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Review: Fleetwood Mac Live in Portland "band was fired up and totally engaged"

JUNE 30, 2013

Photo by Megan Deans
Fleetwood Mac at the Rose Garden
BY Ned Lannamann
Portland Mercury

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Last night, four members of the Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac played the Rose Garden, offering their biggest hits and some (relative) obscurities as well. It was a great show that didn't ever feel like a routine retread through past glories—the band was fired up and totally engaged for over two and a half hours. They opened with perhaps the greatest one-two-three punch a band could ever pull off: "Second Hand News," "The Chain," and "Dreams," wasting no time whatsoever in getting to the hits.

Lindsey Buckingham held down stage left, almost overly eager to prove his guitar ability. He shredded all night long, with highlights in his now-mandatory solo rendition of "Big Love," and the lengthy face-melting solo during "I'm So Afraid." He whooped and barked at the crowd, as animated as a man without have an eightball shoved up his nose could possibly be. (Oh, wait...) He played to the back row, as if he still had something to prove—when Buckingham's magnum opus Tusk met with some resistance in 1979, it must have put a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, which he still seems to be working out.

Stevie Nicks, meanwhile, was the soul of the show, departing the stage for the numbers that weren't hers but providing a great visual focal point while she was onstage. Dressed in her trademark black chiffon skirt and an array of shawls, she looked amazing and sounded excellent, even as she elected not to reach the high notes in "Dreams" or "Rhiannon."

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SILVER SPRINGS Love that she takes a little stroll mid song around the stage... then back to the mic, spins around a few times...then continues on with the song.  Noticed the last few shows, she's really moving around a LOT on that stage, not just sticking to her little area... Great to see!
CLOSING THOUGHTS You know, every time I see them talking especially at the end of the show, and especially with Stevie's delivery, it sounds so final, like this is the last time... Years ago, they used to say "see you next time" or something to that effect... Not this time.

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Some great footage out of Spokane... Fleetwood Mac Live June 29th

JUNE 29, 2013


Sunday, June 30, 2013

2nd and Final Shows Added for Fleetwood Mac in Brisbane and Perth, Nov 14th and Nov 23rd.


To keep up with the overwhelming ticket demand, extra Brisbane & Perth shows have been added to the legendary Fleetwood Mac’s forthcoming Australian tour!

A 2nd and final Brisbane show will take place on Thursday November 14 at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre (which is actually their first date in Brisbane. The second date is Dec 2nd) and a 2nd and final Perth show will take place on Saturday November 23 at Perth Arena.

For details on the American Express pre-sale, My Live Nation pre-sale and general on-sale, head to!

Live Nation

So that 3rd Sydney date ended up becoming a 2nd Brisbane date!

Dates confirmed for Australia and New Zealand:

Nov 10: Sydney, AU - Sydney Entertainment Centre
Nov 11: Sydney, AU - Sydney Entertainment Centre
Nov 14: Brisbane, AU - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Nov 16: Hope Estate Winery - Hunter Valley
Nov 19: Adelaide, AU - Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Nov 22: Perth, AU - Perth Arena
Nov 23: Perth, AU - Perth Arena
Nov 26: Melbourne, AU - Rod Laver Arena
Nov 27: Melbourne, AU - Rod Laver Arena
Nov 30: Geelong, AU - Hill Winery - A Day On The Green
Dec 02: Brisbane, AU - Brisbane Entertainment Center

Dec 04: Auckland, NZ - Vector Arena
Dec 06: Auckland, NZ - Vector Arena
Dec 07: Auckland, NZ - Vector Arena

Ovation Channel 134 Australia: Fleetwood Mac Destiny Rules and The Story of Documentaries Air July 1 & 2

JB Hi Fi - Australia
Two Fleetwood Mac Documentaries on Australian TV this week: 

Fleetwood Mac: Destiny Rules

The legendary band reunite to record their first studio album in 15 years. Follow the ups and downs as they write and record their album Say You Will from the very beginning to the opening night of their tour. Cameras capture every moment from start to finish, giving an intimate insight into this iconic group like no documentary before.

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2004
Duration: 90mins

Fleetwood Mac: Destiny Rules - Ovation Channel #134 
7:30pm - July 1st
3:30am - July 2nd
11:30am - July 2nd

The Story of Fleetwood Mac 
Fleetwood Mac broke all of the records when the band's 1977 album, 'Rumours' became the best-selling album of the year, and it sold over 19 million copies in the US alone and a total of 40 million copies worldwide making it one of the biggest selling albums of all time. The Fleetwood Mac story begins in London in 1967 with original members Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremy Spencer, Bob Brunning (and eventually John McVie) gaining some initial success during the late '60s British blues boom. Various line-up changes would see them hit creative and commercial peak in 1975 with the release of their self-titled album 'Fleetwood Mac'. And the rest, as they say, is history. Featuring interviews with Christine McVie and Mick Fleetwood plus live footage and music videos, this insightful documentary follows the band through the highs and the lows and shows why they are one of the most famous rock bands ever.

