Thursday, June 23, 2011

More UK Radio Interviews with Stevie Nicks Coming Up!...

Nation Radio South Wales tweeted today they've got an interview with Stevie Nicks coming up in the next week... Hopefully we get a heads up on the date and time.  Nation Radio is a sister station to Bridge FM so it could be the same interview that Mark Franklin tweeted about yesterday HERE.  Listen live to the station HERE 

Caroline The DJ of Q Radio Tweeted earlier today that her interview with Stevie was amazing!!... The interview will be broadcast on Q Radio which is a division of Q Magazine... They have a facebook presents HERE, but couldn't find a website.  To listen live in the UK use this LINK... Seems you can only listen live if you live in the UK.

A later tweet indicates that Stevie's interview will be broadcast soon with previews on "New to Q" this Saturday 6-9pm UK time... I'm sure the full interview will air next week...

Alan Simpson of BBC Radio Ulster broadcasts from Belfast Northern Ireland.  He tweeted today he would be chatting with Stevie Nicks... No set time on the interview but Alan said probably Tuesday next week... His show broadcasts from 3-5pm on BBC Radio Ulster UK TIME.  If you can't listen live, don't worry, the BBC site offers a podcast that's available for 7 days after the initial broadcast... I LOVE THE BBC for that!!

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