Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stevie Nicks Live at Woodlands Pavilion August 13, 2011

Photo by The Pavilion_TX
So far one change to the setlist tonight over last night... Sorcerer has been dropped with no other song in it's place.  The song initially was played before Moonlight.  Everything else is as it was in Grand Prairie last night.  Two shows in and 2 songs dropped, Sorcerer and In Your Dreams and one song picked up - Landslide.  Personally I think In Your Dreams should go back in... It's a great tune!!  Thanks to Christina Hildebrand for the setlist.

01 Stand Back
02 Secret Love
03 Dreams
04 Moonlight
05 Gold Dust Woman
06 Soldiers Angel
07 Annabel Lee
08 For What It's Worth
09 Rhiannon
10 Landslide
11 Ghosts Are Gone
12 Leather and Lace
13 Edge of Seventeen
14 Love Is


Courtney said...

I knew something was missing. I would have liked to have heard In Your Dreams but Landslide is always nice. Great show overall. Especially Love Is.

Anonymous said...

What is Soldier's Angle? jk

Anonymous said...

She needs to put in your dreams back in, its one of the best songs on the album, she she needs to take out a song remove ghosts are gone or secret love or landslide, its been done enough, dont go back to the oldies set list keep in the new stuff!!

Mimi said...

Fantastic performance!! Stevie Nicks is still awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorcerer is a bad ass song.. i wish she would have played it at the houston show but thats okay the Stevie Nicks was Amazing!! i want the audio of the live performance!

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