Friday, March 11, 2011


It's finally upon us!... An announcement of some sort will be made next week regarding Stevie's video...I'm assuming this is for "Secret Love" but the "+" in one of Dave Stewarts Twitter posts this morning has me thinking we may be in for a little more than that, maybe we'll finally see the "sizzle reel" that Stevie previewed to industry types Feb 19th... Or it could be an announcement about the full on movie that Dave has been working on... It's not entirely clear at this point...  Follow Dave Stewart on Twitter

And is this the official tracklist for "In Your Dreams"?

MightyApe in New Zealand have this on their website where the album will be available to purchase:

Track Listing:

1. "Moonlight - A Vampire's Dream"
2. "For What It's Worth"
3. "In Your Dreams"
4. "The Ghosts Are Gone"
5. "New Orleans"
6. "Secret Love"
7. "The Soldier's Angel"
8. "Annabel Lee"
9. "Italian Summer
10. "Everybody Loves You
11. "Wide Sargasso Sea"
121. "You May Be The One"
13. "Cheaper Than Free"


Anonymous said...

According to a Dave Wild tweet there are at least 13 tracks. So I don't thinks this official.

Nickslive said...

There could be bonus tracks for itunes and such.

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