Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lindsey Buckingham.... Live in Vancouver

Okay... Well I saw the show last night in Vancouver... and I loved it!  It's a really fun show with a really good mix of what the broad public knows Lindsey for plus plenty from his solo career including a lot from the new album.  The new music sounded great live.  

I saw him in this theatre in 2006 on the Under The Skin Tour a little further back then my second row seat last night, so it was really cool just to watch his fingers attack his guitars... The man has great ability no doubt as do the others in the band.  Walfredo on drums was a lot of fun to watch too... The facial expressions! What is it with drummers and their facial expressions? The sound didn't seem as loud compared to the last time I saw his show here.  That could be because of my proximity to the stage and not exactly in front of the speakers. Still sounded great, it just could have been a little louder. 

No changes to the setlist... The theatre was probably 3/4 sold, the crowd was alright, mainly a sit down appreciative crowd with Second Hand News being the catalyst to get a few up front on their feet.  The Fleetwood Mac tracks do it every time.  There was some sort of a mini orchestra pit right in front of the stage, so people in the front row actually couldn't get right up to the stage so when ever Lindsey did come to the edge, he was still it seemed, a couple of rows out of reach.  The band definitely plays off audience enthusiasm and participation.  Big smile on Lindsey's face at the beginning when he first walked on stage - someone from the audience shouted out SEEDS WE SOW!  Then... WELCOME TO CANADA!  More shouts of love and appreciation from the audience followed throughout the show... Some of which he acknowledged.  

A couple of favourite tunes from the show for me were... Stars Are Crazy, Illumination and Turn It On... Hard to single out a few as everything was great to hear live and a real treat to witness.  As Brett says, he's an American treasure! 

During the intros Lindsey mentioned that having a few days off prior to the show had the guys a bit gitty as they were kinda horsing around a bit.  Whether that's a rehearsed thing, I'm not sure.  Lindsey was moving around a lot during this - when intros were over, he turned around to walk back towards the back of the stage and tripped over his own guitar cords and wiped out, in a sort of easy rolling down on his back, feet up in the air kind of way... nothing severe.  He sat there for a second, strummed his guitar, got up and carried on with Treason. 

All in all a great night in the beautiful city of Vancouver and I'm so happy I saw this show! Thanks to Lindsey, Brett, Neale and Walfredo!

Tried taking a few photos, none of which turned out to be anything but a blurry mess... The one above is the clearest.


Anonymous said...

thanks for writing this up so quickly. glad the fall does not seem to be anything serious - was a bit worried there after reading your tweet! and, love the photo - it's different from all the others we usually see.

Anonymous said...

Tongue in cheek--
Stop the Lindsanity! His photo is 8 times larger than Stevie's on the main page- 90% of the articles are about Lindsey- i know Stevie isn't doing anything much right now, but gosh this site looks like a LindseyBuck shrine!
Keep up the good work, I am grateful, and I was kidding. Damned missed ''Italian Summer'' opportunity. So sad. Guess i'll have to settle for supporting Lindsey, and give him due credit for still working it. He should, however, get someone at the label to get his cd into stores, Target and Best Buy to start- it could outsell Stevie's 152,000, with the continuing tv exposure and great word of mouth- but it has to be on the shelf. Glad he is doing well.

Anonymous said...

^^ It is interesting how one artists "light" (Stevie's) shines for a time then dims slightly to let anotber artists light (Lindsey's) shine brighter. Thats how I look at these two this year. Its like they timed there releases. I kind of agree about the site header it is kind of big and i wasnt completely satisfied with it when i made it. Itll change soon.... Webmaster :)

Anonymous said...

I think the header is just perfect. His album is many months newer and he is still on tour. AND he is doing tons of smaller shows. You made a wise decision to give some face time to him.

Anonymous said...

love the header, very nice photo of LB, unlike the one on the tour posters.

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