Sunday, October 25, 2009

REVIEW: My night with Fleetwood Mac - Dublin, Ireland

By: Chris

So here we go again, we want ... well ... to be transported back to the days before kids and mortgages and middle-age spread. And surely none better to take us there than Fleetwood Mac; to those warm summers soundtracked by Stevie Nicks, singing to us from a million miles away.

And it is a promising start - 'Monday Morning','The Chain', 'Dreams' ... . But the setlist is odd, not so much the content - all the big numbers are present - but rather the running order. Stevie sings 'Rhiannon', so Lindsey sings 'Tusk' to a standing ovation. So Stevie follows with 'Sara', which Lindsey tops with a stunning solo take on 'Big Love'. It dawns on me, it's a competition and we are in charge of the clap-o-meter.

In Stevie's mind this is clearly her band. But everyone else in the room knows that the stage belongs to Lindsey Buckingham. His voice is stronger than ever and his guitar technique is jaw-droppingly brilliant. In her head, and truth be told in mine too, Stevie is that sylph like girl from '77 with the lace shawls and high-heel boots. On stage tonight her voice occasionally grates, she fiddles with the control to her earpiece, and she walks around flat-footed in what appear to be a pair of orthopedic shoes. Lindsey Buckingham on the other hand prowls the stage like a raptor, wringing stinging solos from his guitar.

There is much made of the main players' past relationships, and for the encore Stevie and Lindsey come back on stage holding hands. It's like a Broadway show or a daytime soap. It made me want to see a Lindsey Buckingham solo show, or Stevie with an orchestra, or order the vegetarian option ... give me something without the ham.

Don't get me wrong, it's a slick show, it has the songs, it has the musicianship, it just doesn't click. Maybe it's just me. 1977? I guess I'm never going back again. :-)

Note to the O2 Dublin: When I spend €100 on a ticket to see Fleetwood Mac I don't necessarily expect to have Stevie Nicks blow cocaine up my arse during the interval, but nor do I expect to have a restricted view seat. (We complained, they moved us)


Gwen Langford said...

You have a point there about the competion between Stevie & Lindsey most definately but for me while Fleetwood Mac were brilliant the real letdown was the the O2 keeping the bar open when meant the continious flow of people walking up and down. I'm absolutely furious about this and I'm am going to make a compliant to them. However it was great getting to see them live. Lindsey was AMAZING on guitar!

Brad said...


(1) Is the competitive streak in FM only dawning on you now?!!

(2) The only strange feature of this tour's set list is the choice of MM as the opening track.

(3) Travelled some distance to Dublin for this - the 02 is one of the best venues of that size I've ever seen in Europe. Perhaps the protruding chip on your shoulder was restricting your view?

Anonymous said...

Well I thought they were wonderful! Stevie looked and sounded beautiful, Lindsey's guitar playing amazing and Mick's mere presence a total joy. I was completely enthralled, not having seen them in over 20 years. Leaving all the cynicism aside, you have to hand it to them. Doubt if we'll see them again though...

Anonymous said...

Lyndsey stole the show, but stevie is an all time legendary character of music. It was fleetwood mac in our presence, one of the greatest bands of all time, the gig didnt even need to be that good. Even though it was class!

FModyssey2003 said...

Was at the concert in Dublin - Monday morning is a bad opener. Maybe its the new O2 - but I was at the same venue in 2003 - then more standing room and more raw energy because of the number of people standing around the stage.It took them a while to get going -I am a life long fan - I took my wife with me (her first time seeing the Mac) - she felt Lindsey and Stevie performed brilliantly as individuals - but there was little interaction. Me? - I enjoyed it - but I felt a little detached in the new O2. Agree the bar should have been closed - too many people leaving seats and interrupting everyone. Some funny moments with piss heads falling down the stairs!

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