple of years."

"My heart says I believe that will happen," Fleetwood said. "Certainly, I know all of the songwriting department is--both Stevie and Lindsey--are continually writing, hence all the lovely stuff they do on their solo albums. So that whole [creative] bowl is very much intact, you know. So I, for one, would love to see it happen, and we have had loose discussions about doing that."

Nicks, who said she longs for the day Christine McVie returns to the fold, explained she has "many, many long two- to three-page formal poems that are ready to be made into songs." They will stay that way until she has a reason to head to the piano and make them into songs.

"Because the words are the hardest part to write," Nicks explained. "If you’ve got a bunch of great words, going and sitting yourself up in a studio with some candles and some incense and a couple of your great friends that are musicians, now that’s a pleasure.

"Actually, the writing the words and getting your poems right, that’s long hard work by yourself. So that work is all done. All I have to do now, if somebody says, 'We're doing an album,' then then I go intosix weeks' worth of solid songwriting, and then I’ve got 10 songs."

Because there is no new material to rehearse, the "mantra" for this tour is "Let's just have a good time and value the friendships and the history that really underpins this whole experience that we've had over these years," according to Buckingham. The dynamic between the band members is still, to some degree, something that is a work in progress.
"It takes a little pressure off, not having to kind of reinvent anything this particular time," Buckingham said. "And I think, because of that, we are actually able to just look at the body of work and choose from that and just have a little bit more fun with it than we would normally be able to have."

Expanded 4 Disc Boxset of Rumours (Fleetwood Mac)

Directcurrentmusic is indicating that the Rumours re-issue expected sometime this spring is going to be a 4 Disc Boxset. We know from the press release for Fleetwood Mac's Unleashed Tour that there is a DVD component to the package - so that leaves two discs of what? It's entirely possible that the 2nd disc of outtakes and demos that was included in the 2004 remastered edition of Rumours could be included with this - which would leave one disc unaccounted for if that were the case.  What could possibly be on the rest? Do they really have that much lying around we've never heard before from the Rumours sessions?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Campaign To Bring Back "The Chain" to F1

Join Top Gear’s Fleetwood Mac/Formula 1 Campaign to bring "The Chain" back as the official opening Theme.

by: Jamie Hibbard

Dear The BBC,

We - the undersigned - are writing an open letter to you, urging you to once again use that part from Fleetwood Mac's The Chain as the title music to your Formula One coverage that begins this year on BBC One.

Admittedly, I was only 2 years old when you started using it in 1978, and many new viewers to F1 will have no emotional tie to it being the theme tune, but that doesn't make it any less relevant.

Using that as an excuse would be like saying that the impact of Led Zeppelin on rock 'n' roll can't be felt or appreciated by a younger audience. Heritage can be learned as well as lived through.

The Chain is inextricably linked in viewers minds as being an important part of how great it was when the BBC had F1 up until the end of 1996, and the thought of those opening bars kicking in on that first show will be like seeing a reformation gig played by a favourite band and realising that they've still got it (again, Led Zeppelin make for an easy and appropriate reference at this point, when they came back for their O2 Arena show in 2007).

The Fleetwood Mac album Rumours from which the track came was created by a band in utter turmoil at the time, but this would be nowhere close to the kind of bitterness we will feel if The Chain wasn't to become the opening title music of your new F1 show.

So please The BBC, we implore you, use The Chain. You know it makes sense.

All the best,

Jamie Hibbard
(And everyone else at Top Gear, and the undersigned.)

Go on, it's the comments below that count, so add your voice to the list and fight the good fight!

To Add Your Vote:

Illume is a Winner!

According to a posting on The Ledge, Stevie's horse in Australia that she is part owner of "Illume", has won his first race at Wyong in New South Wales, this past Thursday... Congratulations Stevie!!

Article Posted:

Herald Sun, February 16, 2009

LEGENDARY US hit maker Stevie Nicks has had her first taste of success as a racehorse owner.

Nicks part-owns a thoroughbred with leading promoter Andrew McManus, his wife Jacqueline and business partner Patrick Prendergast.

The speedy four-year-old gelding, called Illume, won his first race at Wyong in New South Wales on Thursday.

Illume was bought as a yearling for $240,000 in 2005, and has had just four starts.

Originally trained by Gai Waterhouse, the horse had to be spelled for 18 months after contracting equine influenza during the outbreak that closed racing in Sydney in 2007.

Now trained by John Hawkes, Illume started a short-priced favourite when it saluted in the 1000m maiden handicap at Wyong.

McManus said he called the famed Fleetwood Mac singer after the race.

``She is pumped. She is wrapped,'' he said. ``She is getting a photo done and has been watching a replay of the race on the internet.''

Nicks was bitten by the racing bug when she was a guest of McManus's at the Melbourne Cup in 2005.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mick Fleetwood Audio Interview on WMGK

Mick Fleetwood Audio Interview
February 12, 2009

Mick Fleetwood Spoke with Debbi Calton at WMGK in Philadelphia on February 12th over the phone.  Mick elaborates on the Rumours Re-Issue that's coming out (hopefully soon!) and about the upcoming tour etc. - confirming that Oh Well will likely be in the set.  Also spoke about seeing Christine in England recently and about his release in North America of Blue Again.

She had a lovely chat with Mick Fleetwood about the Rumours CD/DVD set reissue and the upcoming UNLEASHED TOUR.

Hear the interview and download it:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fleetwood Mac (Stevie) Defends Triple-Digit Ticket Prices
by Jim Allen

Maybe Stevie Nicks is hoping that the less-than-favorable public response to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's recent public address will create an outcry for a new economic whiz to fill his Cabinet post. That could be why she's been displaying her razor-sharp financial acumen in the press recently.

Responding to the fact that tickets for Fleetwood Mac's upcoming tour will be going for up to $150.00, Nicks began by declaring her heartfelt desire to abjure commerce entirely, saying "We wish we didn't have to charge anything...we're performance artists." Unfortunately, it's not that simple for this humble band of multi-duodecuple Platinum-sellers, and this is where Nicks' crafty cash smarts come in. "The price of life in general is a gazillion dollars more than it was four years ago," explained Nicks, tallying time in the increments between Fleetwood Mac tours. While we don't have the official figures in front of us, we're fairly certain that Nicks' numbers are at least half a gazillion off. You know what will cost exactly the same amount as it would have four years ago, though? The peer-to-peer digital procurement of the inevitable live album from the aforementioned tour by these sympathy-inducing victims of their own fiscal times.   Just sayin'...