Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Stevie in Santa Barbara | NBC Los Angeles

Stevie in Santa Barbara | NBC Los Angeles: "Ms. Nicks plays her only California date.

Well, we did, anyway. We just see Stevie Nicks and we feel the need to be a bit bolder, have more attitude, with or without the twirling scarves and scrunchy boots.

Not sure that we've gained any scrunchy-boot-a-tude over the last year, but we'll all get another chance to see the masterful singer at work. Ms. Nicks is headed for the Santa Barbara Bowl on Wednesday, Aug. 4. It's her only California date listed (though she'll soon be nearby in Nevada on Friday, Aug. 6), and the Independent says Ms. Nicks is donating her take for the night to a young friend who has cancer.

This is the magical Ms. Nicks we're talking about here. And that magic doesn't come solely from extravagant costumes or a cavalcade of #1 hits.

Get ticket info over at the Nicks Fix. And if you've only ever don theHollywood Bowl, but not the bowl in Santa Barbara, time to add that to your California concert roster.

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