Genre: Music
Duration: 60mins

The Story of Fleetwood Mac - Ovation Channel #134 
5:00pm - July 1st
1:00am - July 2nd
9:00am - July 2nd

Ovation Channel

Album Charts | Sales: Fleetwood Mac - U.S.A., Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK

U.S.A. July 7, 2013
Rumours jumps up the Top 200 Albums Chart this week again from #135 last week to #117 even though sales declined by 1% selling 3,604 units vs 3,627 last week.  Total U.S. sales since November, 1991 = 3,202,566.

# 117 (135) Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"

Fleetwood Mac have 4 Albums within the Top 200 Catalogue Albums Chart this week.  

Rumours moves up to #12 from #19.  

The Very Best Of moves down to #72 on a 19% sales decline selling 1,909 units during the sales period vs 2,346 the previous week.  Total U.S. sales since it's release in November, 2002 = 1,580,620.

Greatest Hits moves up to #87 from #108 with sales of 1,828 units in the U.S. up 4% vs 1,765 the previous week. Total U.S. sales since November, 1991 when soundscan began tracking actual sales = 4,668,032.

Fleetwood Mac, the 1975 white album moves down to #115 this week from #97 last week. Sales for the week were 1,591 down 13% vs 1,819 the previous week. Total U.S. sales since November, 1991 = 932,340.

# 12 (19) Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"
# 72 (52) Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of"
# 87 (108) Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits"
# 115 (97) Fleetwood Mac "Fleetwood Mac"

AUSTRALIA - July 1, 2013
In Australia with the tour announcement album sales have been steady.  Rumours moves down slightly to #69 from #53 last week. Greatest Hits moves down to #71 from #56 last week and The Very Best Of re-enters the chart at #93 and also re-enters the Top 40 Catalogue Chart at #32

# 69 (53) Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"
# 71 (56) Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits"
# 93 (R/E) Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of"

# 18 (10) Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"
# 19 (12) Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits"
# 32 (R/E) Fleetwood Mac "25 Years The Chain" Box set

# 25 (20) Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits"

IRELAND - June 27, 2013
Two albums this week in Ireland making an impact.  The Very Best Of at #92 and Greatest Hits re-entering at #100.

# 92 (78) Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of"
#100 (R/E) Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits"

CANADA - June 27, 2013
In Canada Rumours moves up to #17 from #21 and Greatest Hits moves up to #65 from #73.  Sales for Rumours in Canada since November, 1991 = 381,362 with Greatest Hits moving 196,436 in the same time frame.

# 17 (21) Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"
# 65 (73) Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits"

UK - July 6, 2013
# 56 (58) Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of"
# 75 (74) Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"

# 4 Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"

SCOTLAND - July 6, 2013
# 20 (23) Fleetwood Mac "The Dance"

VIDEO | PHOTOS: Fleetwood Mac Live in Spokane

JUNE 29, 2013
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Three's a Charm for Fleetwood Mac Live in Auckland, NZ - 3rd and Final Show Added

FLEETWOOD MAC have announced a third and final New Zealand show for December 4th, to kick off their run of dates at Auckland's Vector Arena.

The band's Stevie Nicks says about the new show: "We get to come to New Zealand so seldom, that the longer we can stay the better we like it! So excited that we are able to add a third show in Auckland!"

American Express Card holders have the first opportunity to purchase tickets, during an exclusive pre-sale beginning 12pm NZST / 10am AEST on Wednesday, July 3rd.

My Live Nation members can access pre-sale tickets for the third show from 2pm NZST / 12pm AEST on Friday, July 5th.

Tickets to the general public for the December 4th show go on sale from 11am NZST / 9am AEST on Monday, July 8th.

Live Nation Australia

FLEETWOOD MAC - New Zealand 2013

Review: Fleetwood Mac Live in Charlotte - Nicks and Buckingham Battle it out for stage supremecy

JUNE 24, 2013

Robert Lahser Photo
By Jared Faw
Salsbury Post

CHARLOTTE — More than 20,000 fans gathered in Charlotte’s Time Warner Arena to pay their respects to the mighty Fleetwood Mac – a band notorious for their love-affairs, drug use, and lethal amount of hits over the past four decades.

Although the longevity of the band has never been questioned, it was surprising to see so many 20-something year-olds in the crowd. There were plenty of Stevie Nicks impersonators, of course, draped in their black handkerchief-chiffon dresses and platform boots.

