Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM LIVE Morristown, NJ - September 29th Tickets on sale June 24th

Mayo Performing Arts Center
September 29, 2011

MEMBERS: Thursday June 23rd
PUBLIC: Friday June 24th
Ticket Prices:

Stevie Nicks on BBC 6 Music with Lauren Laverne June 22nd 10am-1pm

Lauren Laverne BBC 6
The 10am - 1pm show on 6Music with Lauren Laverne.
Tomorrow, 10:00 on BBC 6 Music

Stevie Nicks will be on BBC Breakfast
June 22, 2011 with Andy Serkis

STEVIE NICKS LIVE Noblesville, IN (Indianapolis) - August 17th Tickets On Sale 6/24

Verizon Wireless Music Center
Noblesville, IN
Wed, Aug 17, 2011

Onsale to General Public
Friday, 06/24/11 10:00 AM EDT

Ticket Prices:
US $25.00 to US $201.00

Monday, June 20, 2011

MEET STEVIE NICKS IN LONDON! HMV Oxford Circus June 27th - 6pm Signing NEW album In Your Dreams.

Stevie Nicks @ hmv Oxford Circus
In order for Stevie to meet as many fans as possible we ask that only the new album, In Your Dreams, is submitted for a signature. To avoid disappointment, please do not present any other albums or items of memorabilia for a signature. Copies of the new album will be available to buy from the store on the day of the event from 8.30am.

HMV-Facebook Event

WOW!  How exciting!!!

NEW Video: Lindsey Buckingham opens up about how he decided to self-release his forthcoming solo album Seeds We Sow

Enter the password: bullettlindsey

In this video filmed by Bullett Magazine, Fleetwood Mac singer and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham opens up about how he decided to self-release his forthcoming solo album Seeds We Sow, his ambivalence about the massive success of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and how the band's experimental followup Tusk changed the course of his career.

The full synopsis at Rollingstone

(Review) In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks ★★★★/5 by Allgigs

In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks Album Review
Paul Pledger

Upon studying the sleeve to Stevie Nicks' first album in a decade, you're almost transformed back to a time when album-art was determined by mystical imagery of white horses, moonlight and lace-adorned top-hatted blonde-haired singers - and then you realise that you're not in the '70s, you're in the 21st-century eyeing up Nicks', hamming it up in an extravagant white dress on the inlay for "In Your Dreams". How time's don't change - she's still keeping it 'chiffon'.

Fleetwood Mac certainly don't look like reforming again anytime soon (the last group release was the acclaimed "Say You Will" in 2003), but "In Your Dreams" does at least herd three of the favoured line-up together again - Nicks (obviously), Buckingham and Fleetwood contribute at various points. Main right-hand man to Nicks, however, turns out to be Dave Stewart, a huge name in his own right, both as a producer to the stars and erstwhile founder member of Eurythmics. King session-musician, Waddy Wachtel, also makes a few appearances, as does Heartbreakers member, Mike Campbell.

As Stevie Nicks albums go, this rates as one of her best, mainly due to its consistent delivery of pin-sharp rock-songs and beguiling choruses. From early track "Secret Love" (rumoured to have been mooted for the self-titled Mac album of 1977), kicks things off in typical fashion and has already done a turn on American radio - it's true grown-ups' pop-rock, but that doesn't make a dull prospect by any means. The album continues favourably with "For What It's Worth" and the first Stewart/Nicks co-composition, "In Your Dreams", giving the impression that her upcoming exclusive UK appearance at Hard Rock Calling may prove to be a special treat after all.

In truth, there aren't that many poor moments amongst the 14 songs, although mawkishness does sneak into "Soldier's Angel" - yet she can ramp up some classic hooks, particularly on "Moonlight" and the Edgar Allan Poe-influenced, "Annabel Lee". I suppose my only criticism of "In Your Dreams" is its length - we live in an age of drawn-out albums and, at 69 minutes, yes you get value for money, but you also get a couple of songs too many, methinks. Otherwise, Stevie Nicks still knows how to paint a picture and sing a song.

"Secret Love" Enters Top 100 UK Radio Airplay Chart...

