Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soundstage Sessions - Stevie Nicks

After months of release dates bouncing around from July all the way to December 31st, it seems that FINALLY Stevie's PBS Soundstage DVD and CD are going to be officially released on October 28th.

The track list for the DVD which is called "Live in Chicago" is similar to the version that PBS released, and is still selling, except this one includes "Dreams". It also includes as a bonus track - "Landslide" with an orchestra. Beauty & The Beast is the only song filmed that night that isn't included with the DVD. It's possible that there were some rights issues that prevent Beauty & The Beast from being on the DVD. Behind Stevie on the screens while she's performing - film footage from the film Beauty & The Beast is being shown. If you saw her in concert in 2007 the same footage played during the closing number of her shows.

The CD versions called "The Soundstage Sessions" and includes Beauty & The Beast which doesn't appear on the DVD - a nice marketing tool!

The cover for the DVD is slightly different then what PBS was selling, same image, just different colour. The CD is the same image without any background enhancements.

The CD and DVD track listing were provided by iamnotafraid from The Ledge. Please note that they haven't been confirmed and are not yet on Amazon .

Stevie Nicks "The Soundstage Sessions" CD

1. Stand Back
2. Crash
3. Sara
4. If Anyone Falls In Love
5. Landslide (Orchestra Version)
6. How Still My Love
7. Circle Dance
8. Fall From Grace
9. Sorcerer
10. Beauty And The Beast

Street Date 10/28/08 Sug. Retail $18.98


Stevie Nicks "Live in Chicago" DVD

1. Stand Back
2. Enchanted
3. If Anyone Falls In Love
4. Rhiannon
5. Crash
6. Dreams
7. Sorcerer
8. The One
9. Gold Dust Woman
10. I Need To Know
11. Circle Dance
12. Landslide
13. Sara
14. Fall From Grace
15. How Still My Love
16. Edge Of Seventeen
17. Rock And Roll

Street Date 10/28/08 Sug. Retail $19.99


Anonymous said...

This is really amazing! I love every thing about it and the cd has had me enchanted since i got it in the mail! I dont know what it is about listening to this but her voice and the energy she put into every song comes through when you is great studio quality sound with that raw feeling of being live...honestly feel very emotional when I listen to them because its so real! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Its Very Amazing!!!!!
but what the hell why didn't she put the song
"Dreams" & "I Need To Know" & "Rhainnon"
or "Rock 'N' Roll" on the album ?????????

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