Fleetwood Mac is currently on a world tour, which will hit Australia and New Zealand before the year is over. The Australian leg of the tour sold out in a record breaking fifteen minutes, proving that the Mac still has quite the clout.

The band opened with a menagerie of hits from their landmark record, “Rumours,” which to this day is the third best-selling album in history with sales nearing 25 million. The first two songs, “Second Hand News” and “The Chain,” kept the crowd on their feet and fists pumping in the air, while the band effortlessly glided through hit after hit.

What was the most apparent all throughout the evening was just how hard this band rocks.

A special treat for more seasoned fans was the drop-jaw performance of their new single, “Sad Angel,” which was released a few weeks ago on their new EP, aptly titled, “Extended Play.”

The night became a bit more somber when Nicks introduced her signature song, “Landslide.” The definitive emotional peak of the evening, “Landslide” talks about growing older and coming to terms with both your mortality and the realization that some “mountains” simply cannot be climbed.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Stevie Nicks, still draped in diaphanous scarves and age-defying blond locks at 65

Fleetwood Mac: They may be paleolithic, but they have good bones
Oregon Live
by Michele Coppola

So you never got to see Queen with the incandescent Freddie Mercury, Journey fronted by Steve Perry, or U2 before Bono took himself so seriously. It's a loss, to be sure. But on Sunday at the Rose Garden, you'll have the chance to catch one of rock's legendary bands while they're mostly intact and can still bring it.

Fleetwood Mac is Paleolithic by pop music standards -- its first incarnation can be traced back to 1967 -- but recent reviews from previous stops on the band's current world tour attest to the fact that they're still more than the sum of their very individual, disparate parts.

Drummer Mick Fleetwood is the band's occasional manager and one of the Beatles-era originals, along with bassist John McVie. Fleetwood has also been described as the glue that's held the group together for decades, even back when they cycled through various members as a blues outfit in London.

In 1975, at a Los Angeles restaurant, Fleetwood hit the jackpot for the band's lineup, meeting the couple who would anchor the band's longest-running incarnation. Lindsey Buckingham and his girlfriend/partner Stevie Nicks brought pop and poetry to Fleetwood Mac, but like so many windfalls, they also brought more drama and turmoil to a group already rocked by substance abuse and the crumbling marriage of Christine and John McVie.

That drama eventually resulted in "Rumours," one of the best-selling albums in music history.

More telling of influence than album sales, however, is the number of 30-something women walking around today with the name Rhiannon. It's likely they've only seen videos of the person whose song inspired their name -- the band's enchanted front woman, Nicks.

There's an argument to be made that Nicks, still draped in diaphanous scarves and age-defying blond locks at 65, is the element that must be present in order for Fleetwood Mac 
to conjure magic.

And yet the creative process that resulted in some of pop's most enduring music rarely involved the band jamming together. "Rumours," as well as many subsequent Fleetwood Mac albums, came about through overdubbing and piecing together various bits and riffs recorded by the members individually, with almost all tracks written by Nicks, Christine McVie or Buckingham.

This dogged individuality has been both necessary to the band's success and nearly its undoing over the years; it's fitting that "The Chain" -- a song that the players themselves agree is the band's unofficial anthem -- is the only one in Fleetwood Mac's extensive catalog with a five-way writing credit.

It's a track that begins with one of rock music's most recognizable plucked-guitar intros, courtesy of Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac's youngest member. At 63, he remains the intense, guitar-shredding kid in the band who has always served as the catalyst for change.

Available on AmazonMP3 or iTunes
Buckingham is also the main reason Fleetwood Mac has a new four-song EP called "Extended Play," which landed in the iTunes Top 10 when it was released in April. 

At least a few of those tracks are incorporated into this tour's set, which has been running longer than 2 1/2 Hours.

While the new songs are unmistakably Fleetwood Mac creations, they are missing the sweet voice and polished keyboard work that Christine McVie brought to the mix. Retired to the English countryside since 1998, she was always the group's much-needed leavening agent. Some of her best-known songs are understandably absent from the current tour's playlist, and word is there's a thinness to the live show without her presence.

But there is still the drama of seeing Buckingham and Nicks trying to resolve whatever chemistry remains between them live on stage; lanky Mick Fleetwood hunched over a drum kit pounding out "Tusk"; John McVie's ominous vibrating bass lines; and the near-astral experience that is "Sara." Even after three decades, it's an alchemy that continues to produce gold.

Buckingham says the band's musicianship has not diminished with age, nor has the desire for most of them to make music together.

"After all this time you would think there was nothing left to discover, nothing left to work out, no new chapters to be written," he told Rolling Stone earlier this year. "But that is not the case." 

