Sunday, November 07, 2010


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The Music Machine Profile on Stevie Nicks

Nicely put together up to date Profile on Stevie Nicks stretching from her
musical beginnings in the late 60's through to today where her new
album produced by Dave Stewart is in post production.

The profile covers a lot of ground with a lot of music featured plus interview
snippets from through the years.  I particularly love the acoustic version of 
Rhiannon that ends the profile. 

Download the full commercial free 1 hour and 15 minute documentary 
profile on Stevie at The Music Machine with Brian Hartgen on Mushroom FM


silvasprings said...

The guy who did this profile got his info straight from Wikipedia, while i listened to it I was reading stevie's page and it's almost word for word. lol.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard Stevie actually speak about her marriage and baby Matthew. Is this a new interview? Because it seems odd that she has never seen him or his father Kim in all these years. Especially since he's the child her friend Robin died to save.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the interview clips are archive stuff... from years ago. I'm thinking maybe late 80's

Robert said...

Since I'm too lazy to download, can anyone tell me what the acoustic Rhiannon is from?

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