Friday, August 05, 2011

Lindsey Buckingham 'In Our Own Time' NEW SONG... LISTEN!

Hear the new track 'In Our Own Time' from Lindsey's new album 'Seeds We Sow' at Fontana Distribution.  Which by all indications answers the question of who's distributing the album in the US.

Great tune!  Click through here and look to the right of the page for the music player.

Can't wait for September 6th!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! Another winner!! Then again, I love everything this man does. lol <3

Anonymous said...

From the live material where heard Illumination, The Way Love Goes, In Our Own Time, End Of Time, Seeds We Sow, the 2 released tracks, and demo of she smiled sweetly, this sounds like his best solo work ever

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