Tuesday, December 01, 2009

PHOTO: Fleetwood Mac Live in Melbourne, AU December 1, 2009

Photos by: crazidream

Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood MAc, great concert tonight, loved... on Twitpic just got home from Fleetwood Mac in concert, in Melbourne, am... on Twitpic Fleetwood Mac tonight at Rod laver Arena, amazing woot, massi... on Twitpic


Anonymous said...

What a great concert

Anonymous said...

Overall a good concert but Lindsay sang too much for my liking. Stevie was awesome as always.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved the concert. Everyone was fantastic. Haven't stopped singing all day.

Anonymous said...

1st Dec conceert Melbourne.
The concert started a bit ragged. The 4 week break since their last concert showed at the start.
Stevie took a few songs to warm up.
Lindsey and Mick took hold and brought the show back into line to make it all a very enjoyable and memorable concert.
Lindsey's guitar work was absolutely brilliant.
Stevie enchanted all.
Mick was at his jovial best.
John was john - solid!

Overall a great night.

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