Tickets to Fleetwood Mac's Portland Oregon show are available at Comcast tickets

Video | Photos: Fleetwood Mac Live in Des Moines IA 6/26/13

JUNE 26, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Concert: Memories, Gypsies, and Crazy Mick
by stephkocer

I think it is safe to make the assumption that after a while all bands get a little full of themselves. Especially when they have become uber successful. The band starts to forget how they even got there in the first place. No act would be successful without their fans, but it seems like the rockers that have been doing it for a long time don’t care about that anymore. They just like to know everyone is there to worship them. Now, I love cocky rock stars, don’t get me wrong, but imagine the surprise that I got when I went to see Fleetwood Mac in Des Moines this week. It was a surprise because Fleetwood Mac are not your typical rock stars. You would think that after the success of an album like “Rumours” the members of Fleetwood Mac would be lost in their own self-awesomeness, but they are not. In fact, I’ve never been to a show where the band was so appreciative of the crowd and genuinely happy to be there. I’ve never seen a band interact with the crowd that much and actually be that thankful for people coming out to see them. Aside from their gratefulness, they also moved to the very top of my list of best concerts I have been to. Here’s why they now rank number one:

Above 3 Photos: Patrick Finnegan | Earl Ramey | Jessica Krock

"GOLD DUST WOMAN" Love the ending of this where they alter her vocals and give it more echo

Vinyl Boxed Set Spanning Fleetwood Mac's First Four Albums Available August 20th

Revisit The Mighty Mac’s Roots With Expanded And Remastered Version Of 1969’s Then Play On And Vinyl Boxed set Spanning The Group’s First Four Albums For Reprise Records

Both Will Be Available On August 20th

- 4LP 1969-1972 Vinyl Box Set: Amazon
- "Then Play On" Expanded Edition: Amazon

This summer, revisit the Fleetwood Mac’s early years with two special releases from Reprise Records.

The first is an expanded and remastered edition of THEN PLAY ON, Fleetwood Mac’s 1969 debut on Reprise. This reissue features the original U.K running order and track segues, with “One Sunny Day” and “Without You” making their first appearance on a CD issue of the album, as well as new liner notes by veteran rock journalist David Fricke and four bonus tracks, including the revered single “Oh Well – Pt. 1,” which boasts one of the great guitar riffs in rock history and has been covered by likes of Billy F Gibbons, Jimmy Page, and Tom Petty.

The second release is FLEETWOOD MAC: 1969-1972, a beautiful vinyl boxed set that collects four of the band’s classic albums, each lovingly reproduced on 140-gram vinyl. As a bonus, the set comes with an exclusive replica of the original 1969 7-inch single of “Oh Well – Pt. 1” b/w “Oh Well – Pt. 2.”

THEN PLAY ON: EXPANDED EDITION and FLEETWOOD MAC: 1969-1972 will both be available August 20.

Fleetwood Mac was already a popular blues band in 1969 when they released THEN PLAY ON, the group’s stellar third studio album. It was the first with guitarist-songwriter Danny Kirwan and ultimately its last with founding member Peter Green. The album’s powerful mix of blues and rock includes standout tracks like “Rattlesnake Shake,” “Searching For Madge” and “Coming Your Way.” Rhino’s newly re-mastered and expanded edition includes four bonus tracks originally released as singles: parts one and two of “Oh Well,” “The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)” and “World In Harmony,” which is available on CD for the first time.

FLEETWOOD MAC: 1969-1972 features four complete albums – Then Play On (1969), Kiln House (1970), Future Games (1971) and Bare Trees (1972) – housed in a striking black slipcase. To ensure superb sound quality, Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering cut the lacquers for all four albums. The records look as good as they sound thanks to authentically reproduced packages, including gatefolds for Then Play On and Kiln House and single sleeves for Future Games and Bare Trees.

The set follows the band through an early transitional period. With Kiln House, Fleetwood Mac began moving toward a more melodic pop sound on songs like “Mission Bell” and “One Together.” At the time, the band included: Jeremy Spencer (guitar, vocals, piano), Kirwan (guitar, vocals), John McVie (bass) and Mick Fleetwood (drums). Christine McVie was at the recording sessions and contributed backing vocals and the album’s cover art, but she did not join the band until shortly after the album was finished.

The band’s shift toward pop and folk styles continued on Future Games with songs like “Show Me A Smile” and “Morning Rain.” This marks the first Fleetwood Mac album with Christine McVie as a full band member as well as the Mac debut of Bob Welch on guitar.

The line-up stayed the same for Bare Trees, which boasts a consistently strong collection of songs like McVie’s “Spare Me A Little Of Your Love,” Kirwan’s “Dust” and Welch’s “Sentimental Lady.” Although Kirwan was a dominant figure during the recording, penning half of the songs, this would ultimately be his last appearance on a Fleetwood Mac album.

Track Listing