Monday, February 22, 2010


A few more photos by Photographer
Ken Regan up for auction

Here's the People Magazine page from 1977 using the Stevie shot up above:


Grant Lauterbach said...

Just curious why you used my photos on the Fleetwood Mac site. I dont really mind you using them at all .... especcially because you gave me crdit for them plus a link to my website. The only problem is they are the crappiest photos I have ever taken :o) It was an experiment to take the photo on the iphone and upload straight to smugmug so people at home could see it almost live on the net. Sort of happy you used them to get the credit. Just maybe next time let me know that you have. Cheers ... who ever this is!!! ??

Anonymous said...

This photo of Stevie was used in the article the first time Fleetwood Mac was on the cover of People Magazine. And it has always been one of my favorite pictures of her.

Anonymous said...

please grant....i want to say get a life--nut that wold be mean, no?
-a fan

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