Tuesday, February 07, 2017

New Book: Love that Burns - A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac by Mick Fleetwood - will speak at SXSW

Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood is among a large group of speakers announced today for this year’s South by Southwest daytime conference lineup.

Fleetwood’s appearance is related to his upcoming book “Love That Burns: A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac” via Genesis Publications.

Fleetwood Mac, a band that boasts some of the highest-selling records of all time, has weathered countless trials and tribulations on the road to success. Mick Fleetwood, legendary drummer and founding member speaks with Rolling Stone magazine's David Fricke, unravelling the dramatic history of a band that emerged from the British Blues Boom. The discussion will be illustrated with rare images selected from the forthcoming collaboration with Genesis Publications, the limited edition Love that Burns - A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac.

Love that Burns - A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac is Mick Fleetwood's account of the early blues era of Fleetwood Mac and the musical legacy of the uniquely talented Peter Green. Beautifully produced in the Genesis tradition, each handcrafted book, limited to 2,000 numbered copies worldwide, will be signed by the artist.

To celebrate the announcement of this collaboration, Genesis Publications are offering an exclusive SXSW VIP package to a small group of early book buyers. Join us at the official SXSW event, be among the first to secure your number in the edition, enjoy an invitation to a VIP 'meet & greet' and have your copy personally dedicated by Mick Fleetwood through a commemorative bookplate.

Mick will speak from 5-6PM on March 15 in Room 16AB of the Austin Convention Center. 

Signed limited edition book
Meet & greet with Mick Fleetwood
Event Attendance: Mick Fleetwood in conversation with David Fricke
One day festival pass
Price: £455 / $555

For more information on the book visit: www.fleetwoodmacbook.com

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours': 10 Things You Didn't Know

Why "Silver Springs" was left off the LP, how the band's Rolling Stone cover shoot fueled Steve Nicks and Mick Fleetwood's affair, and more
By Jordan Runtagh

Every Song on Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' Ranked
by Andrew Unterberger

Why Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' Hits Home Right Now
Band confronted their own romantic chaos on 1977 masterpiece, asking tough questions that still resonate
By Rob Sheffield

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood Reveal Secrets Behind Fleetwood Mac Rumours

Longest Running Rumor In Music Turns 40

Fleetwood Mac released 'Rumours' 40 years ago on February 4, 1977
Dallas, TX - February 1, 2017.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands  uncovers the stories behind the longest-running rumor in music history, 1977’s Grammy Award-winning album by Fleetwood Mac, Rumours.  

In the mid-‘70s there was no other band more professionally and personally linked together than the five members of Fleetwood Mac. Barely three years earlier California duo and couple Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham had joined the British blues-rock band Fleetwood Mac collaborating on its breakout 1975 “White Album”, cementing the Mac’s long overdue commercial success while at the same time raising eye brows and ears around the world as to what could possibly come next.  

Truth be told, the members of Fleetwood Mac were literally living secret and separate lives. One as band members and the other as lovers falling apart. It was this tension filled environment that produced some of the most genuine emotion filled music of the decade. Fueled by their talent and ambition what would normally break bands apart, somehow kept them together and produced one of the biggest selling albums of all-time. 

Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Mick Fleetwood share their story to In The Studio host Redbeard, warts and all. 

“The album was really a catharsis of human emotions, if you like. And never at any one point, that I can remember, was it ever discussed by any one person that they wanted out, or that they couldnt’ handle it.” - Mick Fleetwood

“I mean “Go Your Own Way”, “The Chain”, “Dreams”, “Never Going Back Again”, “Don’t Stop” thinking about tomorrow, “Second Hand News”, “I Don’t Want to Know”, “Gold Dust Woman”… they were all about trying to make it through that particular period of time.”  - Stevie Nicks

“You’re talking about a situation during the making of Rumours which was very painful for me, working with someone I was still in love with, who didn’t want to be with me.”   - Lindsey Buckingham

FLEETWOOD MAC ‘Rumours’ /InTheStudio interview 
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