Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Has anyone else noticed that the panels that hang above the band during their shows in Australia are considerably thinner then the ones used in the US and presumably Europe?

Check the thickness of the panels in these shots taken in Brisbane last night (especially the first photo) to the ones used in the US (last photo). I'm sure they were downsized for transport purposes to Australia/New Zealand - trying to minimize expenses. Doesn't appear to change the effect they have.  Just something I noticed.... Or am I seeing things?

Photo by: helenamich
Dear bands, pretty sure Fleetwood Mac shits all over you! on Twitpic
Photos by: BeechamMotors
Fleetwood Mac, wonderful concert, timeless music, fabulous me... on Twitpic

Mick Fleetwood taking his 3rd encore, Fleetwood Mac on Twitpic

US Version:


Anonymous said...

Your right, I went to the Sydney concert and they were just like stretched material sheets on a frame almost

Nickslive said...

Thanks! I thought they looked different.

Anonymous said...

The lighting panels moved around to different positions for each song in the US and Europe. For Australia they are in a fixed position for the indoor shows and not even used at the outdoor ones. They probably did this to save paying a few technicians who operate them to move around. The band has said in interviews that touring down under is very expensive.

Nickslive said...

You're right!... I never noticed that they are in the same position in the photos...

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