Monday, September 05, 2011

Reviews: Stevie Nicks... Jones Beach x 2

Nicks delights in rare area solo stop

Stevie Nicks, in her first D.C.-area solo concert since the 2006 “Gold Dust Tour,” played Jiffy Lube (formerly Nissan) in a Live Nation-backed concert Saturday night that found the beguiling singer/songwriter lavishly showcasing her new album but also parsing her set list with plenty of hits to mostly keep everyone happy.

Copies of the set list floating through the crowd before the show — as well as reviews from other stops on the current “In Your Dreams Tour” —  were a tad misleading. While Nicks technically only sang 14 songs (six from the new record), it didn’t feel as skimpy as it looked on paper. With several anecdotes peppered throughout, two lengthy solos (one keyboard, another percussion) and a few lengthy outros that gave the band time to jam while Nicks changed clothes, it felt pretty robust, clocking in at nearly two hours. With Nicks’ impressive discography, both solo material and her decades of work in Fleetwood Mac, I’d hoped she’d slip in a few more songs but the evening admittedly had a nice flow. She never seemed rushed, never plowing through her set like she was crossing off a grocery list.

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Love Is Stevie Nicks at Jones Beach Theater

I’ve seen the great rock goddess Stevie Nicks five times now.  Three times solo since she released Trouble in Shangri-La back in 2001, and once with Fleetwood Mac two years ago.  This weekend, she played Nikon Jones Beach Theater in the charming seaside hamlet that is, ahem, Wantagh, New York.  It’s appropriate though as Stevie herself explained that she belongs by the sea.  A kingdom by the sea.  And this year she’s back with an outstanding new album called In Your Dreams.

She wobbled onstage in her signature platform boots, black flowy dress and red lace shawl.  This woman’s style has not changed since she emerged on the scene in the early ’70s when I was a wee infant.  Her first number, “Stand Back,” was all over the place.  I was really worried that she could only hit one monotonic note.  Even her trademark twirl felt a little clunky, and may have completed 2 and one half twirls.  Girl, don’t fall off those platforms and break something!  By her second song, she settled into her lane both vocally, as mother earth and as a storyteller.  She has curated this show with songs from her new album that she “sincerely believes in with all her heart,” and older songs she loves and how they’re all connected like a giant tapestry of her life.  She performed “Secret Love” off In Your Dreams.  It left me wondering if this was about one of the Fleetwood Mac guys or the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart with whom she produced her new album?  Hmmm.  Then she sang “Dreams,” the only #1 song Fleetwood Mac ever recorded.  She reminded the audience that (because of songwriting credit) it is hanging on her wall.

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