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Philly Photos - Stevie Nicks & Rod Stewart - Wells Fargo 4/5/11

Photos by Cherui

Stevie Nicks "Secret Love" AC & Triple A Chart Update **New High Position**

In Billboard Magazine issue dated April 16th - Stevie's new single "Secret Love" moves up two positons on the Adult Contemporary Charts to # 21 in it's 6th week on the chart (with a bullet). On the strength of increased radio station adds and play week over week, the song is on a roll.  AC Charts are a slow burn, so tunes take awhile to ascend up the charts... They also linger on the charts longer.  The song was also one of the "Most Added" songs of the week to station playlists picking up 4 additional stations around the US.

Over on Triple A radio, the song moves up one position to # 25 (with a bullet) on increased play as well.  It's not likely to achieve a much higher position then say #20 at this point as there haven't been any new Triple A radio station adds in the last couple of weeks.  But you never know, with her appearance on Oprah coming up and if the "Secret Love" video would be released, it may turn things around.

Dave Stewart & Stevie Nicks - The Blackbird Diaries, Vol. 1 (Sizzle Reel)


The Blackbird Diaries is expected to be released late Spring or Summer... It features Dave and Stevie on their duet "Cheaper Than Free"

"Hopefully, you've already seen the preview (aka "sizzle reel") of Stevie Nicks' upcoming solo album "In Your Dreams" (May 3) which is actually footage from a companion documentary / long-form music video directed by the album's co-producer Dave Stewart. Everything about it is stunning. Stewart also has an album coming out this summer, as well as a companion film. So it makes sense that he gets his own sizzle reel, which features Stevie and Stewart singing / recording at her home, dancing in her living room, etc. The same team that cut this trailer also worked on Stevie's documentary as well as the music video for her first single "Secret Love." Stewart, who appears to be a little over-committed these days, has a problem with premature Tweet-a-lation, promising sexy things like a release date for the Secret Love video that came and went. A new tweet says something is coming April 12, and Stevie allows Oprah to be in her presence the next day, so consider this foreplay. This video features a radiant Stevie, still supernaturally gorgeous on the edge of 63."

I'm confused... Where did this come from!?

(Review) Stevie Nicks | Rod Stewart - Philadelpha, PA 4/5/11

Photo by: Gilbert Carrasquillo
Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks take on age differently at Philadelphia show
by John J. Moser

If there’s one thing Tuesday’s concert by Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center proved, it’s that time, indeed, marches on.

But the way each marched made all the difference.

With Stewart now 66 and Nicks turning 63 next month, the two raspy voices that produced an astounding 65 Top 40 hits from 1971-91 are now both significantly diminished – constricted in range and depth.

But while Nicks’ marched has turned into a slower, lighter and – dare I say it, matronly -- step to adjust for the limitations of voice and age, Stewart barreled forward with a damn-the-torpedoes attitude that made his set far more enjoyable, faults and all.

Read the full review at Lehigh Valley Music

Also a mention of the concert on The Feast

Appearing in a double-bill last night as part of their Heart & Soul Tour, aging rockers Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks thrilled the capacity Wells Fargo crowd with a series of hits from their heyday.

Leather and Lace - Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks - Philadelphia 4/5/11

The big news out of Philadelphia last night was the change to the setlist where "Passion" was dropped and replaced with "Leather and Lace". Here's one video of the duet.

Not bad.... Love the way Stevie harmonizes on this actually... They need a little practice you can tell, but pretty good for a first run.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

HMV UK Reveals Bonus Track for Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams"

1. Secret Love
2. For What It's Worth
3. In Your Dreams
4. Wide Sargasso Sea
5. New Orleans
6. Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)
7. Annabel Lee
8. My Heart [UK Bonus Track]
9. Soldier's Angel
10. Everybody Loves You
11. Ghosts Are Gone
12. You May Be The One
13. Italian Summer
14. Cheaper Than Free

So.. Are we shocked, surprised, indifferent... HAPPY!? I'm happy! Love the 2001 version that showed up on a german pressing of the album, but it was likely re-recorded with new vocals and maybe a tweek here and there, so who knows what this version if changed will sound like...  Hopefully it's a universal bonus track in all countries.  We'll see!

