Monday, November 12, 2012

"Trouble" at The Orange Peel

Lindsey Buckingham Live at The Orange Peel
by: Jason Bugg

When he walked out on stage I thought for a moment that I might hate him. His hair is well-coiffed and curly on top, his leather jacket tight, his jeans tighter and his shirt unbuttoned a little too far and displaying a cross necklace on his sweaty, hairless chest. He wears boots with a slight lift in them and he sucks in his cheeks while standing still on stage. Every movement in done in a completely self-conscious manner and many of the self-penned songs he performs references the author as a “visionary”.

The man was Lindsey Buckingham, and everything about him screamed Southern California sleaze; too much money for too long coupled with a lot of cocaine in his distant past. The Peruvian Bam-Bam is gone now, and the rock legend remains. His delivery is slower and less frantic than it has been in the past, but each moment is measured and calculated for maximum effect. But despite the personality quirks and an ego-maniacal persona, his show at the Orange Peel on November 11, 2012 was good. Damn good.

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