UK Radio Airplay Chart for the week Sun Jun 12 to Sat Jun 18 inclusive

Stevie Nicks - Secret Love enters the Top 100 UK Radio Airplay Chart at # 54 with 177 plays on UK monitored radio stations for the week ending June 18th. That's an increase of 59 plays over last week where it's position on the chart was # 113.

Impacts: 15.99 million (which means potential listeners)

The UK Airplay Chart is compiled by Radiomonitor from the music played on 316 UK radio stations or 99.7% of UK radio by audience (Rajar Q2 2010).

The weekly chart follows the Official Chart Company (OCC) chart week i.e. Sunday to Saturday inclusive.

This chart is compiled by http://www.radiomonitor.com/

Italian Summer - Stevie Nicks The Q 50 Essential Tracks to Download - Q Magazine

Q50 / June 2011 / TRACK 8
Italian Summer
Huge, surprisingly moving, string-laden paean to lost innocence and fractured relationships with kitchen-sink production from the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman's new hit'n'miss solo release.

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Album Of The Week - Ireland Radio 1 Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams"

In Your Dreams/Stevie Nicks

Tracks from the Radio 1 Album of the Week can be heard over the week on Risin' Time, The Ronan Collins Show and Late Date.

RTERadio1 - Ireland

Sunday, June 19, 2011

BBC Radio 2 Album Of The Week + Stevie Nicks talks about solo life after Fleetwood Mac

BBC Radio 4:  June 24th at 7:15pm Kristy Lang interviews Stevie Nicks on the Frontrow programme.

"Stevie Nicks talks about solo life after Fleetwood Mac"

BBC Radio 2: June 26th at 3pm on Johnnie Walker's Sounds of the 70s - Johnnie spins tracks to mark Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart's headline-slots at Hard Rock Calling.

BBC Radio 2
Album of the Week
STEVIE NICKS "In Your Dreams"

"Secret Love" remains on the A List on BBC Radio 2 for a second week guaranteeing approx. 20 plays of the track on the station across various programmes.  This week "In Your Dreams" receives the coveted position of "Album Of The Week" which means tracks from the album will be played all week on Ken Bruce's and Alex Lester's programmes.

Fleetwood Mac Chart Action... Australia | UK | Ireland | The Netherlands

Australia | The Netherlands | Ireland | UK

# 02 - Top 50 Catalogue Chart - Week ending 6/20/2011
# 06 - Top 50 Digital Albums Chart - week ending 06/20/2011
# 20 - Top 50 Albums Chart - week ending 6/20/2011

In Australia Rumours remains at # 2 on the Catalogue Chart this week, moves up 1 place to # 6 on the Digital Albums Chart over last week and drops from # 13 last week to # 20 this week on the main Top 50 Albums Chart.

# 74 - Top 100 Albums Chart - week ending 6/16/2011, down from # 64 last week.

The Last 7 weeks in Ireland

Wk 1: # 30 - 05/05/2011
Wk 2: # 15 - 05/12/2011
Wk 3: # 25 - 05/19/2011
Wk 4: # 25 - 05/26/2011
Wk 5: # 52 - 06/02/2011
Wk 6: # 64 - 06/09/2011
Wk 7: # 74 - 06/16/2011

# 13 - Top 50 Back Catalogue Chart - week ending 06/18/2011, down from # 6 last week

The Last 7 weeks in The Netherlands:
Wk 1: # 52 - 05/07/2011
Wk 2: # 07 - 05/14/2011
Wk 3: # 13 - 05/21/2011
Wk 4: # 12 - 05/28/2011
Wk 5: # 10 - 06/04/2011
Wk 6: # 06 - 06/11/2011
Wk 7: # 13 - 06/18/2011

# 89 Top 100 Albums Chart week ending 6/23/2011, down from # 71 last week.

Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" dropped off the Top Catalogue Chart after spending 5 weeks on May 21st through June 18th - a pretty good run for the album... Up to week 22 of this year (May 30th - June 5th) sales numbers YTD for the album stand at 75,000 units sold in the US alone and currently places Rumours at #20 on the Top 20 selling Catalogue Titles for 2011.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ireland Release Date for Lindsey Buckingham's "Seeds We Sow" is Sept 2nd

Warner Music Ireland will be distributing Lindsey's new album "Seeds We Sow" for Ireland via Eagle Rock. It's due Friday 2nd September.