Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Stevie Nicks "Secret Love" AC & Triple A Chart Update **New High Position**

In Billboard Magazine issue dated April 16th - Stevie's new single "Secret Love" moves up two positons on the Adult Contemporary Charts to # 21 in it's 6th week on the chart (with a bullet). On the strength of increased radio station adds and play week over week, the song is on a roll.  AC Charts are a slow burn, so tunes take awhile to ascend up the charts... They also linger on the charts longer.  The song was also one of the "Most Added" songs of the week to station playlists picking up 4 additional stations around the US.

Over on Triple A radio, the song moves up one position to # 25 (with a bullet) on increased play as well.  It's not likely to achieve a much higher position then say #20 at this point as there haven't been any new Triple A radio station adds in the last couple of weeks.  But you never know, with her appearance on Oprah coming up and if the "Secret Love" video would be released, it may turn things around.

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