NEW Photo of Stevie Nicks by Kristin Burns from May issue of Elle Magazine

Gold Dust Women
From the new-wave vocal powerhouses to indie-minded breakouts to enduring legends who still rock our world, ELLE honors the women in music sounding off in 2011

Stevie Nicks
On her music: “What I always wanted was to affect people. Especially women in rock ‘n’ roll and what they could write about. We are a force of nature.”

On writing: “I have truckloads of leather-bound journals. And when I’m long gone, my niece and all my fairy goddaughters will get to read about my songs and how they happened. They’ll have my whole life in their hands.”

Elle is on shelves April 12th

Not much to add to this tweet except for... Could it finally be the video?

This just in... 

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Rumours The Book by Fleetwood Mac Producer Ken Caillat - Now on Facebook...Here are the details

by Ken Caillat

The Inside Story of the Fleetwood Mac album that defined an era. 
Making Rumours tells the story of that year of creating this album: the infighting, pain, spectacle and excess of a star-crossed, storm-tossed band, and how all that tumult and tragedy was distilled into the grooves of one of the greatest rock-and-roll albums of all time.

Rumours got its name from the incessant media gossip that surrounded its making, but all the gossip — past and present — has been just that: gossip. Outsiders have tried and failed to tell this story, but a true insider is telling it now for the first time. My name is Ken Caillat, and I am the album’s Grammy-winning producer. In the book, Making Rumours, I chronicle the creation of the record, giving a behind-the-scenes account of the people who experienced it: the band members and producers; their lovers and friends; their roadies and security guards; the record execs and lawyers; and everyone else who was lucky enough to be along for the ride as we made the album.

Ken Caillat has started a Facebook page for his soon to be published book and has so far posted a couple of excerpts from the introduction and Chapater 1.  Please help support this effort by heading on over to the "Rumours The Book" Facebook page and hit the "Like" button up top.  It is my understanding that the book doesn't have a publisher yet.  Maybe with some Fleetwood Mac fan community support we can bring some awareness to his project and help get the attention of a publisher to get the book published.  

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3 New Station Adds For "Secret Love" - Poised For Top 20

The latest Stevie Nicks single "Secret Love" continues on it's journey up the charts.  Three more stations came onboard over this last week adding "Secret Love" to their play list increasing the total number of AC stations in the US playing the track to 26.  A lot less in terms of station adds compared to the 10 stations that picked up the track the previous week, but nonetheless stations are still picking up the track.

Radio Station Adds this past week:
KKCW-FM Portland - AC
KRBB-FM Wichita - AC
WBBQ-FM Augusta - AC

At the Triple A format there are a total of 25 radio stations in the US playing the track bring the overall total of stations to 51 - which is pretty good... Stevie hasn't had a single do this well at radio since 2001!  Radio play at Adult Contemporary continues to be her strongest format and the single looks poised to enter Billboards top 20 AC Charts for the issue dated April 16th.  It's currently # 23.

With less than a month to go before "In Your Dreams" is released (May 3rd), "Secret Love" has the potential to be top 15 by release date.  With her appearance on Oprah later in the month (April 13th), exposure like that will only bring greater awareness for the album and the single.

"Secret Love" is available now on itunes

(Review) Toronto Sun Full Page Scan + Globe & Mail and Montreal La Presse Stevie Nicks & Rod Stewart

The Globe and Mail Review
"A Nostalgic Ride Aboard The Love Train"
April 4, 2011 by Brad Wheller
(Click to Enlarge)

Rod Stewart et Stevie Nicks au Centre Bell
Péter le feu, la voix éteinte
by Alain De Repentigny
Montreal La Presse April 2, 2011

Sur une scène, Rod Stewart n’a pas son pareil. Il peut minauder, nous refaire le coup des ballons de soccer qu’il botte à des distances impressionnantes, exhiber ses complets aux couleurs voyantes et entraîner ses 13 musiciens et choristes dans son festival de changements de costumes, on en redemande. Les 10 668 spectateurs qui étaient au Centre Bell vendredi vous le confirmeront, le Britannique de 66 ans donne encore un spectacle très efficace.

