Friday, May 27, 2011

Wiltern Setlist...

WOW! What a fantastic show...

Here's tonights setlist... what a DREAM set! These new songs sounded so good tonight it's as if this band has been playing these for like forever, they were that spot on... Stevie looked stunning, fit and her voice was in tip top shape... A total of 8 new tunes including Secret Love... and lots of guests... Dave Stewart, Lindsey Buckingham, Mike Cambell, Peter Stroud and Mick Fleetwood was there but didn't play - he came out on stage when the band was taking their bows, Lindsey was probably already gone as he didn't come out... Mick was first spotted taking his seat in the front row of the balcony... then Lindsey was spotted taking his seat front row in the balcony, the place went bananas!

Had a really good time - didnt make it into the pit which was fine... managed a few pic and vids which I'll take a look at and post once I get back home...There were a lot of people filming and taking pics, so you'll likely see something on youtube soon... I Have an early flight tomorrow so can't post tonight.

That's it... THANKS Stevie and LA.. It's been great!


Stand Back
Annabel Lee
Gold Dust
Ghosts are Gone with Dave Stewart
Soldiers Angel with Lindsey Buckingham
In Your Dreams with Dave Stewart
For What It's Worth with Mike Cambell and Peter Stroud
Secret Love with Dave Stewart

Band Intros

Fall From Grace
Cheaper Than Free with Dave Stewart
Edge of Seventeen


Love is


Tony said...

Wow, looks like a killer set!! Of course, everyone will have a fave left off. So I'll start that ball rolling.LOL .
Wide Sargasso Sea instead of Fall From Grace...I love New Orleans too.
Hope she tours with this!!
Happy belated birthday Stevie...

Anonymous said...

Wow, she finally pulled out the new stuff. Now let's hope she announces a US tour, so the rest of her fans can hear her sing from "In Your Dreams". I can't wait to see clips on YouTube. Wonder if she wore any new clothes, hope she sticks with the new skirt she wore on Dancing With The Stars, which was a newer version of her classic hankerchief skirt. That petticoat one she's been wearing the last few years is so unflattering, makes her behind look huge. You'd think someone around her would have let her know by now.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the above comment. Thank You for finally saying that!!!!!!! Stevie Rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

"You get some ribbons and some bows, and get back out on the road". And sing these new songs for all of your fans. And on your own tour, not opening for someone else.

Robert said...

There was a sign as we went into the show saying that the show was being recorded. I good we see this as an HBO special or something like that. It was that good!

And there were cupcakes

Anonymous said...

This is a set list I would pay $100 to see! Let's hope she tours !

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