Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lindsey Buckingham "One Man Show" Now Available at itunes

Lindsey Buckingham 
"One Man Show" 
Now Available at itunes 

Solo Acoustic Live Album 
"One Man Show" 
Release Date: November 13, 2012

Legendary guitarist, singer/songwriter, Grammy winner, producer and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame member Lindsey Buckingham has released his first ever solo acoustic live album, Lindsey Buckingham: One Man Show. The album, recorded live and in one take from his Hoyt Sherman Place show in Des Moines, Iowa on September 1st, is a raw and unmixed performance that includes many of his hits. Get One Man Show now, exclusively on iTunes.

Buckingham says, “As an artist, you need to seek out what is essential and discard what is inessential, to always keep an eye on what lives at the center. That was the impetus for this performance. My center has always been voice and guitar, and as I've evolved, I've looked to broaden the range and vocabulary of that center. So when I decided to tour in 2012, it suddenly felt as though I'd been working towards something, that I'd arrived at a new place. I sensed it was time to do something I'd never done: A one man show. This performance is from a single night in Des Moines, Iowa, taken right off the console mix, with a couple of room mikes added in. It's live and raw, with no post-production. I love it! It captures not only the spirit of the performance, but also the spirit of where I now live as an artist.”

Lindsey Buckingham: One Man Show – Track Listing

1. Cast Away Dreams
2. Bleed To Love Her
3. Not Too Late

4. Stephanie
5. Come

6. Shut Us Down
7. Go Insane
8. Never Going Back Again
9. Big Love
10. So Afraid
11. Go Your Own Way

12. Trouble
13. Seeds We Sow

Buckingham is concluding his year long trek of sold out solo acoustic shows that have garnered rave reviews across the US. The intimate and stripped down setting on the road has truly displayed the immense talents of this legendary performer.


Lindsey Buckingham - One Man Show 
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"THIS IS 40"
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Released December 21, 2012
Lindsey Buckingham contributed three new songs
"Sick of You", "Brother and Sister" & "She Acts Like You"
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Monday, November 12, 2012

"Trouble" at The Orange Peel

Lindsey Buckingham Live at The Orange Peel
by: Jason Bugg

When he walked out on stage I thought for a moment that I might hate him. His hair is well-coiffed and curly on top, his leather jacket tight, his jeans tighter and his shirt unbuttoned a little too far and displaying a cross necklace on his sweaty, hairless chest. He wears boots with a slight lift in them and he sucks in his cheeks while standing still on stage. Every movement in done in a completely self-conscious manner and many of the self-penned songs he performs references the author as a “visionary”.

The man was Lindsey Buckingham, and everything about him screamed Southern California sleaze; too much money for too long coupled with a lot of cocaine in his distant past. The Peruvian Bam-Bam is gone now, and the rock legend remains. His delivery is slower and less frantic than it has been in the past, but each moment is measured and calculated for maximum effect. But despite the personality quirks and an ego-maniacal persona, his show at the Orange Peel on November 11, 2012 was good. Damn good.

Full Review at Jasonbugg.com

Not Too Late
Awesome video Elle!

The Latest "One Man Show" Preview from Lindsey Buckingham

"Bleed To Love Her"
From Lindsey's live acoustic album
Available Tuesday via itune.

Great song that first appeared on the live Fleetwood Mac album "The Dance" in 1997 as a full on band version and was subsequently released as a studio version on the 2003 "Say You Will" album.

Lindsey Buckingham Live Tonight in Knoxville at the Bijou

Rock ’n’ roll legend plays Bijou
The Daily Beacon

Lindsey Buckingham, renowned guitarist and male lead singer of Fleetwood Mac, will perform at 8 p.m. tonight at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, TN

Buckingham, whose signature finger picking style has earned him a place on Rolling Stone's list of most influential guitarists, is touring in promotion of his new album, "Lindsey Buckingham: One Man Show," set for release this Tuesday.

His first ever solo acoustic album, "One Man Show" features recordings from a live performance in Des Moines, Iowa, where Buckingham played songs from his former Fleetwood Mac heyday, including "Never Going Back Again" and "Go Your Own Way."

Full Article at The Daily Beacon

New videos on Lindsey's VEVO Channel

Two showcase tracks "Never Going Back Again" and "Big Love" from Lindsey's 2011 show at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA and released on the live DVD/CD "Songs From The Small Machine: Live in L.A.", have been added to his official Vevo Channel.  Both tracks are featured during Lindsey's current solo tour that runs through November 20th and on tomorrow's digital only release "One Man Show".  Own the DVD/CD

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham "Soldiers Angel" Remembrance Day / Veterans Day In honor of those who fought for freedom

Remembrance Day and Veterans Day
In honor of those who fought and continue to fight for freedom across the globe.

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham "Soldiers Angel"

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: Lindsey Buckingham Live in St. Louis Nov 9th

Lindsey Buckingham show is sweet but short
By Daniel Durchholz Special to the Post-Dispatch

“Always leave them wanting more,” is a time-tested showbiz adage, but there’s such a thing as taking even good advice too much to heart. Such was the case Friday night at the Pageant, where once-and-(presumably) future Fleetwood Mac guitarist and sonic auteur Lindsey Buckingham put in a brilliant but exceedingly brief night’s work.

Clocking in at a mere 75 minutes, the show found Buckingham performing without the support of a backing band or even an opening act. Neither factor is a fault in itself. It’s often preferable at concerts to dive right into the headlining set; and solo shows can sometimes offer insights into heavily layered studio creations like Buckingham’s by stripping them bare.

So that much was fine. But the show was billed as “an evening with” Buckingham, and it was hardly that.

For the time he was onstage, however, Buckingham burned brightly, delivering dazzling guitar work and singing each song with energy and intensity.

"The show was terrific, but simply too short."

Read the full review at stltoday.com

 Twitter pics by: @speakersincode and @justjesslauren

Lindsey was spotted outside the venue after the show
Photo by @gDel_Rey

Stevie Nicks To Attend Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere - Monday in L.A.

Stevie Nicks to attend the LA premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2

Buy on itunes
According to the MaximoTV's guest list, Stevie will be at the LA Premiere of Breaking Dawn part 2 that will be held at the Nokia Theatre at LA Live on Monday Nov. 12, 2012.  Red Carpet takes place: 4:30pm - 7pm 

Stevie's song "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)" was inspired by "The Twighlight Saga New Moon" after she saw the movie in Australia in December, 2009 and the song was the catalyst for Stevie deciding to then record a new album "In Your Dreams."