Autre bonne nouvel le, Stewart a mis un terme à son flirt avec le répertoire du Great American Songbook, dont il n’était pas l’interprète le plus convaincant. Il y avait donc dans ce spectacle d’une heure et demie des chansons bien à lui qui en ont fait la vedette que l’on sait, et d’autres de Tom Waits, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, Chuck Berry et Sam Cooke qu’il s’est approprié au fil des ans.
Ajoutez à cela une belle scène aérée d’un blanc immaculé, des projections souvent amusantes sur grand écran et des accompagnateurs compétents et enthousiastes et vous comprendrez pourquoi le public du Centre Bell ne lui a offert aucune résistance.

L’ennui , c ’ est que Rod Stewart n’est plus le chanteur qu’il était. Malgré tout le plaisir qu’il peut encore procurer à son public, ce n’est pas un détail. Sa voix si particulière, qui a été sa marque de commerce avant qu’on ne découvre son personnage de scène, n’a plus la puissance d’antan. En vieux pro qu’il est, Stewart tente tant bien que mal de nous le cacher, mais c’est peine perdue. Au début, on se dit que c’est peut-être la musique qui la noie, cette voix, mais, quand l’accompagnement est discret, comme pendant Have I Told You Lately, il faut se rendre à l’évidence : la voix est faiblarde, éteinte.

Heureusement pour lui, le public vient souvent à sa rescousse, reprenant en choeur les refrains de ses chansons. Et voix diminuée ou pas, Forever Young, qu’il a chantée pour son fils Aiden, né à la mi-février, demeure une superbe chanson.

Stevie Nicks : sympathique
Les deux duos avec la covedette de la soirée, Stevie Nicks, n’ont rien arrangé. L’exchanteuse de Fleetwood Mac, que Stewart a présentée comme « l’une des grandes voix du XXe siècle » , n’avait ni le coffre ni le souffle pour aider son copain Rod. Passion n’était pas très réussie, mais quand même pas aussi mauvaise que Young Turks, dans laquelle la voix de Nicks s’enlisait pendant que Stewart s’épongeait le visage.

La performance de 75 minutes de Stevie Nicks en début de programme a été au mieux sympathique. La chanteuse triche un peu elle aussi. Moins souple, sa voix est encore plus monocorde et elle a déjà mieux rendu ses propres succès ( Edge of Seventeen, Stand Back) et ceux qu’elle a chantés avec Fleetwood Mac ( Gold Dust Woman, Dreams, Rhiannon). Elle n’a pas la présence d’un Rod Stewart et son personnage de fée commence à être usé, tout autant que les princesses, les sorcières et les chevaux blancs qui paradent sur l’écran derrière.

N’empêche, le public était content de réentendre ces chansons que tout le monde connaît, servies par un groupe compétent sous la direction du vétéran Waddy Wachtel.

La chanteuse est nettement plus à son avantage dans des chansons dépouillées comme la touchante Landslide, indissociable de son papa qu’on voyait à l’écran. Malheureusement, au rappel, un bruit assourdissant vraisemblablement causé par son micro a complètement saboté une autre chanson intimiste, Love Is. Qu’à cela ne tienne, le problème a été réglé in extremis et Stevie Nicks a quitté la scène visiblement ravie de l’accueil du public montréalais.

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Stevie Nicks Called in LIVE Tonight to NYC Radio Station Q104.3 - Here's The Interview

Stevie Nicks called in live tonight April 3rd to NYC radio station Q104.3 New York's Classic Rock

Stevie spoke with Jonathan Clarke over the phone, the interview is about 13 minutes long.  Stevie touches on more of the recording process for "In Your Dreams" with Dave calling the whole process "the time of her life" and she wanted to cry when it was over. Talked about the documentary which Dave is "as we speak" continuing to edit... mentions that 4 videos are filmed plus how in November she called in Lindsey to help out on Soldier's Angel because with the band they just couldn't make it better then the demo she recorded and she was NOT putting out this album unless Soldiers Angel was on it.  Dave and Glenn Ballard recorded Lindsey and Stevie live at her house, while being filmed.  She also talks about what Secret Love is about and playing the great Madison Square Garden... Good interview!

Here's the link to interview page where you can either stream the interview or download.