Wednesday, March 23, 2011

STEVIE NICKS Opens Tampa Show... Looking and Sounding Great!

Stevie Nicks opened for Rod Stewart in Tampa tonight... She'll re-appear somewhere during his set to duet with him on one or two tracks... Turns out there were no duets between the two.  That's odd, considering we heard so much from the two of them in the press about the duet possibilities... Well hopefully it's just the case with tonights show.. There's a bunch more shows to go.

The first show got underway tonight with a surprise opener from Stevie...a tune she's played many times live but one she's never opened her show with [nice change].  

The setlist, provided with thanks by Alicelover over on the Ledge who had the play by play as the show was going on by someone sending text messages.. As usual the Stevie fans come through with all we want to hear... One surprise of the night aside from Stevie promising to play "Secret Love" which she did, is the infamous "Secret Love" Video (THAT NOBODY HAS SEEN YET) was played on the big backdrop during the song.  It's been reported the song was filmed from the audience, so it's possible that we may get a glimpse of the Video before it officially is released.

I won't list the setlist here, I'll provide a link [here] just in case you want it to be a surprise for your show...

Judging by this photo, she appears to be wearing similar outfits from previous tours, although having not seen a good close up shot, I'm not sure if anything was new.. Apparently the boots weren't back tonight, she wore the platform shoes.  By the sounds of the video footage below she sounded like she was in really good form.

There apparently wasn't an Edge walk at the end of Edge of Seventeen as the stage was set too far back from the audience... Not sure if this will be the case for all shows or if it was just this configuration.


Anonymous said...

the ledge is down, I can't access it and I don't like the set list

Anonymous said...

Waiting to hear what the duets will be.

Anonymous said...

Boring set list, same stuff over and over. 'If Any One Falls' if great from the studio but falls flat when performed live. You can feel the energy decrease in the audience when it is performed. Stephanie has a wealth of songs to choose from - time to mix it up girl.

Anonymous said...

No duets - WTF

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the clip! Agreed, she looks and sounds great. As for the set list, I'm happy with it and love the opener and closer. I'm sure everyone will be more pleased with it once the solo tour starts since she'll more than likely throw at least four new songs into the mix.

Anonymous said...

I have tickets for Indio, CA on May 13th. Really hope there is a lot of new stuff and classic Stevie. I loved TISL, but those are not classic Stevie cuts. The title track from TISL would be great to hear though.

Anonymous said...

same tired set-list, which is fine for people who don't follow her and see her shows often, which may be the case for Rod Stewart Fans. For her loyal concert-going audience however, the selection is tired and worn out (except for the new song). I understand the need to play favorites, but why have "fall from Grace" as the opener? No one really knows it. I will not be going to this show.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Stevie opened with Fall From Grace when I saw her last August in Santa Barbara. I think its a rockin' song and a great opener. Gets everyone on their feet right away.

Anonymous said...

god forbid she do Talk to Me or something from Other Side of the Mirror (hell, I'll even take a song from Street Angel)

Ward said...

Stevie ALWAYS does the same boring setlist. Same FM covers, SAME handful of familiar solo hits, and the SAME Led Zep cover. And this whole tour was built on a lie because apparently they AREN'T singing together as they both have promised. No wonder the tour's bombing at the boxoffice.
And Stevie's coming solo tour will be more of the same boredom. She won't add four new songs. She never does that.
And if her album is as disappointing as her "new" single is, an old demo from 1976, dusted off but still nothing special, I'm afraid there might not be much reason for excitement for the album either.
Rod doesn't escape criticism either. His setlist is even more pathetic. No "deep cuts" as promised, just the expected 70s hits and covers from his wretched standards and "soul" covers albums.

Anonymous said...

I think Rod's setlist looks great . I had forgotten how many great songs he has. Stevie's setlist looks like it was created to appeal to the masses. I'm a die hard fan but I understand the need for her to do that. My guess is that there weren't any duets because, with Rod getting sick, they probably didn't have time to get it together. I have a feeling the duets will come later on. I certainly do not think this tour was built on a "lie".

Anonymous said...

Ward, get your facts straight before you slam Stevie on a blog dedicated to her.

They didn't perform the duets opening night because Rod's illness derailed rehearsals, forced cancellation of the real opening night and Stevie is a 62 year old woman who is incredibly susceptible to bronchial infections, etc, and the tour doctor thought it best that the two should not mingle until Rod truly recovered. If Stevie got sick and had to cancel a show because she didn't do what the tour doc told her, the company that provides cancellation insurance might not pay out their claim.
She doesn't perform FM "covers." She wrote those hit songs, and they are the songs that most ticket buyers expect to hear.

Stevie won't add four songs from her new CD? "She never does that" You are either a bitter LIAR or just STUPID.

"Trouble in Shangri-La" tour featured SIX songs from the album: Everyday, Sorcerer, Planets, Bombay Sapphires, Too Far From Texas and Fall From Grace

"Enchanted" tour featured FOUR never before played songs that appeared on soundtracks, a b-side and a deep album cut. "Rose Garden," "Sleeping Angel," "Garbo" and "Twisted," She also reintroduced "Enchanted,"(only performed on WH tour) and "Gold & Braid," only performed on the incredibly short Bella Donna tour & WH tour.

Street Angel tour had four new album tracks Maybe Love, Blue Denim, Destiny, and Docklands.

Other Side of the Mirror tour had FIVE songs from the album: Rooms, Alice, Two Kinds of Love, Whole Lotta Trouble and Juliet.

Rock a Little had the album's three singles plus No Spoken Word.

Most of her fans love Secret Love. It's too bad that you don't. So my advice - beat it, we don't need your negative energy. YOU ARE BRINGING US DOWN, NOT STEVIE. You don't have to buy a ticket or the new CD. But get your facts right before you trash her and since you've already decided that you dislike an album that you haven't heard because your negativity has overwhelmed any sense of fairness, why post here? Why ruin the enjoyment for HOPEFUL fans?

Anonymous said...

Bravo. Well said! My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous said...

I second the Bravo! Looking forward to her solo dates after the album release to see what she performs... GO STEVIE!

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