Friday, April 29, 2011

**SPOILER** In Your Dreams... Picture Disc

If your are interested in seeing what the disc and photo look like for Stevie's new album In Your Dreams... Click this link.

If you want to wait until Tuesday, or your release day in your country, close your eyes and don't hit the link.

Thanks to M.E. for sending it in.


Anonymous said...

I love it, it's so "Harry Potter" and it's AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

My review copy arrived on Friday: disc, two-sheet, no cd booklet. I pre-ordered, etc. so I still have something to look forward to.
Oh, someone just started blog devoted to cataloging all the fake/counterfeit Stevie/FM items being sold on ebay, etc.

Anonymous said...

It sort of echoes Bella Donna and the cockatoo. Too bad the owl is digitally superimposed, though.

Mickie said...

You are welcome and I am glad you posted the picture on the blog. The photos inside are beautiful and I have beeen listening to the album all weekend.

Anonymous said...

The picture disc photo is great. However, the cover photo for "In Your Dreams" is a perfect example of photoshop overkill to the degree of cartooning the subject. I love Stevie and think she is stunningly beautiful today. I had the chance to kiss her hand and see her up close four years ago: and she was beautiful and had the most gorgeous skin...and,she had the fine lines that naturally come with aging. I understand touching photos up: but the cover is ridiculous and an insult to her real beauty. One can tweek the image to give it an etherial and/or surreal quality: this missed both entirely.

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