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Fleetwood Mac “Unleashed” Tour at the St. Pete Times Forum April 22 - Tickets available starting at just $35.00!

Tickets are available for the Fleetwood Mac concert Wednesday, April 22 at the St. Pete Times Forum, an experience many are considering for one of the hottest live shows around! And with prices starting at just $35.00, it promises to be an entertainment treat that most anyone can enjoy.

The sure-to-be-historic "Unleashed" Tour, which began on March 1 in Pittsburgh, is an epic cross-country trek featuring 44 shows in major markets. The tour will include all of the Mac's many greatest hits from over the course of the band's extraordinary career. Fleetwood Mac, the multi-Grammy winning, multi-platinum Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees are back on the road for the first time in five years following several successful solo projects.

Tickets for this event are on sale now at the MCDONALD’S BOX OFFICE at the St. Pete Times Forum and all Ticketmaster Outlets including FYE. To order tickets by phone, call Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000. Tickets are priced at $35.00, $49.50, $79.50, and $149.50. Prices do not include service charges.



ET is with Fleetwood Mac front woman Stevie Nicks for a truth-telling interview about her botox botch and her secrets to keeping fit and staying young at 60 years old.

Stevie recounts the horrific day when she realized her "botox nightmare." "When I woke up the next morning, my entire face had fallen down to around my nose. And I had totally triangle eye brows," she tells ET.

Now Stevie is looking like her beautiful self again and says her secret to staying in shape is the exercise apparatus Power Play.

Watch the video for more with the rock legend and check out her new CD The Soundstage Sessions, as well as her new DVD, 'Live in Chicago.'

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Stevie Nicks -- Still Rockin' Out at 60!

Rock n' Roll legend Stevie Nicks is back with a new CD/DVD, and she's opening up about her childhood and rocky relationship Lindsay Buckingham!



The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick 
Larry Flick a Veteran Billboard editor/pop/culture commentator interviewed Stevie Nicks today for his daily talk-radio show "OutQ In The Morning" on Sirius/OutQ Channel 109. His show airs weekdays from 7am to 11am (eastern time). 

According to Larry, his interview with Stevie will air on Wednesday April 8, 2009.

If you don't have a Sirius receiver, you can check it out for free by going to and entering your email address. That'll get you a three-day free trial of listening!


Stevie's short appearance on the Today Show promoting Live in Chicago and The Soundstage Sessions


Stevie Nicks Wants To Work With Timbaland, Opens Up About Collaborating With Prince
Fleetwood Mac singer admits Prince co-wrote 'Stand Back.'
By Rya Backer and Kim Stolz

For a person who's proud to own neither a computer nor a cell phone, one doesn't expect to hear the name "Timbaland" at the top of Stevie Nicks' list of potential collaborators. When we asked legendary Fleetwood Mac frontwoman about rumors that she was interested in working with Timbaland, she exclaimed, "Oh, I would love to!" But as far as what their work together might sound like, she replied, "Well, I don't really know, so that's why it's exciting."

While this might be news to some of her fans, Nicks — who is currently on tour with Fleetwood Mac — said she's long been a fan of R&B, "I learned to sing to R&B artists, not rock and roll or country artists," she said. "That was my first love, strangely enough. I am really very, very R&B, for my own music. When I'm listening just for my own fun, when I'm dancing around my apartment, I'm pretty much listening to R&B," she continued, noting that she's a fan of both contemporary and classic artists in the genre.

That love came into play more than two decades ago, when she collaborated with Prince. The story began on the first night of her honeymoon with Kim Anderson, to whom she was briefly married. "I'm driving to my honeymoon night in Santa Barbara from L.A., and 'Little Red Corvette' comes on," she recalled. "We're like oh my God, it's Prince! So I start singing all these words, and I'm like, 'Pull over, we have to get a cassette player! And we have to record this!' I'm writing in the car — here we are, newlyweds, and we get to our hotel and we're setting up the tape recorder and I've made up my whole new melody to [the song]. So I haven't really ripped off the song, because I'm admitting that I have done this. So we go into a studio in Los Angeles a couple weeks later and I track down Prince's phone number — and because I'm Stevie Nicks, I can get it.

"I call him, and I never thought he was going to answer, or that it would be him, or that I would ever find him — and he answers. I said, 'Prince, this is Stevie Nicks, and I wrote a song to your song 'Little Red Corvette,' and we're at Sunset Sound right now, and I was wondering — first of all, I wanted to tell you that I'm giving you 50 percent of [the royalties] it if it ever goes anywhere, but are you in town? If you are, how would you feel about coming down and playing on it?' Never in a million years did I think this man would be like, 'I'll be right there.' He was there in 20 minutes and he played [she mimes instrumental parts of the song] on 'Stand Back,' and he was there an hour and a half, and then he left."

