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(Translated Review)
Fleetwood Mac - 15/10 - Ahoy
by: Pierre Oitmann
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The revolving door mechanics of pop music there are many parts that require almost constant maintenance. Creativity and relationships are identified as the key. If there is a band who know all about it off, it is Fleetwood Mac. Peaks and valleys in the life of the band members were changing as it disproportionately associated with artistic highs and lows. The only permanent band member during the existence of over forty Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood was named. Although the band disintegrated so often that you really can not speak of forty years standing.

The best known and most popular lineup of Fleetwood Mac drummer Fleetwood contains vocalist / guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie singers and bassist John McVie. Minus Ms McVie tonight they are all present. This occupation is not fully complete the star is a shame. Second, Fleetwood Mac was already manned by lesser quantities, so in that regard certainly no reason to complain. Crazy is that McVie, Nicks and Buckingham relatively anonymous and do their own very modest stage opstiefelen. Only Fleetwood takes the applause received with visible enthusiasm.

The almost three hours going over tour de force that starts, has a difficult start. The public seems to look a oldies band that just wants to cash in and have another skin full of cursing rather than singing beautiful songs. Does the Fleetwood Mac called revolving door that age still wear? No, only the action is what rusty and needs time to get started. The confidence of the - very varied - public early in the show playing 'Dreams', which Stevie Nicks her beautiful vocals to the subjects ears pricked. Soft Velvet, but uncoated. Especially with the background vocals Sharon Celani, Jana Anderson and sister Lori Nicks sounds wonderful.

Buckingham is also in top form. After a cowardly start, gradually increasing devotion he shows through his excellent guitar playing. With some inspired guitar solos come Buckingham increasingly in the mood. Once that passion really comes back to the surface, that sounds in the voice of the singer. He allows himself to emotional depth to be heard in his vocals, just like Stevie Nicks. A beautiful moment is when both singers also embrace each other warmly. From there the show gets a turn. These are not entirely of elderly musicians are hard kinks, here is a group of people with an enormous and complicated history, their songs from that same evening and wrote history with the heart in the right place increase.

Where bassist McVie a little remains in the shadow of Nicks and Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood accelerate especially in the last hour of the concert. A long drum solo can obviously not forthcoming. During those three hours are popklassiekers of the upper order past, 'Rhiannon', 'Sara', 'Go Your Own Way', 'Gipsy', 'Do not Stop' and 'Say You Love Me ". This focuses mainly on the Fleetwood Mac hitperiode from the 70s, with the albums "Fleetwood Mac", "Rumors" and "Tusk." The early period is only 'Oh Well' and pass the hit album "Tango In The Night" from 1987 is almost entirely ignored. So no 'Everywhere' and 'Little Lies', though Lindsey Buckingham plays alone is a stunning acoustic performance of "Big Love" (similar to the version on the live album 'The Dance').

Not that Fleetwood Mac hits just playing. Also parts of the aforementioned album plates found a spot in the setlist, especially for the devoted fan. For the less dedicated the concert to fan the very long side and at times even a bit tedious. With half the time the band had after all only play the hits. It shows great character as to show such a band to put down, with the trap that much of the public will get bored.

Mick Fleetwood after the concert takes time for the public to speak and to thank. He is emotional in tone and shows the same integrity that we noted earlier this evening at Buckingham and Nicks. It seems that this revolving door can never break ...

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