Thursday, August 05, 2010


Thank you to SB BOWL for providing a copy

Two BIG Surprises of the night at Stevie's first show... Covering Tom Petty's "You Wreck Me" a song she's never done before... And ending the the night with "Love Is" a song from Trouble in Shangri-La that also has never before been performed live.

But... the over all feeling is that given the set is short and the vastness of Stevie's own catalog of material, 
there are too many covers in the set.

You Wreck Me - Tom Petty
Face The Promise - Bob Seger
Rock & Roll - Led Zepplin


Stephen Chapman said...

Have to agree that there are too many covers. Also, first and last tracks would never be on my list as fave Stevie songs. She's missing some amazing classics here!

Anonymous said...

The classics have been played/sung way too much. This would have been a great show to see with some new stuff. Personally, I'd love to hear her sing all songs she's NEVER performed live before (even a mix of her own and some strong covers.)

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer that Stevie not perform so many covers too, but would we really have wanted her to pull out several rare or never played songs for a five date tour?? Only the smallest fraction of people would even get to see them and the rest of us would only get to read about them.

Anonymous said...

From the videos I have seen, she sure seemed to be enjoying herself, much more then on the Unleashed Tour. Nothing matches Stevie Nicks solo and covers or not she picked good ones. AND had a ball doing them!! I always think the original versions in the demos are the best..
If you have not heard her sing At Last well.....

Debra Lynn Shelton said...

Just saw Stevie in Atlantic City Friday night. She rocked it, as always. Of course, we all have our faves we wish she'd play, but the set list would be over 100 songs long. ;-)

storms said...

I love the inclusion of Sorcerer and How still my love...but to have THREE covers with such a huge catalogue of classic, much loved songs is outrageous.

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