But that was far from the end of their musical relationship. "Prince and I became really good friends," she said, "and he actually gave me a cassette, and said, 'There's a song on it, and I would like you to write.' I take it home and put it on, and I'm listening to this like amazing song ... and it's 'Purple Rain'! And I'm like, I can't write a song to this! It [wasn't] 'Purple Rain' yet, but it [was] the track that became 'Purple Rain.' "

Times have changed since in the past 25 years, but Nicks is still writing new music, and thinking of new collaborators, like Timbaland. When asked what he might think of her interest in working with him, Nicks laughed and said, "Of course, he'll hear about this and go 'Oh my God, why in the world?' "

Tim, it's your move.


Stevie Nicks appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Last Night:


Jerry Penacoli interviewed Stevie Nicks... Watch the full interview on EXTRA Thursday April 2nd... Stevie Nicks raw and uncensored.

EXTRA . Check local listings.


Nicks of the North
Is there a Canadian home in the Fleetwood Mac singer's future?

Stevie Nicks -- future Canadian resident?

Don't laugh, the 60-year-old singer just returned from performing Fleetwood Mac shows in Montreal and Toronto and really likes it up north.

And there's still three Western Canadian dates in May.

"It was fantastic because we actually got to be in Canada for a while instead of just flying in and out," said Nicks, down the line from New York City to chat up her new solo releases, the Live in Chicago DVD and The Soundstage Sessions CD, released Tuesday.

"I really like Canada, and I think it's really friendly and we laugh because we think it's more romantic than the United States. I'm sorry, United States, because I'm from here but we see more people walking around holding hands there, we see more of an intimate relationship going on there than the hustle and bustle of the United States. Of course, I love my country, but it's kind of like I think, 'Gee, you know when I'm done with all this maybe I'll just get a really cool penthouse apartment somewhere in Canada.' "

Just 17 shows into the Fleetwood Mac -- Greatest Hits Unleashed Tour (and 40 to go) Nicks says she's enjoying herself.

But Nicks says performing as a solo act, as she does on both her new live CD/DVD, taking on covers like Dave Matthews' Crash Into Me, inviting singer-pianist Vanessa Carlton to join her on stage and telling an incredible story about writing Dreams in Sly Stone's black velvet studio in Sausalito, Calif., is quite different than being part of the group.

"When I'm in my own band, I'm really talkative, I really try to tell stories, I really try to relate to the audience and I become more who I really am," said Nicks.
"When I'm in Fleetwood Mac I become that more mysterious, quieter creature.


"And that's always been since the very beginning. People have said to me, 'Well, you know you could get out there a little bit more since Lindsey (Fleetwood Mac guitarist Buckingham) is running around the stage like a crazy whirling dervish.' And I'm going, 'But I don't do that.' What am I supposed to do? Do a tap dance? Or cartwheels? Or jump down in the splits? What should I do to keep up with Lindsey? So I don't try."

Nicks, meanwhile, said her bum knees and hip have improved due to some serious workouts on something called A Power Plate, developed by the Russians for astronauts.

She actually fell on stage during a solo performance at Casino Rama in 2007.
"It's kind of this vibrating plate and you stand on it and you just do little yoga positions and it's all of 14 minutes. But I've been doing this every other day for a year and I have really fixed my knees and my hip and I'm in pretty darn good shape. We took it with us on the road. It's this big ass machine and we built a big case for it and we roll it in and we use it."

That doesn't mean her signature high-heeled suede boots aren't a pain to put on every night.

"It is a very big pain because I don't wear heels in my regular life," said Nicks. "So putting on the platforms again to walk around for two hours and 20 minutes -- well, it's horrible. From the time you put them on to when you take them off is about three hours. I may be donning my Canadian black fur suede wedge boots in the future because I'm ju
st about ready to throw all those boots out on the street because they're killing me. They're taking my mind off my singing because my feet hurt so bad."

Nicks said she may even revert to the platform tennis shoes she wore on previous Fleetwood Mac tours.

"You know what? They worked. And I wore the velvet leg warmers that covered up half of them and I mean I thought it was really important to the fans to wear the boots. But now I'm starting to think, 'You know what? So I'll wear boots for the first four songs and then they get to see them. And then I'll put them back on at the end.' "

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New MyMickTV episode posted - Mick Fleetwood at Barnes and Noble CD signing - New York City.


ET was there as Stevie Nicks met enthusiastic fans at Barnes & Noble in New York's Union Square during her very first in-store appearance.

The 60-year-old multiple Grammy winner and legendary Fleetwood Mac singer greeted fans and signed copies of her latest CD, The Soundstage Sessions, as well as her new DVD, Live in Chicago.

"This is really fun for me I am enjoying it, and I'm very proud of this 1985 - 2009," Stevie says. "I have the best fans. They are very honorable and very polite. They get excited but they are really sweet and I love that. I have wonderful fans."

There has never been a shortage of Stevie Nicks look-alikes and impersonators -- both men and women -- and some of them showed up to her first-ever in-store signing. Watch the video to hear how they are inspired by the original "Gold Dust Woman."

"It's a dream come true," says one adoring fan. "I've waited over 20 years to meet her. She's just so gracious and so loving. She wants to meet all her fans. She can't often do that so this is a real treat for everybody. We've followed her for years and years, and she's just beautiful."

Nicks is once again performing with Fleetwood Mac, which earlier this month kicked off its "Unleashed" nationwide tour, the group's first tour in five years.