Thursday, June 24, 2010

STEVIE NICKS Concert Ticket Prices - Santa Barbara

Concert Ticket Prices - Santa Barbara Edhat: "By Edhat Subscriber

Stevie Nicks at the SB Bowl - concert is August 4 - tickets on sale this Sat at 11 am.

Thing is, 'sticker price' is $128 (for the best seats)! For a Wed nite too. Holy moly that's high. ALL other concerts announced so far are lower. Steve Miller with Los Lobos is a Sat night and they are $80. Willie Nelson on a Thurs nite is $83. (Comparable seats.)

I love Stevie, glad I saw her at the Bowl a few years ago, because I'm not sure I'm willing to spend $150 on one ticket this year (after taxes and fees).

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My advise to this poster would be not to buy the best seats! There are cheaper seats available.... Ticketmaster is offering a price range beginning at $39.00 (plus fees of course).

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tammy cameron said...

my comment is, i know i am running of time to see stevie nicks on stage and same with fleewood mac, so there is no amount of money i wont spend now to set to see the final end of there music careers finish, and our everending love affair the fans feel for stevie and lindsey finish................. princes mean nothing when they are gong for one you belive in... i spend double this for a chance to get to see tina turner, and what a fansastic concert that is., we just want stevie there , with her fans, feeling the night,m giving the same love we give her, and then the 80 bucks or 150 bucks is worth it............

a huge stevie nicks fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we only live once we have to go for it!!!!!

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