Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stevie Nicks Opening Night "In Your Dreams Tour" >> Beware of Setlist Spoilers

If you are a fan trying to avoid seeing the setlist prior to your show... Then avoid this...

Stevie opened her 'In Your Dreams' tour at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO tonight to what looked like a sellout or near sellout crowd... She said in multiple interviews prior to tonight that because The Wiltern showcase show back in May received such positive reviews (and it did) she was going to bring that setlist on the road for this tour... and she delivered!  

She kicked off the night with Stand Back, twirled through the song with her platform boots on and never looked back.  A few differences between tonight and The Wiltern were she performed Soldiers Angel without a male on harmony.  Lindsey obviously wasn't there so instead, she performed the song with just her backup singers Sharon and Lori.  Also, Fall From Grace and Cheaper Than Free weren't included tonight like they were back in May.  Dave Stewart as a duet partner on Cheaper Than Free likely makes the song too difficult to perform with out him.  Look for that one in Australia.  Fall From Grace wasn't included but in it's place Leather and Lace was - and from reports it was with her vocal coach Steve Real!

Via the webcam watching the show as it progressed, the stage setup looked similar to her past recent tours... There wasn't a video backdrop tonight, but usually at Red Rocks there isn't - the beautiful surroundings are the backdrop... This will hopefully change for the upcoming shows... She will need a backdrop, video preferably.  

A couple of new costumes were spotted... it looked like she wore the cream coloured jacket seen in the Secret Love Video at one point... and she ended her set with Edge of Seventeen appropriately wearing all white.  The top portion looked new... the bottom looks like the ruffled dress she also has a copy of in black and one in red.  And the boots were apparently back for the full night.

Full Setlist:

Photo by Al Ortiz
01. Stand Back
02. Annabel Lee
03. Dreams
04. Sorcerer
05. Moonlight
06. Gold Dust Woman
07. Ghosts Are Gone
08. Soldiers Angel (w/Sharon & Lori)
09. In Your Dreams
10. Rhiannon
11. For What It's Worth
12. Secret Love
13. Leather and Lace (w/Steve Real)
14. Edge of 17
15. Love Is

Photos by Al Ortiz and Rocco Padula

More Photos 
by: Miles Chrisinger Photography
by: Brandon Marshall


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great set list. Wonderful to see "Leather & Lace" back. I hope she keeps this set for the entire US tour. And it's even better to see Stevie in new clothes, especially the white outfit. Anything but boring old all black.

JimC - Denver said...

The show was FANTASTIC!!! Leather and Lace took the crowd by surprise, and Stevie's unscripted story telling made each song magical! One of her best performances!!!!

Anonymous said...

The show was legendary, Stevie was never more beautiful than I saw her last night. When she and the band performed edge of 17 the temp droped from 78 to 64 during the song, and the wind blew amidst the Red Rocks, in a manner fit just for the ending of this show! Stevie even commented that she called in the wind. The set list was perfect, from all the new songs, intertwined with my favorite of the older ones! Was a night that will live for-ever in my heart.

Strumpet said...

This was a magical show. Stevie was spectacular - open, honest, chatty, and vocally brilliant. Need I say that she looked beautiful?

It really was magical. Highlights for me "Leather and Lace" and "Gold Dust Woman" - although many of the new songs were brilliant too.

Anonymous said...

Look at the first photo of the Red rocks Amphitheater. To the right of the mountain, is an alien's face. It's clear as can be, but I's say it's more of an alien ghost. You can't miss it.

Anonymous said...

think it is a mistake not to have Landslide. That is a lot of people's favorite songs of her. Maybe not on here. I think she should drop Love Is for Landslide as the closer like on the Timespace Tour.

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